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The Most Lovesick Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

These folks are always pining over someone.

You know that emoji with the hearts for eyes? Well, you may also know an actual person who constantly has hearts in their eyes. They're romantic and just want to be loved, but occasionally they take it too far. Sure, we've all had a crush that we've pined for, but these people turn into lovesick fools whenever they catch feelings. They might just be longing for connection, but astrology could also be why certain people fall head over heels right away. Keep reading to find out the most lovesick zodiac sign from a little lovey-dovey to always infatuated.

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Taurus is ruled by none other than Venus, which is the planet of love. They are loyal people (sometimes to a fault) and will stay in relationships longer than they should because they crave that type of interaction.

Rebecca Schmidt, astrologer at Trust the Effing Process, says they enjoy offering security and comfort to others and want them to relish in all the good things in life. Heartbreak can really shake them up, though, so you have to let a Taurus down gently. "Once committed they are generally solid and will go the distance," Schmidt says.

They get lovesick if they're on their own for too long or if their partner isn't giving them the affection they need. While these earth signs know how to love and care for themselves, they value having a partner beside them.


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If anyone could survive on their own, it'd be Scorpio. Until they trust you completely, Scorpio's lips are sealed and their emotions are under lock and key. It takes time for Scorpios to become head-over-heels, but once they do nothing else matters. These water signs have big feelings and intense emotions that can't always be controlled.

"They fall deeply in love when they fall," Schmidt says.

These fervent feelers go after the things they want and aren't going to let people get in their way. They are passionate and can become obsessive, which can often lead to destructive behavior.

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Leo loves themselves wholeheartedly, but they can also love someone else with that same intensity—especially if they stroke their ego. These passionate fire signs always wants someone to be infatuated with them, but they can often end up being the one who is infatuated.

"They wear their heart on their sleeve," says Jill Loftis, an astrologer and founder at Nuit Astrology.

They idealize romance and romantic partners, she tells Best Life, and they'll become consumed with desire quite fast. Leos are always going to fight for what they want, so if you're in their way of finding love, you might want to watch out.


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Cancers feel everything deep in their souls—they don't waste any time, either. If they like you, you'll know immediately, and they'll do anything in their power to keep you around.

These water signs are highly in touch with their emotions and love to nurture others, but they can get attached to people quickly. They do not like to be alone; even the teensiest bit of separation may give them anxiety. But this can be overwhelming if the other person isn't quite on the same page, explains Loftis, and their infatuation can often last much longer than the relationship.


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Like Taurus, Libra is also ruled by Venus, and they're constantly swooning over people they meet. "They can easily get into their heads and get caught up in a love story whether it's true or only fantasized about," Schmidt says. So naturally, Libras are ones to romanticize fictional characters and are always hoping to create their own love story.

They are on a constant search for balance and harmony in life and feel that a romantic partner can help them get there. Loftis adds that Libra can hold a torch for long after the romance has ended, and that they must be careful not to make self-sacrifice part of their love pattern. They are people pleasers, after all, so they might lose themselves in trying to gain that affection.

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Ah, Pisces, when they fall, they fall hard and fast. They are hopeless romantics and are always daydreaming of their happy ending. They are without a doubt the most lovesick zodiac sign: They'll do whatever they can to find love, and occasionally, they'll take it too far.

These water signs can get lost in their own fantasies and their emotions can take a strong hold over them. "Merging into their partner, they can become totally lost in the relationship, even if it is unrequited love," says Loftis. Their innate need to love can quickly turn into obsession and it's hard for them to step away when the feeling isn't mutual.

They also believe in love at first sight, Schmidt tells Best Life. They love with everything they've got and they aren't afraid to put those feelings on display, no matter what.

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