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The Most Resentful Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They have a chip on their shoulder.

Some people just have a chip on their shoulder. Maybe a coworker got the promotion they were gunning for or they just always think the grass is greener, but these folks feel like world is against them and they aren't happy about it. They're probably more spiteful than most, and they'll likely be the ones saying snarky comments behind your back. You might know someone like this, but is astrology to blame? Keep reading to find out the most resentful zodiac sign from a bit bitter to extremely indignant.

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Geminis thrive in social situations and are known for their mental agility and witty communication skills. "If they feel their ideas are undervalued or disregarded, it can breed resentment as they yearn to be heard and appreciated," says Rachel Clare, a professional astrologist at Mystic Sense.

They are also a naturally curious sign and will pass judgment to those who aren't as open-minded. They're always looking to learn, and they're flexible enough to bounce from conversation to conversation—so you need to be able to keep up.

Clare notes that if people don't want to uncover new ideas and perspectives in the same way that they do, they'll definitely be a little more hostile than normal.

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Cancers are sensitive souls who will ultimately replay situations over and over again when they sense that something isn't right. They feel things deeply and when they think they've been betrayed, their emotions build up and can turn into resentment over time.

Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat, says they'll immediately put up their guard when they're hurt. As crabs, they will retreat into their shell and raise their walls especially when they're vulnerable with other people."They'll resent the ones who caused them pain and hate themselves for letting them in," she says.

While they only want to protect themselves from being hurt again, their bitter side can come out.


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Scorpio is a fixed sign, so once their mind is made up, they won't be willing to compromise. They're determined and will hold on to things as tightly as possible. "When Scorpios feel wronged or betrayed, they have a tendency to hold onto those negative emotions tightly," says Clare. "This resolute nature can contribute to their resentful behavior."

These emotional water signs also have a hard time giving up control. If someone else is leading and things don't go how Scorpio anticipated, they will become spiteful—watch out because they're known for seeking revenge as well.


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Aries likes to be first—they're the first sign of the zodiac, so it makes sense. They approach any situation with a can-do attitude and they love nothing more than taking charge and gaining success.

These fire signs do not take well to losing and you certainly don't want to be in their line of fire when they fail. "Whether a friendly competition or a promotion at work, if they don't take the prize, their resentment will be obvious," says Bennet.

They will also always say what's on their mind. Put downs and insults are likely to happen and when Aries is on a tear, it'll be hard to get them to calm down.


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Libra thrives when everything is balanced and fair. They tend to compromise their own needs for the needs of others, which can leave them in a huff.

Bennet notes that they also constantly compare what they have with what others have. If their share falls short, they become resentful. "Someone else having what they want leaves a bitter taste in their mouth," she says.

Luckily, Libras are great communicators, so if they are feeling bitter they'll be able to work through their feelings quicker than most people. It's best to just let them feel their feelings and their normal charismatic personality shouldn't take too long to return.

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One key part of Virgo's personality is their analytical nature and their tendency to overthink things. Coupled with their unattainable ideas of perfection, and they are indeed the most resentful zodiac sign.

They can be quite critical and have a knack for detecting flaws and focusing on imperfections. They hold themselves to a high standard and expect the same from everyone else around them. And if things don't go as planned, these earth signs will be unhappy.

"When they perceive someone as falling short of these expectations, it can breed disappointment and a sense of resentment," says Clare.

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