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The Zodiac Sign You Should Never Call in a Crisis, Astrologers Say

They'll hinder you rather than help you in times of need.

You likely know which people in your life you would turn to in a crisis—and you also know who you're better off avoiding. Those in the latter group will panic, get highly emotional, and be too distracted in the face of an emergency. Maybe they were never taught what to do in these situations—or maybe their horoscope is to blame. Keep reading to hear from astrologers about the zodiac signs you should never call in a crisis, from those who are a little unhinged to people who will definitely be disastrous.

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Taurus is generally cool, calm, and collected, which makes them seem great for a crisis, but they're too slow to actually be of any assistance.

Stina Garbis, astrologer and owner of Psychic Stina, says they aren't the type to jump up and help you in your time of need. Quick planning makes all the difference, and someone else could get the job done while Taurus is still sitting at home.

Depending on the problem, Garbis suggests asking these earth signs to just Venmo you or make calls from the comfort of their couch.


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Cancer is the sign you'd call if you need to be taken care of, not the sign you should call in a crisis. They aren't going to have a lot of solutions when life puts you in a tough spot, Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology, tells Best Life.

They want to be useful but may get mad if you don't take their advice. They're also passive-aggressive and can cause more problems than solutions if their emotions get out of control.

"Cancer is incredibly protective of the people they love the most, so they'll be your best ally in a crisis, but they won't be strategic game players to help you through it," says Marquardt.

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Aquarians are typically forward thinkers, but they can also be trapped inside their heads. Garbis describes them as a bit absentminded and unfocused.

If a crisis occurs, they'll likely try to give you advice. But as a highly intellectual and offbeat sign, there's a very good chance it won't be relevant to what you're actually dealing with, says Garbis.

So even though they'd want to help, you may save time by skipping the phone call to Aquarius when you need a hand.


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"Leos are drama queens and they normally have their own stuff going on, that's obviously more important than yours," says Garbis.

These fire signs are all about the ego and how they can be front and center all the time. Chances are that if you call them in a crisis, they'll end up flipping the narrative and talking about their problems.

"They're excellent at keeping their composure when the pressure is on, and they know how to find the light at the end of a dark tunnel, but they'll typically only be looking out for themselves in that process," confers Marquardt.

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Sagittarians have enough optimism for 20 people. They'll be rooting for you to get out of any sticky situation, but when it comes to offering up useful assistance, they'll probably fall short.

Garbis says this is because they don't take anything seriously. Plus, they have a hard time with commitment.

Their flighty, wanderlust behavior won't help when you need to plan things out and think them through. And sometimes their silver lining approach to life is too much—and you'll need someone more pragmatic and reliable in a time of crisis.


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Pisces can be pretty indecisive and overly emotional when thrust into situations of uncertainty. They get flustered easily, so it's obvious they're the zodiac sign you should never call in a crisis.

"It's vital to act fast and follow a clear, concise plan—none of which are Pisces' strong suit," says Marquardt. They also have a hard time separating their personal feelings and looking at situations objectively.

As a non-confrontational sign, they're essentially ineffective when it comes to facing a crisis head-on. They have a gentle shoulder to cry on when you're going through something, but they won't offer much else to help you get out of it, Marquardt adds.

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