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The Most Mischievous Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

These tricksters are always down to have a bit of fun—even if it means they have to break the rules.

We all know someone who gets a thrill out of starting trouble. These are the friends who love a practical joke, enjoy stirring the pot in a heated debate, or go all out when spooky season comes around. But while we may roll our eyes at these tricksters or even find their constant pranks somewhat annoying, it might not be all their fault—the stars could actually be involved. According to astrologers, some people are just more prone to misbehaving. Read on to find out which zodiac signs are the most mischievous, from slightly sneaky to woefully wicked.

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While Virgos are known for their practicality and sensible nature, Stina Garbis, astrologer and owner at Psychic Stina, says these people can occasionally cause a lighthearted stir.

"Virgo is an unlikely sign to create mischief, but they do have their Mercury ruler, who is the mischief-maker of the gods," she tells Best Life. "This is the type of sign that will play pranks on you at work. Their mischief is pretty harmless and it comes down to silly, yet harmless, practical jokes."

While it's somewhat contradictory to their reputation as perfectionists, Garbis adds that Virgos "actually have a pretty good sense of humor when you get to know them."


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Ambitious and independent Scorpios can cause trouble, but unlike other signs that may just want to play a lighthearted joke, Garbis warns that they can be a bit unkind.

"Scorpios' mischief-making, however, is more chaotic, and is the type that will pit people against each other," she says."They like to stir up trouble and drama and see how it plays out. They create mischief out of vengeance."

These aren't the pranksters who want you to be in on the joke, either. "They want to see you sweat so they can laugh at you, not with you," Garbis adds.

Bella Nguen, astrology columnist at Indieology Magazine, echoes this, noting that some Scorpios are a bit sly.

"Their strategic minds allow them to manipulate situations, subtly playing mind games with others while keeping their true intentions under wraps," she says. "Their enigmatic allure often leaves others wondering about their true intentions, adding to their mischievous reputation."

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Known as one of the more creative and unique signs, Aquarius is also one that doesn't always play by the rules.

"Aquarians are the ones who think outside the box," Raquel Rodriguez, astrologer and founder of Your Zodiac, says. "They've got this rebellious, independent streak that loves to challenge the status quo. So, they might come up with some unique and fun ideas in every situation, which could lead to a bit of mischief."

Nguen adds that these independent free spirits "hold no regard for being told what to do."

"Their rebellious nature naturally leads them down mischievous paths as they constantly seek ways to defy rules," she explains, noting that their desire to go against the status quo is often well-intended.

"Here's where it gets intriguing: Aquarius individuals also possess incredible creativity and innovation," she says. "They might initiate a protest against a local ordinance or even launch an entirely fresh social media platform."


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Another sign that identifies as more of a "free spirit" is Sagittarius—and they're down to get into a bit of trouble if it sounds exciting enough.

"Sagittarians are known for their sneaky antics," Nguen says. "These thrill-seekers are perpetually in pursuit of new experiences and have no qualms about pushing boundaries. However, sometimes their impulsiveness lands them in trouble! You might find a Sagittarius spontaneously deciding to go skydiving or hitchhiking across the country simply because it piques their interest."

Rodriguez also points to Sagittarius as being mischievous, but like Aquarius, these folks are just looking to make life a bit more interesting.

"They're always up for an exciting journey or a wild expedition," she says. "Sagittarians love exploring new ideas and places, which often involves breaking a few rules here and there, all in good fun, of course. Their love for freedom often leads to some harmless mischief along the way."

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Leos are known for their love of the spotlight and eagerness to impress, which doesn't always constitute the best behavior.

"Leos are the entertainers of the zodiac. Ruled by the Sun, Leos possess a fiery and passionate nature," Rodriguez says. "This can often translate into mischief, as they love being the center of attention and will find creative, often playful ways to ensure they are."

So, don't be surprised if your Leo pal dares you to dance on a table or rallies the group for a rowdy game, Rodriguez adds—they want to keep things lively. And if you don't accept their challenge, be warned—Nguen notes that Leos may also "resort to manipulation or playful pranks in order to achieve their desired outcomes."


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When it comes to the most mischievous zodiac sign, Gemini is undoubtedly number one. Like Leos, they're "the life of the party" and prone to pulling pranks, Rodriguez says, but their duality complicates the issue.

"They're represented by the Twins, and that's like having two different personalities," Rodriguez says. "One minute, they're all serious, and the next, they've got a whoopee cushion under your chair. Their quick wit and silver tongues can turn any situation into a humorous or sly anecdote. It's never a dull moment with them!"

And while you never know what to expect from a Gemini, Nguen says they're relatively consistent in their ability to "evade consequences."

"With quick wit and charm at their disposal, they effortlessly talk their way out of trouble," she says. "Furthermore, their endless pursuit of fun ensures they are always on the lookout for ways to inject excitement into any situation."

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