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The Clingiest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Astrologers say this sign needs a lot of attention.

Some people just won't leave you alone. Whether it means nonstop hand-holding, texting day and night, or always showing affection, certain folks are downright clingy. If you have an ex who can't seem to let go or a family member who's always right behind you, it might not be because of their constant need for attention. Instead, it could be related to astrology. Read on to discover the six clingiest zodiac signs, from absolutely obsessed to afraid of being alone.

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Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app, explains that Libras can be perceived as clingy because they "define themselves through a partner." She adds that for Libras, "having a partner is vital," which means they'll do anything they can to keep them—even if the relationship is over.

But they're not solely clingy with a romantic partner. Instead, they can exhibit that behavior with friends, too. Maria Hayes, an astrologer at Trusted Astrology, says "life is a big social circle for them, and connecting with others is at the heart of their inner desires." Sometimes they just don't know when to stop.



Alta describes Scorpio as "a hurricane of passion," which means their adoration can be overwhelming at times. While this passion can be a good thing, Alta warns it can become intrusive. In short, they are fiercely loyal; so once they set their eyes on you, expect a lot of attention.

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Hayes describes Virgos as "one of the neediest among the zodiac signs," because of their deep craving for love and affection. She adds that their "neediness stems from their insecurity." If they want a relationship, it's likely they'll love bomb their partner. But they are good listeners, so if you let a Virgo know you're a little overwhelmed, they'll take a step back.


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Leos want to be treated like royalty, so they'll expect your full attention at all times because it makes them feel powerful. "Sometimes, that imposition can pertain to the important stuff, but in most cases, they just want you to play with them," Hayes says. Once you give them the attention you want, they'll calm down and won't seem as attached.

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Alta says that it's difficult for Taureans to let new people in. But if it happens, they can get a little too attached and "suffocate them with love."

Hayes describes Taurus as "needier than most," and extremely persistent. But she says "the good thing is that Taureans aren't always that demanding." Because they're so connected with their emotions, they're able to remain quite composed. But if you find yourself dating a Taurus, "expect this clinginess to translate into hot and steamy moments of pleasure since sex is indeed their love language."


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Cancers are known for getting the most attached in comparison to the others on this list. After a first date, it's not unexpected for a Cancer to start internally planning the wedding. Alta explains that it's "difficult for them to throw something out of their home or part ways with an ex" because they're always focused on the past.

For some Cancers, Hayes warns that "this may come off as annoying, even needy, and sometimes, borderline possessive." But this doesn't apply to all of them. "Mature and self-regulating Cancers will certainly translate that clinginess into nurturing," she explains.

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