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6 Tips If You Have Thinning Eyelashes, According to Beauty Experts

There are easy ways to tweak your usual routine.

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There are a few things it's almost impossible to avoid when aging—and thinner hair is one of them. However, this change doesn't happen exclusively to the strands on the top of your head. For most people, the brows and lashes also take a hit, either falling out, becoming less dense, or even lightening in color, so they become less apparent. Fortunately, if you know the right tricks, there are ways to turn back the clock and achieve thicker lashes with both growth serums and makeup products that fake a fuller fringe. Keep reading to hear from makeup artists and dermatologists about the best tips for thinning eyelashes.

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Consider a prescription lash serum.

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While your local beauty store may be filled with lash serums, there's only one that's FDA-approved to treat thin eyelashes. That product is Latisse, and it's available by prescription.

"This medication is a prostaglandin analog, which sends signals that support the growth of the eyelash hair follicles," says Natalie Kash, MD, FAAD, board-certified dermatologist and hair restoration surgeon with Root Hair.

You'll want to be sure you're using this serum under the guidance of a doctor, as there are potential side effects that include "darkening of the colored part of the eye, darkening of the skin around the eye, including the lower eyelid, redness, irritation, or thinning of the tissue around the eye," according to Kash.

If used correctly, you should see some results after a few weeks and full results after about four months. 

Try a professional lash lift or tint.

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A lash tint is a process of dying your lashes. "Personally, I love using this treatment to emphasize the eyes and make lashes appear thicker and longer," says celebrity makeup artist Daria Kruchinina. "For those with light-colored or sunburned lashes, a blue-black or black tint can work wonders with no damage when done by a professional." The results last for about a month.

The lash lift is another popular treatment and is essentially a semi-permanent curling procedure. However, Kruchinina says this treatment has more risk for damage, so you'll want to work with a qualified professional. "It's important to use the correct products, follow the manufacturer's instructions, avoid overprocessing, and evaluate the client's lashes beforehand." You'll also want to avoid DIY kits.

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Use a mascara primer.

Just a touch of mascara to complete her look

Primer isn't only for your skin. Before applying mascara, use one on your lashes. "This will help to condition and prep your lashes for mascara application, allowing it to go on smoother and look more voluminous," says Kruchinina. Her favorite product is Diorshow Maximizer 3D. Just a few swipes can help!

Use a tubing mascara.

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On top of that, you can use tubing mascara. "These products literally wrap themselves around the lashes, so the lashes will look thicker just from how the mascara attaches," says Margina Dennis, makeup artist and beauty expert. Her favorite picks are Avon Waterproof  Wash Off and Kevyn Aucoin The Volume.

You'll want to avoid traditional waterproof mascaras, as they are difficult to remove and can cause the lashes to get dry or damaged during the makeup removal process.

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Consider falsies.

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A false lash could work for any occasion, and they're easier to apply than ever, with adhesive and magnetic options. "There are many different types of false lashes available, from natural-looking to full-on glam, so choose the style that best suits your needs," says Krista Suter, RN, BSN, and makeup artist of BLUR Aesthetics.

Individual lashes are perfect for every day, while a full strip is fun for a big night out.

Remove your makeup thoroughly.

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The final tip for people with thin lashes is to remove your makeup completely every night. According to Suter, leaving it on overnight could damage your lashes. You'll also want to cleanse with caution.

"Be gentle when removing your eye makeup to avoid pulling out any lashes," says Suter. One option is to double-cleanse with an oil cleanser before your usual cleanser. That way, the makeup will wipe away easily, so you never have to use a harsh scrubbing motion.

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