The Most Accident-Prone Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

You might want to be careful around these folks.

It's natural to be a little clumsy at times. But some people are a lot more ungraceful than others, whether they're constantly bumping into furniture around them or falling down every time they attempt to wear heels. If you've ever wondered why that might be the case, it could have something to do with astrology. Read on to discover the six zodiac signs that are most accident-prone, from slightly klutzy to completely uncoordinated.

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Virgos are known for being hyper-focused on their goals. Sometimes, the intensity can lead to them being distracted by everything else around them. Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach, describes Virgos as "quiet and meticulous," which can lead to them being a little bit awkward and feeling out of sorts. "Virgo's accidents are legendary, as they mainly happen in front of an audience," she explains Luckily, Virgos are self-effacing, so they can laugh them off.


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Libras are extroverted, friendly people who love having an audience. But unfortunately, that means it's possible spectators will be present when they experience clumsy moments. "Libra's eagerness for fun and games can lead to some serious mishaps," Bennet warns. Their risk-taking behavior, particularly in pursuit of having a good time, can result in these types of situations.

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Much like Libras, Geminis love to have a good time with friends. That means, if they're involved in a mishap, it's likely someone will be watching. Bennet says that Geminis are more accident-prone because they get bored easily, and they're often impatient, so "they cut corners to speed things up." You can often find a Gemini "taking shortcuts and skipping steps, which leads to accidents." Luckily, Geminis love having a funny story to tell their friends, so they won't be embarrassed for long. Instead, they'll start group texting everyone they know about their minor misfortunes.


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Sagittarians value their freedom, which means they often avoid taking advice from others in their quest for independence. That's when they're more likely to experience fluke events that wouldn't happen to more cautious people. Bennet explains that because Sagittarians are "always in a rush" it's easier for them to tempt fate, as they're "driven by energy and passion and often forget to look before they leap." Luckily, there's a fix to prevent them from a major catastrophe. Bennet advises that "Sagittarians need to slow down and look out for hazards before they jump into action."

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You don't want to make a Taurus mad. This sign is known for being a quiet storm when they get upset, and that's when incidents can happen. "When angered, Taurus lives up to the saying bull in a china shop," Bennet says. While Taureans are usually calm and friendly, when they get upset they can be "blinded by their rage and lose sight of things around them, often leading to breakages."


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Aries are known for being spontaneous and courageous, which usually benefits them, but also can lead to little disasters. "Impulsive Aries are all about action and have a tendency to move first and think later," Bennet says. But much like Sagittarians, there's an easy fix—as long as they "take their time and plan their moves to reduce their bumps and scrapes."

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