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The Crankiest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Don't count on these folks to be in a good mood.

You know those people who seem to always wake up on the wrong side of the bed? They're grumpy, agitated, and probably don't want to give you the time of day. They like to keep to themselves and when they are with others they seem a bit closed off. Think Oscar the Grouch with an extra level of irritability. People get cranky when things don't go their way, but these folks could also likely have an astrological sign in common. Keep reading to find out the crankiest zodiac sign from a bit bad-tempered to totally testy.

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Aquarius puts their independence and alone time above everything else. If you get in the way of that, you'll definitely make them cranky. They don't like their routines to be messed with and they have a certain way of doing things, so when their axis gets thrown off kilter it greatly affects their mood.

They're a freedom-loving fixed sign that can work well enough with others if they give themselves a proper break to regroup, Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology tells Best Life. But when these air signs don't give themselves enough time to reset and recharge, they can be quite difficult to get along with. "You'll notice them becoming pessimistic and playing devil's advocate to virtually everything you say," says Marquardt.

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Geminis are represented by twins and this dual nature allows them to be versatile and adaptive. They act as chameleons and can blend into any social scenario with ease, but they are also prone to mood swings and putting on a good face for a crowd can be exhausting after a while.

"The element of air, which governs communication, makes Geminis prone to being snappy when misunderstood or not listened to," says Rachel Clare, a professional astrologist at Mystic Sense. They're quick-witted, but they also tend to overthink things. They'll get cranky if their thoughts become too overwhelming and they'll end up lashing out at others.

Clare adds that these air signs might also get grumpy when they're bored and don't feel like they're getting enough out of their current interaction.


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Cancers are known to be unwavering and supportive, but they're also ruled by the Moon, which is in charge of all the big feelings and emotions, so they tend to be moodier than others.

These water signs have their cranky pants on when they feel they aren't getting enough emotional support from the people around them. "They can also be extra irritable when they're hungry or tired, so it's important to make sure they're well-fed and rested," Clare says.

Overall, if you tell them you love them, and keep them nourished, you can avoid the crankier side of Cancer.


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Capricorns want to be loved like anyone else, but their energy isn't always warm and inviting. Though a lot of the time it seems like they're emotionless robots, they do have a soft side.

Marquardt explains that they aren't trying to give off an unapproachable vibe, so they become offended when people view them that way—which can becomes a bit of vicious cycle. They become crankier and tend to isolate themselves, "and the crankier they get, the less people want to approach them, and the cycle keeps going," Marquardt says.

Capricorns need to open up more and share their vulnerabilities, so people see their kindness over their crankiness.


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While Virgos are the people always paying attention to every little detail and maintaining an air of practicality, they also have tendencies to become nit-picky and cranky. These earth signs love to be in control, so giving that up or feeling like things aren't going as planned will make them irritable immediately.

Their ruling planet, Mercury, is associated with communication and the mind, so Virgos sometimes struggle with indecision and anxiety. While they can change course quickly, if they're not the ones steering the ship they can become moody.

"If a Virgo seems cranky, it's probably best to give them some space to work things out in their own methodical way," Clare says.

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Babies get pretty cranky and as the first sign of the zodiac, Aries have a baby-like way of operating even as fully-grown adults. Aries are the crankiest zodiac sign because they often act on impulse and stress easily, which can make them grouchy and difficult to get along with.

"When you've seen an Aries get cranky or aggressive just one time, it'll be hard to view them as anything other than a stick of dynamite that can explode at any moment," Marquardt says.

These fire signs typically regret being so reactive but it's hard for them to learn from their mistakes and change their behavior.

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