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The Best Emoji for Your Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

The next time you're texting, refer to these emoji recommendations from astrologers.

If your friend just shared a juicy piece of gossip with you over text, it's easy enough to type out how shocked you are—but it's not going to have the same dramatic effect as using the brain-blown emoji. Likewise, you can send a simple "xoxo" to your crush, but the lips emoji will really up the flirting ante. But in addition to there being spot-on emojis for a given scenario, there are also emojis that are perfect for you. That's why we asked professional astrologers to give us the scoop on the best emoji for each zodiac sign. Keep scrolling to see if you'll be a fiery heart or a funky flying saucer.

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Aries: Fire

fire emoji
Evgenia Vasileva / Shutterstock

Passionate Aries is both a lover and a fighter with a sometimes-explosive temper. That's why the experts agree that the fire emoji suits them best.

"This emoji symbolizes their energetic spirit and relentless drive, and therefore, it ideally reflects the dynamism that Aries brings to every aspect of life," says Raquel Rodriguez, astrologer and founder of Your Zodiac.

Taurus: Houseplant

Potted plant emoji
Valentina Vectors / Shutterstock

Taurus loves nature, and not just because they're an earth sign. This sign hates change and, therefore, appreciates nurturing houseplants and flowers, both of which could be their perfect emoji.

"It represents their love for beauty, stability, and the gradual unfolding of nature's treasures, much like the patient and pleasure-seeking Taurus who appreciates all that blooms and grows," explains Rodriguez.

Gemini: Tongue-Out Winking Face

tongue out, winking face emoji
PremiumVector / Shutterstock

Geminis are the easy, breezy, social butterflies of the zodiac, always keeping busy with a variety of hobbies, friend groups, and new dating prospects.

"These twins are the ultimate flirts. They love nothing more than a good innuendo with a nudge and a wink," notes astrologer, clairvoyant, and spiritual coach Tara Bennet—which is why she pairs them with the cheeky, tongue-out winking face emoji.

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Cancer: Crescent Moon

Yellow crescent moon emoji
Mochipet / Shutterstock

Cancer's emotions run deep, and as a result, they tend to lead with their heart over their head. However, that doesn't mean they wear their heart on their sleeve. Much like the dark side of the moon, it can be hard to know what they're really feeling.

So, there's no better emoji for them than the crescent moon, which "captures the deep, intuitive, and emotional essence of Cancer," says Rodriguez.

Leo: Smiling Face in Sunglasses

Smiling face emoji wearing sunglasses
Vector bucket / Shutterstock

The sunglass-wearing smiley face emoji has come to represent a too-cool-for-school attitude, which describes Leo to a tee. "Their image and ego are the most important things to them," notes Bennet.

But don't get the wrong idea: These outgoing folks will never hide behind their shades. They love the spotlight, and there's nothing that can stop them from showcasing their confidence and speaking their mind.

Virgo: Paper and Pencil

paper and pencil emoji
M_Videous / Shutterstock

"The memo emoji represents Virgo's meticulous, organized, and detail-oriented nature," explains Rodriguez. "It signifies their love for planning, making lists, and their constant pursuit of order and efficiency in everything they do."

But this emoji doesn't only pertain to them; Virgo can be quick to judge others, so don't be surprised if they send you this emoji as a reminder!

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Libra: Heart Face Emoji

heart face emoji
yayayoyo / iStock

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty of romance. So, naturally, their perfect emoji speaks to this sentiment. "Libras are in love with love," says Bennet. "They love everyone and everything and are not shy to show it."

This emoji also speaks to their diplomatic nature and how they want nothing more than for those around them to get along and love one another.

Scorpio: Crystal Ball

ya_blue_ko / Shutterstock

Rodriguez pairs Scorpio with the crystal ball emoji for a few reasons. "Firstly, it symbolizes their deep, mystical, and probing nature," she explains. "Besides, it reflects their ability to see beyond the surface, delve into the depths of any matter, and their interest in the occult and the mysterious."

This emoji also celebrates their birth during the Halloween season and their love for all things spooky.

Sagittarius: Globe

globe emoji
M_Videous / Shutterstock

"The globe emoji represents Sagittarius' adventurous spirit and their desire to explore and learn from the wider world," shares Rodriguez. "It embodies their quest for knowledge, love for travel, and their expansive, philosophical outlook on life."

Unwaveringly optimistic, Sagittarius truly believes that they have the whole world at their fingertips.

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Capricorn: Mountain

Snowcapped mountain emoji
illusionix / Shutterstock

Capricorn is considered the most hardworking zodiac sign. Yes, they want to advance in their career, but they're also the reliable and consistent one to their family and friends.

"The mountain emoji represents Capricorn's ambition and determination to climb to the top," says Rodriguez. "It symbolizes their resilience, their drive to succeed, and their ability to stand solid in the face of challenges, almost like the steadfastness of a mountain."

Aquarius: Flying Saucer

Valentina Vectors / Shutterstock

"There's nothing normal about an Aquarian," states Bennet. In fact, these rebels have even been called the aliens of the zodiac, making the flying saucer emoji perfect for them.

And don't think they'll take offense to this. Open-minded and forward-thinking, Aquarians take pride in knowing they're doing things their own way, and they're not afraid to cause a stir to get things moving in a positive direction. "They're overachievers who have the ability to change the world," adds Bennet.

Pisces: Wave

wave emoji
Turkan Rahimli / Shutterstock

"The water wave emoji resonates with Pisces' fluid, emotional, and intuitive nature," explains Rodriguez. "It symbolizes their deep connection with their feelings and their empathetic approach to life, as well as their ability to go with the flow and adapt like water itself."

The wave emoji also connects with Pisces being the sign of the fish and their natural love of the ocean.

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