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The Most Irresponsible Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers 

You probably won't be able to depend on these careless people.

Keeping up with life's seemingly never-ending list of responsibilities can be daunting for even the most organized people. So for those who haven't quite matured or learned to be conscientious, it can be near impossible. Have a significant other who you're constantly asking to take out the trash? What about that coworker who never turns their assignments in on time? Or the friend who blows you off at the last minute? Astrology could be one reason why you just can't depend on some people. Read on to hear from astrologers about the most irresponsible zodiac signs, from casually careless to reckless and rash.

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"Cancer does what its heart tells it to do," says spiritual healer and astrologer Emily Newman. Unfortunately, this means the water sign "allows their emotions to lead them to make irresponsible judgments," she explains. Because they'll make promises based on feelings, it can be hard to trust them and their rash decisions.

On the flip side, if you're friends with a Cancer, their emotional and nurturing nature could be beneficial, as you'll always be able to count on them to drop what they're doing and be there for you.


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Sagittarians will butt into your business without thinking. "They have a pure heart, but they would not hesitate to interfere in the affairs of others," Newman advises. Oftentimes, they unknowingly cause more problems with their thoughtless actions by inserting themselves where they're not wanted.

"Moderation can be tough for our Sagittarius friends," astrologer and cosmic consultant Lauren DeGolia says. "They like to get swept away in the adventure and overindulge in things that light their souls on fire." So while you may not be able to count on a Sag when it comes to the tough stuff, you can be sure that you'll have a good time with them.

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Leos want to be the star of the show, and they get upset when someone outshines them. DeGolia characterizes Leos as "dramatic, self-involved, and willing to do anything for attention." She explains that their quest for greatness "can cause them to push themselves past their limits and into the land of thoughtlessness."

But this sign isn't trying to be inconsiderate—they're just slightly self-absorbed. If a Leo gets called out for their carelessness, they'll explain they were only trying to have a good time.


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Aries, like Leos, want their time in the spotlight. "Rams are known for being self-centered," says Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app. If it works better for them, they'll cancel on you at the last minute without giving it a second thought.

Part of the reason for this is their stubbornness. Alta says Aries are "unlikely to succumb to any persuasions, no matter how insistent they are." This is especially true when they feel very strongly about something. "They forget about consistent progress because of their character and can become careless," Newman adds. She also notes that they are "willing to go to any length to establish [themselves]."

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Much like their fellow water sign Cancer, Pisces thinks with their heart instead of their head, which can lead to certain reckless behaviors. These folks are "real dreamers, living in their own fantasy worlds," according to Alta. "They can't always be called reliable, as they can easily forget to do something important [or] mix things up," she explains.

Pisces are also incredibly creative and often get carried away making music or art, unknowingly ghosting pals or ditching events. "Their feet aren't always on the ground because their heads are busily romanticizing their next partner or big idea," says DeGolia.


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These social butterflies care more about having fun than making sure their work gets done. They'll leave the office early for happy hour, and they'll bail on a pal if a better offer comes along. Always on the hunt for the next party, Geminis often "spread themselves too thin," Alta says. They never want to RSVP no to an event or tell their friends they're too busy, so instead, they shirk their responsibilities and don't show up.

But Geminis will expect their loved ones to forgive them for being flakes, using their fun personality as a copout. "They are unwilling to take responsibility and unable to accomplish everything they have on their mind," Alta adds.

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