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The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Have Their Heart Broken, Astrologers Say

It'll be hard to put the pieces back together.

There comes a time when it's all you can do but break out the carton of ice cream and sit on the couch and cry. Wallowing is cathartic for a broken heart and it can be a much needed part of the healing process. Breakups aren't easy for anyone, but there are some people that seem to end up on that sofa more than others. Ahead, astrologers weigh in on why some people always have to put the pieces of their heart back together. Keep reading to find out the zodiac sign most likely to get their heart broken from a little lovesick to seriously shattered.

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Leo is bold and has no problem putting themselves out there. They're authentic and draw people in easily with their upbeat vibe and magnetic personality. But these lions also constantly need their ego massaged, which can be a lot for someone else to take on, Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat, tells Best Life.

When Leo is all-in but they're feeling unappreciated or undervalued by their partner, they're going to be devastated. "We stigmatize Leo too easily as constantly needing attention, but they really just have a human need to feel seen and understood by someone else," says Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology.

These fire signs thrive on having everyone's eyes on them. If they aren't receiving as much love as they're giving, then they might end up getting their heart broken.

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It's true that Gemini doesn't hold on to things for too long. They forgive easily and bounce back quicker than anyone else, but that doesn't make them immune to heartbreak.

Marquardt says that people stereotype Gemini as being non-committal, but it's actually a false assumption. They genuinely want someone they can share their life with and when they find them they feel a deep connection and an unwavering bond.

"If that partner starts to disconnect, or struggles to communicate their feelings, then Gemini will feel like they're being separated from their person, and it breaks their heart to go through that experience," he says.


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Scorpio has their walls up, so it takes a lot of trust for them to find a deeper connection. "They know how to create very healthy boundaries around their emotions so they don't engage in toxic relationships that put them in a position of having their heart broken," Marquardt says.

But on the other hand, not showing vulnerability can be self-sabotaging and make it hard for people to feel close to them. Because it takes awhile for them to establish a deep connection, people don't always have the patience to wait around. It's a bit of a vicious cycle, because this can make them build their walls up even bigger for the next person.

When they do find someone, however, these intense feelers put a lot of thought into their relationships. But if their partner does anything that gives Scorpio a reason to no longer trust them, they will feel gutted and seek revenge.

"When they go through a breakup, they feel betrayed and let down, and typically will lash out," says Bennet.


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Pisces tend to be off in la la land most of the time, always thinking about their fairytale ending. Bennet describes them as dreamers who love to fantasize.

Their dreams are typically on the happier side (we're talking sunshine, unicorns, and rainbows) and anything outside of that isn't going to mesh well with these fish. "Spending so much time daydreaming about a happy ending sets them up for the ultimate heartbreak," says Bennet.

These highly emotional water signs put their all into relationships and truly just want to be cared for and loved. If you fail to give them that, then they'll definitely be on the highway to heartbreak.


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Libra thrives when they're in a relationship, but there needs to be a balance of give and take between them and their partner. "If Libra doesn't feel like they're being fairly prioritized in the relationship, and their partner is too self-absorbed or unwilling to make compromises, then Libra will start to feel unworthy of love," says Marquardt.

They also keep things to themselves if they feel like it might affect the relationship negatively. Bottling up their feelings and shutting down emotionally can be a recipe for a broken heart, Bennet tells Best Life.

As a people pleaser, Libra is most likely to stay in an unbalanced and unhealthy relationship longer than they should. They get attached to people quickly and easily, and don't want to see something crumble. Even though they understand that things won't always work out like they hope, ending their romance with a partner can be a major emotional blow that will take awhile for them to recover from.

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Cancer is the zodiac sign most likely to get their heart broken because, for one, they don't give their heart to just anyone—but when they do they give every inch of it. As the first water sign, they're meant to feel every feeling imaginable, usually at a higher level. This includes love and heartbreak. It doesn't matter if it's their first breakup or their tenth, these folks will be hit hard every single time.

Bennet says that they are romantics at heart and love big gestures, so when they feel like their partner isn't putting the same effort in, the crab comes out. While they know they want to be loved and appreciated, these folks don't always know how to verbalize those feelings to their partner.

"Because they feel so much, Cancer should learn how to communicate clearly and directly if they want to prevent heartbreaking situations in their relationships," advises Marquardt.

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