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The Most Offensive Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Inappropriate jokes and blatant insults are the norm for these folks.

Certain people have no filter. They'll toss out insults no matter how inappropriate, make off-color jokes, and ultimately create a hostile environment wherever they go. They don't stop to think about how their words and actions will make others feel, and in the process, end up offending those around them. If you know someone like this, it may interest you that their horoscope could have something to do with their behavior. Keep reading to hear from astrologers about the six most offensive zodiac signs, from rather rude to definitely derogatory.

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Capricorns are generally pretty reasonable. But as the type-A workaholics of the zodiac, they expect things done a certain way, both in the office and at home. If you're not doing things how they like them, they may have some not-so-nice words for you.

"They may make you second guess your worth, and can easily make you feel like, or even look like, a fool," says Stina Garbis, astrologer and owner of Psychic Stina.


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The phrase "their bark is worse than their bite" doesn't apply to Scorpio—if you've wronged them, the aftermath can be venomous. These moody and mysterious water signs are intense, and they know exactly how to sting you in ways that will leave an impact.

"Whether it's a simple lie or a broken promise, they'll jump in, guns blazing," says Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat. They can find even the smallest things to be mad at, so do your best to keep them happy.

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Tauruses are notoriously stubborn and don't like to give up control. "They like their home comforts and routine, and refuse to embrace even slight changes," says Bennet.

They're slow to anger unlike some other signs, but when they do get riled up, they end up saying some pretty harsh things, even if they don't necessarily mean to. Bennet adds that their unwillingness to compromise is frustrating and can be offensive to others.


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Intelligent and intuitive Aquarians love sharing their thoughts and ideas with others, but at the same time, they're quite aloof and enjoy their alone time. Therefore, they aren't always the best at understanding social cues and can come across as mean and thoughtless if they're not careful.

"They're usually surprised when people take offense to what they see as an innocent remark," says Bennet. Once you get to know them, though, you'll realize that they aren't trying to hurt you.

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Super-social Geminis are fast talkers, and sometimes things come out of their mouths without any thought. "They are quick to insult without even trying," says Garbis.

While they're typically excellent communicators, these air signs sometimes struggle when it comes to letting their brains catch up to their mouths. Plus, they love to gossip, so a spilled secret or a catty conversation is not abnormal. But Garbis says most of the time, they don't even realize they've offended someone.


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Whether you make them angry on purpose or by accident, you do not want to be in Aries' crossfire. They can be downright aggressive and aren't afraid to use harsh language or get in your face. It's this, along with their impulsive nature, that makes them the most offensive zodiac sign.

"They can be blunt, and their lack of filter means their words can often cause offense," says Bennet.

Garbis mentions that they're the type of people who will yell at you in traffic or get nasty with you at work. While they may just be having an off day, they'll still spew hurtful things for no reason—other than maybe needing to hear the sound of their own voice.

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