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How to Make Your Jeans "Look Super High-End," Expert Says in New Video

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on jeans to make them look expensive.

It's nice to think a good pair of jeans will last you forever—at least that's what you tell yourself when you spring for something really pricey. The reality is that styles tend to evolve and your sizing can change, which means you might find yourself replacing your denim more often than you'd like. With that in mind, it's important to look for cost-effective ways to step up your jeans fashion. Now, one money-saving expert is offering her tips on how to make any pair of jeans "look super high-end."

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Vivian Tu, the popular influencer known as Your Rich BFF and a former Wall Street Trader, took to her TikTok account on April 25 to share a video about how she makes her jeans look fancier than they really are.

In the video, Tu says she's received many messages from her followers asking where she got a particular pair of jeans after posting a photo of herself wearing them on her Instagram story.

But according to the influencer, the jeans she was wearing in the photo were not nearly as fashionable when she got them.

"I made these jeans cute, and I'm gonna show you how," Tu shares. "Here's how I make any pair of jeans look super high-end without breaking the bank."


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In her TikTok, Tu breaks down three steps for people to follow to get their jeans looking top-of-the-line.

The first step involves measuring different parts of the lower half of your body and noting which is the largest.

"You're gonna figure out what part of your body—your waist, hips, inseam (or from hip to ankle length)—commands the largest size, and then you're gonna keep that size in your head," she explains.

The second step is to get an affordable pair of jeans in that size. The pair that inspired Tu's video were around $430 and are probably her "most expensive pair of jeans," but she says this trick works with her other pairs of jeans that run anywhere from $20 to $60.

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For the third step, Tu recommends finding a good tailor in your neighborhood.

"Your tailor can then custom fit your jeans to your body versus you trying to jam yourself into a size that isn't perfect for you," she notes.

Not only will your jeans look more high-end when they're fitted specifically for you, but Tu says this will also help you avoid spending more and more money on pants in the future.

"Trust me when I say you're gonna save a ton of money being excited to wear your own clothes versus always trying to buy something new that still isn't going to fit," Tu says.

In the comment section of Tu's video, others shared that this approach has helped them as well.

"I buy pants at the thrift store, $5-12, and take to my seamstress who hems for $10," one person replied. "Perfect fit every time."

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