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The Zodiac Sign That's Best at Sports, Astrologers Say

They'll do whatever it takes to win.

Athletic ability is something most people are either born with or not. Before you reached middle school, you probably learned whether you were the student who excelled at gym class or the one who preferred more stationery studies, like history or math. Of course, there are a few traits that are necessary to be great at sports: You must have an innate athleticism, a tendency toward discipline, and a strong-willed spirit that makes you go for the gold no matter what it takes. Some astrologers say the stars might determine those characteristics. Here, they tell us the zodiac signs that are best at sports, from the hobby athletes to the full-blown Olympians.

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This water sign's near-psychic abilities give them an edge in athletic events.

"While not the most competitive or coordinated sign, Pisces' innate musicality, intuition, and imagination lend themselves beautifully to sports like synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics," says Sophia Rose, owner of Wisdom of The Spirit. "I once coached a Pisces girl on the swim team who could sense exactly when to flip underwater with her team and perform each move in perfect sync—her dreamy creativity translated into a gorgeous, gold-medal routine!"

Pisces will also drive team-building activities, knowing when to hype people up and when to offer a shoulder to cry on.


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The sporty Scorpio will approach the game the same way they approach life: with lots of planning.

"Usually, a Scorpio doesn't attack first or show any initiative—they wait for the right moment to come, and when the stars are aligned, they act very quickly and unexpectedly," says Alice Alta, resident astrologer for the Futurio app.

They'll do this in sports if they decide to pursue them. "Being a water sign, a Scorpio native may not always realize this warrior side of their nature," Alta adds. If they do, they'll find athletics a powerful outlet.

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Cancer people are natural strategists, so enroll them in a sport that requires a bit of thinking—like tennis, football, hockey, or baseball—and they'll excel.

"Furthermore, once Cancer's heart is in it, like a mother protecting her cub, Cancer will become fierce when it comes to defying the odds and being the one with the underdog story," says Imani Thompson, a Los Angeles-based astrologer.

But unless they're truly committed, you might sooner find this sign daydreaming in the outfield than striking out other players.


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If this sign needs to be a star athlete to win the spotlight, then you can bet it'll be the number one thing on their priority list.

"Leos are ruled by the sun, and they become fueled by their own energy when they realize that they are capable of and skilled in doing something," says Thompson. "Any sport is a great way to boost their self-confidence, and once they feel confident, there's no stopping what they'll accomplish."

One thing Leo needs to keep in check on the field is their ego. If they can do that, "they'll be the ones making sure everyone else on the team is feeling uplifted and ready to win," Thompson adds.


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Those with this sign are hardworking and determined regarding their careers, education, and, it turns out, sports.

However, they might show that enthusiasm in different, more gentle ways than other signs, explains Alta.

"If they set their mind to something, they will move to their purpose gradually, step by step, despite any obstacles," she says. "They can do the impossible and endure any hardships—that's why practicing sports may help Sea Goats feel their inner strength and start achieving better results in their careers, too."

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Aries' ruling planet, Mars, is associated with strength, energy, activity, sports, and martial arts. So, it should come as no shock that this zodiac sign is the best of the bunch at sports.

"They feel comfortable in situations where they should show their courage, endurance, strength, and determination, overcome challenges, and come out as winners," says Alta. "If you are a happy parent of a lively Ram, feel free to involve your child in sports; if you're an Aries yourself and feel that something in your life is missing, think about a sports activity."

Doing so could help you connect with your warrior spirit and enjoy your days more fully.

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