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Costco Is Under Fire From Shoppers for Getting Rid of This Popular Product

The wholesale retailer seems to have upset thousands of loyal customers.

From unbeatable bulk deals to food court favorites, Costco has managed to build itself a cult following over the years. But even the most devoted fans of the wholesale chain have had their qualms with the retailer, whether that's about a rise in prices or new store policies. After all, Costco shoppers are members, which reflects a personal stake in the company, and they're not afraid to make their complaints known. Now, the popular retailer is facing backlash from shoppers again—this time in regards to an item it seems to have gotten rid of completely. Read on to find out why Costco is under fire.

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Costco has gotten rid of a number of things recently.

people with carts in Costco Wholesale. Costco is an American multinational corporation which operates a chain of membership only

Costco is no stranger to change—especially in the face of the retail uncertainty of the past few years. In March 2020, the wholesale chain started offering special COVID senior hours to help at-risk shoppers and frontline workers shop without crowds in order to potentially lower their COVID exposure. But while Costco did hold on to this special shopping time for much longer than other retailers, the retailer got rid of the hours in April of this year.

And just last month, Costco ended another service it launched during the pandemic. The wholesale retailer shut down its mortgage program for members, which had started in 2020. There didn't seem to be tremendous pushback at that time, but another loss is striking a nerve with customers.

Shoppers are now complaining about a different Costco removal.

Customers standing on line to check out of Costco. Costco is an American corporation that operates a chain of members only warehouse clubs as seen on October 26, 2019.

A new viral social media post is showcasing just how upset many Costco shoppers are about another discontinued item—this time in regards to the chain's iconic food courts. On June 15, one Twitter user wrote, "who … at Costco was like yeah let's get rid of the combo pizza." In just five days, the tweet has already garnered more than 13,500 likes and has been retweeted nearly 3,000 times.

Other shoppers sounded off in replies to the viral post, with some just finding out about the removal themselves from the tweet and others claiming that "COVID supply chain issues" were to blame for discontinuation. "If there's one thing that I would bring back from any food place, it'd be Costco's combination pizza," one user admitted.

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The retailer reportedly discontinued this item a while ago.

Looking into the window of the Costco cafeteria showing empty pans as many customers buy out food

Despite the recent uproar, this is apparently not a new decision from Costco. News of the disappearance of the wholesale chain's combination pizza dates all the way back to March 2020, when one shopper posted on Reddit that several Costco stores in their area were no longer selling the food court item. Since then, there have been at least a dozen Reddit threads asking about the discontinuation of the combination pizza. Eat This, Not That! reached out to Costco in Sept. 2021 to confirm that the combo pizza had been permanently discontinued, but the company declined to comment.

But on June 20, a shopper in one of the Reddit threads said they received this email reply from Costco after offering feedback on the apparent discontinuation: "We understand your dissatisfaction about not having the Combo Pizza as part of our menu offering at this time. A difficult decision was made to simplify our business and unfortunately, the Combo Pizza was removed from our menu line up. We are sorry for this inconvenience, however, these are not always easy decisions that we make."

Shoppers are still petitioning Costco to bring it back.

Food court of Costco, Allentown, PA, USA. October 12, 2017.

No matter when the item was officially taken out of Costco's food courts, it's clear that the decision has not gone over well with thousands of shoppers. In a reply to the viral June 15 tweet, one user suggested: "We should petition to bring it back." As it turns out, that's already under way. On, there is currently a petition open to "Bring back the Combo Pizza to Costco Food Courts" that has been signed by more than 11,300 people so far—with signatures still being added as of June 20.

"Costco's Combination Pizza is the most popular pizza variant and overall item at the Costco Food Court," wrote Tobi O., a Riverside, California, resident who started the petition. "Costco corporate cites profit and cost concerns, but they could've dealt with the issue easily via a price increase. Fans of the combo pizza would have gladly paid the price to continue to enjoy it. Countless Costco members and membership families have sworn to not renew their membership with Costco due to this travesty."

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