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6 Tips for Wearing Boot-Cut Jeans Over 60, Stylists Say

Everyone should own a pair of this classic cut—just be sure to heed the following pro tips.

As far as denim styles go, boot-cut jeans don't seem to be going out of style any time soon. And is that any surprise? They look fabulous on every body type and at any age.

As certified image consultant Amrita Harbajan explains, for women over 60, "the widening below the knee in a triangle shape balances the proportions of the body."

Not only that, but Elizabeth Kosich, a certified image consultant and founder of Elizabeth Kosich Styling, notes that they can highlight your existing curves—or create the illusion of curves if you have none. "Their slim, fitted-cut through the thigh has a lengthening effect, while the subtle flared hem completes the hourglass shape," she says.

All that said, fashion experts agree that styling bootcut jeans after 60 takes some finesse. So, follow these tips while embracing this timeless cut.

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Play it safe and sport them with boots.

Close up of the bottom of a pair of light-colored boot-cut jeans and red cowboy boots
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This might go without saying, but as their name suggests, boot-cut jeans are designed to be worn with boots. Since they flare out subtly between the knee and ankle, they provide the perfect opening to accommodate your fall and winter footwear—including cowboy boots, ankle booties, or even mid-calf Chelsea boots.

For an elongating look, it's best to go for boots with a low heel, around two inches or under, advises Holly Katz, a personal stylist and host of the Fashion Crimes podcast. A chunky or block heel is also ideal for comfort and stability.

If you're not a fan of boots, or it's simply too warm out to consider them, Ryan Thompson, style expert and editor of Men's Flair, suggests a modest wedge heel. A pointy-toe low heel is also especially flattering with boot-cut jeans.

"Avoid wearing them with flats or sneakers, as this can make the legs appear shorter and wider," he tells Best Life.

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Seek out some stretch.

A mature woman wearing dark jeans, a white t-shirt, and a beige blazer walking down a pretty cobblestone street
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When shopping for boot-cut jeans, take a peek at the materials and opt for products that feature at least one percent elastane. As Harbajan points out, jeans that contain a little stretch are far less restricting, allowing for easier movement. Plus, when you opt for jeans with stretch, you can go for a more body-hugging fit without sacrificing comfort. Now that's a win-win.

Get the right inseam.

Slender female legs in jeans and blue loafers.
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With bootcut jeans, it's extra crucial to get the right length, or the billowy bottoms could end up swallowing your legs—resulting in an unflattering look.

"Ideally, they should graze the top of your shoes or be slightly longer," says Joe Manktelow-Pimm, a fashion expert and editor at 7Gents. "Avoid extremely long hems that can create a tripping hazard. Hemming to the right length ensures a polished look." If you can't find jeans that have the perfect inseam for your body, you can always take your favorite pair to a local tailor.

And while we're on the subject of fit, Manktelow-Pimm advises ensuring that your jeans have enough room in the hips and that there's no unsightly gaping in the waistband.

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Opt for a mid to high rise.

A mature woman with short white hair is wearing a white button-down shirt with her hands in her jeans pockets against a white background.
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Across the board, stylists concur that mid- to high-rise bootcut jeans are the way to go over the age of 60. As a bonus, they're also right on trend. According to Thompson, a higher rise offers a smoother, sleeker-looking silhouette.

More specifically, Yenia Hernández Fonseca, a stylist, luxury fashion expert, and contributor to Margo Paige, advises seeking out jeans that sit right at your natural waist or slightly above it: "This will provide better front coverage and a more comfortable fit, especially if you love to tuck in your tops."

Go for classic washes.


Skip the denim washes that happen to be trendy at the moment and opt for timeless options instead. "Dark wash boot-cut jeans will always look more polished than a light or acid-washed pair," says Fonseca. "Black and indigo jeans can be easily dressed up."

Thompson and Manktelow-Pimm note that another benefit to darker wash jeans is that they have a natural slimming effect—making legs appear longer and leaner.

"Match your shoes to the same color depth of denim—whether navy blue or black—to create a monochromatic, leg-extending line," adds Kosich.

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Choose tops wisely.

White women’s cotton T-shirt mockup with blue jeans, pink flower and gray striped blazer. Design t shirt template, tee print presentation mock up

Fonseca says semi-fitted tops are your safest bet with boot-cut jeans because they help to balance out the slightly wider leg shape. Try a classic white, black, or striped T-shirt tucked in for a foolproof combo. "Accessorizing your look with a belt will add extra definition and accentuate your waist," she adds.

But also don't be afraid of wearing flowy blouses with boot-cut jeans. According to Kosich, this is a match made in style heaven. "Unstructured tops pair well with bootcut jeans—by skimming the body they create just enough volume to balance the flared hem and soften the silhouette," she explains. "Look for tops in silk, jersey knit, linen, or lace, making sure fabric and cut don't add too much volume with ruffles or shoulder pads. Pair this outfit with kitten heels for a feminine touch."

Another universally flattering combination, says Kosich, is a tailored blazer with bootcut jeans. "Opt for a single-breasted blazer with clean lines and a nipped or belted waist, or a cropped length double-breasted blazer with a tapered waist and minimalist closure," she suggests. "Avoid over-stylized details like shoulder pads and brass buttons to keep the look clean and uncluttered."

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