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The Most Aggressive Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They're quick to yell and throw a tantrum.

Some people just can't seem to unclench their fists—or jaws, for that matter. They almost always have steam coming out of their ears and fly off the handle more times than you can count. They'll explode at the smallest inconvenience, and if provoked, they'll definitely throw the first punch. If you know someone who fits this description, it may be a good idea to look into their horoscope. Keep reading to discover who astrologers say are the most aggressive zodiac signs, from a little hostile to completely confrontational.

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Cancer wants you to think they're gentle and caring all the time. And while it's true in most cases, Betty Andrews, life coach, astrologer, and psychic at Fresh Start Registry, says they're experts at concealing their anger and aggression.

"When they feel threatened or challenged, watch out," Andrews says. These crabs simmer silently, especially when they feel betrayed. They aren't going to be loud and violent, but they also won't hesitate to toss out offensive comments.

If anything, they'll use their aggression as a way to keep the situation in their control. Just try and keep Cancer on your good side, or else things can go downhill fast.


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Geminis are typically pretty laid back. But since they're represented by the twins, they can be unpredictable, and they get bored easily. They'll demand a lot of attention or mental stimulation and can become hostile if they're not given what they need.

Lauren DeGolia, clarity consultant and astrologer at Fresh Start Registry, notes that they're also ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, so they're full of knowledge and don't mind using it to throw barbs at others if they feel it's necessary.

"It is easy for them to recall all the intricate details of their opponents or past experiences, leaving a wake of too much information in their path," she says.


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Capricorns are no-nonsense people. They do not like to lose, give up control, or be unsuccessful. "If you're a Capricorn, there's an 88.8 percent chance that your middle name is 'Competition,'" jokes DeGolia.

They're willing to go to extremes to achieve their goals, and they aren't afraid to use a little aggression to get there. These earth signs know what they want and they're more than well-equipped to take out anyone in their way.

"Capricorn energy is ruled by Saturn, the planet of karma and life lessons, so by default, they aren't here to be messed with," says DeGolia.


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No other sign quite matches the passion and intensity of a Scorpio, but underneath their tough exterior, they're sensitive water signs. However, when they feel jealous or possessive, their aggressive side rears its ugly head.

Andrews says Scorpios like to be in control and will be quick to sting you if you wrong them. They also don't forget easily, so even if you think something is in the past, they can bring it back up at any moment.

Ironically, they don't like when their feelings are hurt, but they have no problem unleashing that on others.

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As a fire sign that's ruled by the sun, Leos can come in pretty hot and heavy. They're attention seekers and don't like fighting others for the spotlight.

If their ego isn't being fed enough, they'll likely resort to dramatics or lashing out. These confident lions have no problem knocking others out of the way.

"Their aggressiveness tends to flare up when they are backed into a corner or shut down," says DeGolia. "This feisty fire sign doesn't hold back when under pressure, which can be a blessing and a curse in sticky situations."


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Aries doesn't have a passive bone in their body. They go after what they want, say whatever comes to their mind (even if it's not always the nicest thing), and get fired up pretty quickly. It's this harmful combination that makes them the most aggressive zodiac sign.

They're a fire sign ruled by Mars, the planet of war, and they possess a feisty temperament. "This intense energy can also be a double-edged sword, leading them to exhibit impatience and a tendency to 'blow a fuse' more readily than other zodiac signs," says Andrews.

Be careful around an Aries because they will get in your face or make you feel small if it ensures they come away on top.

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