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10 Best Places to Buy Jeans for Women, Stylists Say

Stylists and retail experts share where to shop for the best jeans, no matter your price point.

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For most of us, finding the perfect pair of jeans feels like a never-ending search. Maybe the waist fits great, but the rear pockets are too low. Or perhaps they make your butt look amazing, but the length is all off. Aside from fit, there's also the issue of durability. Does the color begin to fade on darker washes? Do the seams start to fray after a few seasons? For all these reasons, we consulted retail experts and stylists. Read on to learn the best places to buy jeans for women.

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Where to Buy the Best Jeans

1. Levi's

Levi's 501 Original jeans from Levi Strauss and Co.
Jeppe Gustafsson / Shutterstock

There's a reason Levi's has been making blue jeans (which they actually invented) for 150 years—they stand the test of time and come in many styles, cuts, and washes. They were also the most recommended by the experts we consulted.

Stylist and fashion influencer Leah Wise, the founder of CrashGal Couture, says her personal favorite is the Wedgie Straight Fit: "They are really flattering in the back and go with everything."

Style coach Liz Wendler is partial to Levi's original denim style, the 501, which she notes comes in skinny, crop, '90s, and short styles.

Shana Draugelis, founder of The Mom Edit, also loves her 501s but recommends sizing up since they're cotton. She also calls out the new, modern cuts Levi's came out with this year: "'70s high-rise flares, bootcut, '90s jeans, baggy dad jeans, and I love them all."

Most of Levi's jeans retail between $60 and $100, but you can also find great deals at the Levi's Outlet. Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst with, adds that Levi's now has a SecondHand store. According to the site, you can trade in jeans, denim shorts, and Trucker Jackets that are in good condition. You'll receive a gift card for the trade-in value, and others can shop your gently used or vintage pieces online.

2. Madewell

Model wearing Madewell jeans, a white tank, and red flats.

Coming in at a close second for the best place to buy jeans is Madewell, which is known for its range of fits and sizes, as most jeans are available in regular, petite, tall, taller, curvy, and plus. Wendler notes that "their sizing is very consistent."

"I'm pretty petite and I love that they have a jean collection that fits my size so I don't have to get them hemmed," shares Wise. "The quality is amazing and lasts forever. They are the perfect blend of stiff and stretch, which I like, so they aren't constantly falling down and also aren't super uncomfortable."

Madwell also makes their jeans accessible to women of all budgets. "I saw jeans starting around $98 for a regular price, but sale items were as low as $30, so there are definitely deals to be had if you want to stock your closet," points out Ramhold.

Another way to save at Madewell is through their trade-in program, where you can give back a pair of pre-owned jeans from any brand, either in-store or online, and receive $20 off your purchase. Like Levi's, Madewell also has a site where you can shop pre-owned denim.

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3. Everlane

Close up of a women's rear wearing Everlane's LA jeans
LA Denim, courtesy of Everlane

Like Madwell, Everlane is a clothing retailer that's popular for its denim fit options. You can choose from their straight, relaxed, skinny, curvy, or wide styles (you can find a detailed description of what those mean on the site) and prices usually start around $78, explains Ramhold.

In their Denim Guide, Everlane says, "We believe that starting at the top gives you the best fit possible—because when it comes down to it, the waist, butt, and hip are the real make-or-break details."

They also recognize that not everyone's body fits in a neat box, so they offer two inclusive fits—the Everyone Jean, which is meant to fit all body types and genders, and Curvy Denim, which was designed for those with hourglass shapes with an "adjusted hip-to-waist ratio."

4. Mother Denim

Close up of a woman wearing high-waisted jeans from Mother Denim
Mother Denim

If you're willing to spend about $250 on a pair of jeans, Mother Denim might be the place to start. This sustainable California company offers a fresh take on the 1970s denim aesthetic—and it's a favorite of celebs including Jennifer Garner, Meghan Markle, Olivia Wilde, and Jennifer Lopez.

Elizabeth Kosich, a New York City-based certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling, feels this is the best denim brand on the market thanks to their signature stretch fit. Wendler agrees that this is her "splurge denim."

Yenia Hernández Fonseca, a stylist, luxury fashion expert, and contributor to Margo Paige, specifically points to the brand's popular high-rise, straight-leg jeans.

You can buy these jeans online through Mother's website, at upscale retailers like Net-a-Porter, or at Anthropologie stores.

5. Risen Jeans

Below-the-waist shot of a model wearing Risen Jeans
Social Threads

If Mother Denim isn't in your price range, Draugelis says Risen Jeans are a great dupe for under $100: "I was skeptical, to say the least, but turns out they really are! Risen jeans are the antithesis of rigid denim; think soft, stretchy, and easy to wear."

You'll find a great Risen selection on Social Threads, where Draugelis gets her favorite boyfriend jeans that retail for $69. "They're soft, slouchy, comfy—everything a boyfriend jean should be—but with a higher rise that feels more modern," she shares.

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6. Ralph Lauren

Below-the-waist shot of a model wearing Ralph Lauren jeans
Ralph Lauren

In addition to Mother, Kosich says Ralph Lauren is her go-to splurge brand for jeans.

She calls their Japanese denim "the best of the best." According to the stylist, these jeans have "superior construction, premium dyes, and timeless cuts." They range from $245 to $395.

7. AG Jeans

rear view of model wearing AG Jeans
AG Jeans

Another sustainable company based in California, AG Jeans is "all about premium denim and innovative design," shares Fonseca. "Their materials are high-quality and the manufacturing techniques are advanced, so they're durable and comfortable."

Their women's jeans come in a variety of cuts and washes and start around $215. However, at the time of writing, most pairs were 30 percent off.

8. Dear John Denim

Side view of model wearing Dear John Denim jeans
Dear John Denim

"These are quite possibly the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn," shares fashion stylist, lifestyle blogger, and podcast co-host Tara West. "Dear John's selection of denim is known for excellent craftsmanship and fit, made of the most buttery soft fabrics and designed to flatter."

And with prices ranging from $44 to $108, you can easily buy a few different pairs of jeans.

"You will find an incredible selection of trending denim styles from colors to crops to flares, all types of rise, and side slits galore," says West. "I love to shop Dear John for a denim refresh or when a client wants to try out a hot new style but doesn't have the luxury price tag."

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9. Target

A display of Universal Thread denim at a Target store
melissamn / Shutterstock

Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the quality of your denim. For more affordable jeans, Ramhold points to several brands at Target.

"Universal Thread and Wild Fable generally receive good reviews… and can last quite a while as long as you care for them properly," she says. She does note that not every pair is a winner, so it's important to read reviews before purchasing.

Target also carries its own Levi's line, which offers jeans for close to half the price of traditional Levi's. Aside from this collaboration, you can expect denim at Target to run between $20 and $40, Ramhold says.

10. Nordstrom

The exterior of a Nordstrom store whose entrance is flanked by palm trees

If you prefer a department store that offers many different brands, Kosich suggests Nordstrom.

"For the contemporary woman, Nordstrom has a top-notch curation of the best denim brands on the market," she says. "The array of labels is ideal for the customer in search of the right brand for their body shape."

Here, you'll find Mother Denim, AG Jeans, Levi's, Madewell, and so many more.

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