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A-Rod Just Told Us His 5 Best Stay-Young Secrets: "Eliminate All Excuses" (Exclusive)

In an exclusive interview, Alex Rodriguez shares the recent health changes he's made.

You don't become MLB's all-time grand slam leader without a strict fitness and diet regimen, nor do you stay ESPN camera-ready without taking care of your health. But as Yankees legend Alex Rodriguez has gotten older and taken his career off the baseball diamond, he's had to make some shifts in his daily habits. Best Life recently had lunch with A-Rod to find out his best-kept longevity secrets. From simple things like flossing to a major diet overhaul, here's how the 48-year-old keeps himself looking and feeling young.

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He prioritizes his oral health.

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Oral health may not be the first thing you think of in terms of longevity, but according to a 2021 study published in the journal Scientific Reports, it can directly affect your life span. In particular, the research found that periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease, was associated with an increased cardiovascular disease mortality rate.

So, it's not surprising that when Rodriguez was diagnosed with gum disease last year, his regimented attitude immediately kicked into gear.

After noticing "swelling and a little bit of bleeding" when he brushed his teeth, Rodriguez immediately saw his dentist. "I found out that around 50 percent of people over the age of 30 have gum disease," he shares with Best Life. "I found out you can't cure it, but you can treat it and you can manage it."

Now, Rodriguez visits his dentist for treatments once every three months, is highly disciplined with his brushing and flossing habits, and makes sure he carries floss picks with him when he's on the go.

He eats red meat sparingly.

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Given that it's high in saturated fat, red meat can lead to high cholesterol and an increased risk of heart disease. There is also evidence that red meat is associated with a higher risk of certain cancers, specifically colon and rectal cancer.

However, as a self-proclaimed steak-lover, Rodriguez used to eat steak about five times a week. "I've learned that when I'm not playing 162 games, I can't absorb it as well," he shares.

Therefore, he now enjoys steak once every 10 days—"which has been a paradigm shift for me," he tells us. In its place, he eats heart-healthy fish like salmon or branzino.

He practices intermittent fasting.

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Recent research shows that fasting for 24 hours reduces inflammation in the body, thereby combatting the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. And while the study participants were on a very restricted eating plan, the findings still point to the benefits of intermittent fasting, an eating plan that Rodriguez is a proponent of.

He shares with us that he only eats between noon and 8:30 p.m, adding that his "digestive system works much better" with an intermittent fasting plan. In fact, the former pro has lost 35 pounds in the past 15 months.

As part of this schedule, he tries to have all his fruit in the first part of the day, so he's not consuming as much sugar at night.

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He dedicates the morning to health and wellness.

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As part of his intermittent fasting schedule, Rodriguez dedicates the time between 8:00 a.m. and noon to his health and wellness. This might include meditating, having a good workout, breaking a sweat in the sauna, or stretching.

Though, like many of us, he still loves a cup of coffee to get going.

He preps healthy snacks in advance.

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If Rodriguez's longevity habits make him seem super-human, he does let us in on a little secret: "You know what, I'm not proud of my snacks… I'm not a sweet person, I'm a salt person…. I can have a bowl of chips like that every night when I'm watching the game."

But A-Rod is nothing if not an overachiever. To counteract those late-night cravings, he'll prep a smoothie bowl in advance, so that it's just as easy to grab out of the fridge as it is to snag a bag of chips.

"Eliminate all distractions and excuses" is the motto he leaves us with.

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