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The Best Zodiac Signs to Travel With—Ranked!

Get ready for the trip of a lifetime if these folks are accompanying you.

With warmer weather and relaxation calling your name, it might be time to book a trip. But the real question is, who do you go with? Some people are always up for an adventure, will try anything at least once, and just like to let loose and have a good time. They'll make sure you see all the coolest spots and eat the best food. These are the people you want to vacation with, and it turns out, astrology could be a factor in their wanderlust ways. Keep reading to hear from astrologers about the best zodiac signs to travel with, from the proficient planners to the wildly worldly.

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Couple Planning a Trip

Virgos are detail-oriented and live for organizing.

"They make great travel companions as they'd likely have every aspect of the trip planned out to a T," says Raquel Rodriguez, astrologer and founder of Your Zodiac. "They love uncovering the local history and immersing themselves in new cultures."

While they may have a schedule in place, Virgos are actually very easygoing while traveling. If you're feeling overwhelmed, they act as a calming presence and will make sure you're getting the most out of your next vacation.


Person Laying on Rock by Water

Pisces love to escape reality, and there's no better way to do that than by exploring the world.

"Ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion, these water signs are likely to attract experiences that are either dreamy in themselves such as mysticism and theatrics, or that shatter your illusions and invite you to understand new parts of the world," says Eliza Day, intuitive reader and spiritual guide at Fresh Start Registry.

They're not going to have a set schedule—they'd rather go with the flow—but they'll make sure your memories are meaningful.

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Three Friends Traveling Together
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Because of their big personality, Leo needs to see and do as much as possible while on vacation.

"They love an itinerary where they can see as many things on the trip as humanly possible so that they can go home and say 'We packed six days of travel into three,'" says Lauren DeGolia, clarity consultant and astrologer at Fresh Start Registry.

This means they'll be up for pretty much anything, and their regal lion vibes will ensure your trip has a touch of luxury.

"They love the finer things in life and are excellent at discovering the most stylish spots in any city," says Rodriguez. So, you won't get anything less than all-out extravagance and a trip of a lifetime with a Leo companion.


Group of Friends Looking at a Map
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Sagittarius is the most adventurous zodiac sign, so it's a given that they'll make a fantastic travel companion.

"Not only will you see the nooks and crannies of cities you never expected, but they will make sure to pepper in a little education and a lot of fun into the trip," says DeGolia.

Even the most basic of trips can feel like an otherworldly experience with a Sag. Rodriquez describes them as people with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and unwavering optimism.

They're also ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, so you know they'll be looking to try anything they can.

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"Libra energy is great to adventure with because they will balance the trip with some wow-factor aesthetic [and] some downtime," says DeGolia.

You'll get to see all the sights, while also relaxing. And since Libras like the finer things in life, you can be sure shopping and sophisticated meals will be on the itinerary.

These air signs have an easy charisma about them that will draw anyone into their orbit. They can make friends wherever they go, and Day says you shouldn't be surprised if your new connections along the way bring you opportunities, such as befriending a scuba instructor, getting invited to karaoke, or being gifted unexpected freebies.


Friends Having Amazing Vacation

Aries is energetic, adventurous, and spontaneous. They are without a doubt the best zodiac sign to travel with, so if your next trip is with an Aries, saying yes is a no-brainer.

"They are a perfect companion for those seeking thrill and excitement in their travels," says Rodriguez. "They're always up for exploring off-the-beaten-path destinations and adore trying out new things, which can lead to many exciting travel adventures."

Plus, you'll experience things you never thought you would otherwise. These fire signs make you feel braver and freer, Day tells Best Life. They might not be the best planners, but you'll have an amazing time thanks to their unmatched energy.

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