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The Meanest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

You'll get a sneer over a smile.

Some people are total jerks. They say and do harsh things impulsively and don't care who they hurt. Acting maliciously might not be their intent but it often comes across that way. Whether they're making fun of you or straight up excluding you, those things hurt. It's possible that you caught them on an off day, but if their mean streak lives on, astrology might be a reason why. Keep reading to find out the meanest zodiac signs from a bit berating to completely cruel.

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Aquarius might come off as mean because they make decisions based on logic rather than emotions. They don't empathize in the same way others might, which makes them seem cold. It's true that they have a strong understanding of what people need, but they don't always know how to deliver it in the nicest way.

Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology mentions that these folks are really honest. They never hide their true thoughts and feelings, so sometimes the things they say might have thorns instead of flowers.

"Aquarius definitely has a fine line to walk, because they don't want to suppress themselves, but at the same time they need to learn that not everything they think is necessary to say, especially if they're dealing with someone who is in a vulnerable state," he says.


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Despite being known for their kind and caring nature, Leo's mean streak can come out if you're not careful. "Damage a Leo's ego, hurt them or their loved ones, and you'll feel their wrath," Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat says.

They are fiercely protective, sometimes to a fault, of themselves and those they care about. They also don't take criticism well, so if they feel like they're being threatened, they'll instinctively lash out.

"They'll make themselves bigger and simultaneously make you feel smaller and it can be condescending," Marquardt says. Their raging lion usually remains dormant, so it's best not to provoke these firecrackers.

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"Virgo's never come straight out and say what's bothering them, staying true to their passive aggressive nature, they'll create an atmosphere of negativity," Bennet says. They also can't help noticing flaws in everything because they're always on an unrealistic journey to perfection. Think nit-picky, judgmental, and unnecessarily critical.

Their mean side will really come out if they feel like they are losing control over something. Being in charge is imperative and the spiraling starts when things aren't going to plan. They might end up being mean to other people simply because they want someone else to feel as bad as they do.


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Capricorn craves success in everything they do. They're seen as mean right off the bat because they don't mind pushing others aside if it helps them get ahead. "They are masterful at inspiring others, but can be a little too pushy," Bennet says. "If they become frustrated with others' complacency, they can turn mean."

Their ruling planet, Saturn, is known as a pessimistic planet, so their outlook on life is harsher and less understanding than others, Marquardt tells Best Life.

Operating solo is best for these worker bees, so you should try and stay out of their way. Even the nicest of Capricorns can bring their meanness out if they feel it's necessary.


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Aries is a little rough around the edges, and they aren't going to hold back to spare your feelings. They don't know how to not be in control and they will forcefully take hold of a situation.

Not only are these fire signs aggressive, but they're competitive on a whole other level. They're ruled by Mars, the planet of conflict, so they never say no to a challenge.

"Aries hate to lose and can quickly turn into bullies if they feel a team member is standing in the way of a win," Bennet says. As the first sign of the zodiac, they don't take well to being second best at anything and they're not afraid of being mean if it gets them to their end goal.

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Scorpio is very calculated. They always do things intentionally and that could include hurting someone else. They are the meanest zodiac sign for various reasons. Like Aries, they can get aggressive, yet Scorpios will sit with their rage and think about ways they can use it against you.

"They hold grudges easily and fantasize about their revenge stories," Marquardt says. Scorpios don't take people in easily and if you break their trust, they could become cutthroat to get you back.

These water signs also get jealous quickly and will have no problem lashing out if you have something they want. They are highly perceptive, so they have a way of figuring out what triggers you. They'll push your buttons and cross your boundaries without a second glance.

"At bare minimum, they take the 'eye for an eye' approach in an effort to make you feel as bad as they do, but they can also go way beyond that point," Marquardt says.

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