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The Most Forgiving Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They'll never turn their back on anyone—no matter what they do.

For some people forgiving and forgetting is easier said than done, while others have no problem letting things go. Maybe these empathetic folks just need a simple apology or a meaningful conversation with someone owning up to their mistake, or maybe they just let people get away with things without ever holding them accountable. Whether this quality works for or against them, some people can't stay mad for long and will certainly never hold a grudge. Keep reading to discover the most forgiving zodiac sign from a little lenient to over-the-top soft.

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Cancers don't deal with conflict well and they don't like staying mad at people, especially those they care about. They can hold a grudge if you caused a problem for them, or aren't important enough, but most often they will be the ones to initiate a truce. All they need is time. Once they've processed their feelings (which may take a bit because they have a lot of those), they'll reach out and try and find a way to move past the problem.

"As a cardinal water sign, Cancer takes initiative to restore the wellbeing of their most important relationships," says Ryan Marquardt, an astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology.

They don't like feeling disconnected to the people they love and will find it easy to extend an olive branch.


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Aquarius often seems detached from things, but this allows them to be objective in various situations and not harbor harsh feelings toward others. They don't care for personal conflict and "will forgive for the greater good of a relationship or connection, especially if it will help humanity or a friend," says Rebecca Schmidt, an astrologer at Trust the Effing Process.

These air signs are always looking to the future. They love offering up solutions to any problem and want to keep things moving. If they hold on to something for too long, it'll halt their innovative progress. "They are good at seeing the bigger picture, so deciding to forgive may come easily if they see a good reason," Schmidt says.

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Geminis are social butterflies who can adapt to any situation. This makes it easier for them to empathize with all types of people and consider all sides of an argument, and in turn, be more forgiving of others. Even though they want to protect themselves, they'll let things go a lot sooner than other people might.

"Sometimes they can get moody at the onset of an argument and feel a little hurt, but you'll see them bounce back quicker than most signs," says Marquardt.

They don't take things too seriously either, so whatever you've done to upset them probably won't stay with them for long. These air signs don't hold grudges and they'll go back to being your BFF in no time. If you offer them a good time, forgiveness might come even faster.


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With such a laid-back vibe and relaxed approach to life, Sagittarius can be quite forgiving. They're always doing new things and don't have time to let ill will hold them back from all the adventures that await them.

These fire signs look to higher perspectives to guide them and it takes a lot to really hurt their feelings.

"Sagittarius is optimistic and enjoys a good time so they will likely forgive you if they like you or if you can entertain or go on adventures with them," Schmidt says. Being tied down because of an argument or disagreement is one of their worst nightmares, so they'll lighten a situation by forgiving you as quickly as possible.


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It's well known that these air signs loathe feeling like there's any bad blood. Kind and gentle Libra always wants everyone to be happy and comfortable. "Libra is all about harmony and justice, and may forgive easily for the sake of keeping the peace," says Schmidt.

They need balance, so they'll take all perspectives into consideration without hesitating. While they do take things to heart, they'll want to move on and start fresh as soon as they can. They definitely will forgive if they feel it to be fair and justified, Schmidt tells Best Life.

If someone shows sincere remorse and takes steps to right their wrongs, Libra loves giving out second chances.

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No one avoids confrontation quite like a Pisces. They are sensitive, feel everything at insanely intense levels, and hate when others are suffering. They are the most forgiving zodiac sign, which doesn't always work in their favor.

"Pisces can be a complete pushover when it comes to dealing with upsetting situations like a fight with a friend, so they'll jump to forgiveness at a moment's notice if it means getting back to a state of equilibrium and peace," says Marqaurdt.

If you've wronged them and are owning up to your mistakes, Pisces will welcome you back in with open arms. These water signs are full of unconditional love, so they're always extending compassion to others, even if they don't necessarily deserve it.

Marquardt advises them to set boundaries if someone has been especially terrible to them, but most times these folks will forgive without a second thought.

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