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The Wisest Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

You'll want to surround yourself with these thoughtful people.

Wisdom can be found in many different forms, but some people just have that all-knowing vibe and are happy to share their knowledge with others. Whether that means they're a walking encyclopedia full of facts or they just seem like they've already learned all of life's lessons, these people are logical, empathetic, and are always there to give sage advice. Since these traits don't come naturally to everyone, astrology may be a deciding factor. Read on to discover the wisest zodiac signs, from a little astute to supremely sagacious.

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Libra is a cardinal sign, meaning they're one of the leaders of the zodiac since they initiate one of the four seasons. They're skilled at leading others and bringing people together, plus they have a knack for starting new projects.

"Their air element represents intellect, communication, and a desire for knowledge, making Libras wise in their words and decisions," says Rachel Clare, a professional astrologist at Mystic Sense.

It's no huge revelation that this sign excels in circumstances that require diplomacy and balance. Libra's wisdom can easily connect various groups of people for guaranteed success in any situation.

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Smart, practical, and logical are all traits that come to mind when thinking of Virgos. Jill Loftis, an astrologer and founder at Nuit Astrology explains that they have an instinctive way of understanding how things can be improved, streamlined and perfected, and they'll take any opportunity to be right about something.

"They are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and work at something in order to gain the wisdom and experience to become the best at whatever they want to do," she says.

These earth signs are always going to be at least one step ahead of you. They know they're intelligent and they will outsmart you nine times out of 10.


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With Mercury, the planet that governs communication, adaptability, and mental agility, as their ruler, Geminis are quick on their feet and always have an answer on the tip of their tongue. As another air sign, they are great communicators and use this to their advantage when complex scenarios arise.

All of these traits combine to form a sign that is versatile, quick-witted, and always seeking new experiences and knowledge, Clare tells Best Life.

While they might seem fake at times from always flitting from group to group, Geminis use their wisdom and wit to find creative solutions and help others who may be in a complicated position.


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Scorpios stick to the shadows and it may seem like they only care about themselves, but they love to accrue knowledge and facts about the people in their lives. "The Scorpio personality wants to penetrate deeply into whatever intrigues them, which can make them experts at understanding the more intense aspects of life," Loftis says.

They are smart and shrewd and they build wisdom through instinct and intuition, as well as their non-yielding desire to understand the truth about the people and things around them.


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When it comes to wisdom, Sagittarius has an overwhelming amount. They gain wisdom in various ways, and as bold and adventurous as they are, it's not hard to believe that all of their experiences contribute to their vast intelligence.

Loftis says they are both natural teachers and students since they are always willing to learn, but also share their insight with others. "Their expansive curiosity leads them down philosophical paths that others might not traverse."

Clare explains that their ruling planet, Jupiter, represents growth, expansion, and abundance, while their element, fire, represents enthusiasm and drive, so if you cross paths with a Sagittarius your world might be expanded too.

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Leader of Meeting

Capricorns are often the first to find a solution and you can guarantee they'll take the head chair at the table. With the combo of Saturn as their ruler and Earth as their element, these signs are level headed and thrive on responsibility and structure.

They're smart beyond their years and it's part of why they are the wisest zodiac sign. Clare says they have an eye for long-term success and they pride themselves on being the needed authority figures for others.

"They may not always be the life of the party, but when the situation calls for it, you can always count on a Capricorn to bring their A-game and make the wise choice," she says.

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