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Amazon Has a Hidden Section With Overstock Discounts—Here's How to Access It

This trick can help you score some of the best deals from the e-commerce giant.

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Thanks to Amazon, getting everything you need shipped right to your door has never been easier. And on top of the convenience of buying items with a few taps on your phone screen or clicks of your mouse, the e-commerce giant has also made it possible to find some of the best deals without breaking a sweat. But even regular customers may not be aware that Amazon also has a hidden section filled with overstock items at deep discounts they can easily shop. Read on to see how to access these big bargains.

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There's a section on Amazon filled with overstock items.

Amazon Home Screen
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Part of the benefit of shopping in brick-and-mortar stores can be knowing exactly where to look for the best sales and clearance items. But if you're hoping for the same experience when shopping online, you can still find it on Amazon by heading toward a little-known section of the website that houses all of its deeply discounted overstock products.

"There is indeed an Amazon section full of overstock deals, and while you can navigate to the Amazon Outlet via the retailer's website and app, you have to know where you're going," Katie Roberts, consumer analyst with, tells Best Life.

Here's where you can find the hidden deal section.

Amazon Deals on Phone Screen

Besides the deals it provides, one of the most surprising parts of Amazon's overstock page is that it's essentially hiding in plain sight.

In a video posted in July 2022 that has since received more than 54,000 likes, TikTok user freestufffinder explains that shoppers can access the section on their desktop computer by clicking on the three stacked lines in the top left corner of the Amazon homepage and scrolling down to the "All Programs and Features" option. Then, in the next set of options, scroll down and click "Amazon Outlet" to land on the page.

Anyone using the company's mobile app can still access the deals with a few taps. First, tap on the three lines located on the bottom right corner of the program's homepage and then select the "Deals & Savings" section. From there, select "Amazon Outlet" to begin to peruse deals.

If you're still having trouble locating it, there are other options. "A quicker way to access these offers may be to navigate to the Today's Deals page from the Amazon homepage and then click on 'Overstock Deals' in the horizontal scrolling menu," Roberts suggests.

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Discounts can reach more than 80 percent off.

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Once you've managed to find the elusive deal section, you can begin to search for what you need. And just like the main shopping areas of the site, experts say you can expect to find a wide range of items, from furniture and cookware to office supplies and fashion—sometimes for much more than half off.

"The Amazon Outlet section offers deals on overstock items in pretty much every category you can imagine, and in the past year, we've seen these discounts reach up to 81 percent off," Roberts says. To make your hunt more manageable, she suggests selecting different categories, price tiers, or discount levels before you begin to bargain browse.

Other Amazon customers shared their success shopping for discounts.

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Amazon shoppers who followed the advice of the freestufffinder video sounded off in the comments section about their experiences. And while some complained that they didn't find the rock-bottom prices they were looking for, others sang its praises—and offered some other tips.

"Just type 'Amazon Outlet' in the search bar and it comes up," one user suggested.

"If you have Prime, they send emails about outlet [deals] all the time," another pointed out.

Others vouched for the overstock site based on their previous success. "I remember doing this in the first year of middle school and found epic stuff for really cheap," one commented. And another simply said, "You saved my bank account."

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