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Stylist Shares the 6 Clothing Items to Get Rid of During a "Closet Edit"

They make you look dated as soon as you put them on.

Every few months—maybe at the change of seasons—it's essential to look through your closet to determine what you should keep and what you should toss. Your reason for eliminating things might vary: You'll want to get rid of clothes that fit poorly, are worn beyond repair, or don't make you feel your best. You might also like to donate heavily off-trend items that don't have a shot at returning en vogue. To learn which pieces those are, we looked to the experts. Read on to discover the clothing items one stylist says she'd eliminate in a closet edit.

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Shirts with ties

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In an ongoing TikTok series, Caitlin Jaymes (@caitlin_jaymes), a stylist and organizer, outlines the clothing pieces she'd get rid of in a closet cleanout. One of the top items she lists is shirts with ties at the front.

"If you have any tops that have a built-in tie, they gotta go unless you are in middle school or under," she says. "This is very, very juvenile, and it's honestly just really outdated."

These shirts are often button-downs or flannel shirts, and Jaymes' clients will ask if they can tie them to give them some shape. "No, we're not tying it," she says. "If we need something cropped, we're just getting a top that's cropped."

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Fringed patterned scarves

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In another video, Jaymes highlights fringed and patterned muslin scarves, like those that were popular in the 2010s.

"Instead, go for a thick chunky scarf," she says. To illustrate her point, she pulls up a photo of a blanket-like wool or cashmere item.

However, she acknowledges that she can't speak for everyone's personal style. "If this [patterned] scarf is still making you excited to get dressed in the morning, keep wearing it—whatever makes you feel good and excited to get out of the house," she adds. If it keeps you warm, too, that's a bonus!

Thick belts

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One commenter asked which belts Jaymes would toss in a closet edit, and she responded in another video.

"I would 100 percent get rid of a thick chunky belt," she says. "There are some instances where I've seen a really cute oversized blazer belted around the waist, but for the most part, I would switch to a more simple thin belt."

She explains the trendiest belts nowadays function like jewelry, so she'll coordinate her belt buckle with the tone of any rings, bracelets, earrings, or necklaces she's wearing.

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Statement necklaces

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Jaymes also offers her insights on jewelry, nothing that the chunky statement necklaces of the past decade are firmly out.

"Now, we're going softer and focusing more on chains and pearls rather than super chunky overwhelming necklaces," she says. She pulls up an image of a gold chain with a pendant pearl as an example of what to do instead.

High-low dresses

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As far as dresses go, Jaymes thinks most women in their late 20s and older can eliminate any high-low pieces in their wardrobe.

"I feel like high-low dresses are not a thing anymore," she says. "I feel like we can get those out of our closets and upgrade to something a little bit more sophisticated." A-line skirts and silk maxis are stylist-approved options.

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Cold shoulder sweaters

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On the topic of knitwear, Jaymes says she'd eliminate cold-shoulder tops.

"This item is super outdated," she says. "That's why I advise you to get rid of it, but if you are still excited to wear this item, keep it."

An oversized pullover or boatneck knit will look much more contemporary. Wear them with a pair of straight-leg jeans or tucked into a skirt to complete your look.

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