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This Zodiac Sign Is the Biggest Hypochondriac, Astrologers Say

Even their doctors will tell these alarmist people to stay off Google.

Do you immediately search WebMD when you exhibit even the slightest symptoms? Are you worried a simple stuffy nose is something more sinister? There could be a reason why some people are extra dramatic when it comes to their health—and it could be their horoscope that's sending them running to the doctor. Read on to hear from astrologers about which zodiac signs are the biggest hypochondriacs, from extra cautious to completely alarmist.

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Cancers are infamous for their overactive imaginations, "which can lead this sensitive sign to believe that they are sick when they're not," explains astrologer and founder of Crystal Digest Kelly Grayson. "They're constantly worrying about their health, and they often go to the doctor for minor ailments that could be easily treated at home."

Cancers also love caring for others, so it's more than likely they'll make soup for a sick pal. The downside is they'll then start worrying that they've caught the ailment.


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This emotional sign is known for acting like a sponge and soaking up what other people are feeling. Unfortunately, this can also translate to sicknesses. "Pisces are very sensitive and compassionate, and they often take on the burdens of others," Grayson says. "This can lead them to believe that they are sick when they're really just empathizing with someone else's illness."

Though there's nothing wrong with compassion, for Pisces it can prove difficult. "These poor fish live with a constant nagging feeling that they have a mystery illness," says astrologer and spiritual coach Tara Bennet. This really gets troublesome when they spend hours and hours trying to figure out what's wrong—when nothing is.

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Sagittarians tend to overthink everything, including their physical condition. "This can lead them to worry incessantly about their health, which can, in turn, cause them to become paranoid and obsessed," Grayson tells us.

The flip side is that Sagittarius is also quite a reckless sign, so even if they are truly unwell, it's rare that they'll seek out medical attention. A healthy combination this does not make.


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This sign is "constantly striving for perfection, [which] can lead them to believe that they are sick when they're really just fine," Grayson explains. But because of their extremely hard-working attitudes, Capricorns don't want anything to interfere with their success, including illness. They'd rather head to their job than skip a day of work for the doctor's office.

"Capricorns seem to have their act together, but internally they are amazingly pessimistic and will suffer in silence, Googling their symptoms in private and self-diagnosing," says Bennet. By doing so, they make themselves more susceptible to having their symptoms worsen over time—which could ultimately lead to even more sick days.

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Scorpios tend to be intense about everything, including their wellness, and are known for being quite secretive. "Scorpios are also very suspicious, and they may believe that their symptoms are being caused by something sinister," Grayson advises.

If the Scorpio in your life isn't feeling well, they may not tell you directly, but rather hint at it and complain about puzzling symptoms—all in an attempt to put together who might've wronged them.


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Virgos are all about doing their research. The second they have even a slight cough, they get to Googling. "Virgos are extremely detail-oriented, and they tend to notice every little change in their bodies," Grayson explains.

Bennet adds that even if a doctor tells them it's nothing, they'll continue investigating and convince themselves "they've contracted a rare and fatal disease." And if your loved one is a Virgo, they'll act similarly towards you, urging you to head to the doctor whether you have a bug bite or a tiny temperature.

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