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4 Tips for Wearing Flare-Leg Jeans Over 60, Stylists Say

This retro style is back in a big way. Here's how to make it work for you.

They say fashion moves in 20-year cycles—meaning you're bound to see some of your favorite trends resurface at some point. And that's certainly true of flare-leg jeans: While straight-leg and skinny styles have dominated the scene for some time now, flares are suddenly seeing a major resurgence on the runways as well as at your local boutiques.

"Flared jeans reinforce curves if you have them, create the illusion of curves if you don't, and give you legs for days either way," says Elizabeth Kosich, a stylist and certified image consultant. Joe Manktelow-Pimm, a fashion expert and editor of 7Gents, also notes that the flared shape can balance out your silhouette–particularly if you have broad shoulders, wide hips, or a large bust.

While experts agree that anyone can wear flared jeans regardless of age or body type, here are some styling tips you'll definitely want to keep in mind if you're over 60.

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Pair them with a fitted top.

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Since flare jeans are so voluminous on the bottom, experts agree that you'll want to opt for more fitted blouses, sweaters, and other tops.

"This helps to maintain balance and highlight the waist," says Abhi Madan, a fashion expert and creative director of Amarra.

Manktelow-Pimm also suggests tucking tops in whenever possible, which can create clean lines and a sleeker silhouette.

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Be mindful of the length.

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In order for flare jeans to be flattering, they have to be the perfect length.

According to Madan, flares should ideally fall right above the floor or just barely graze it: "This can make your legs appear longer."

As Manktelow-Pimm points out, you may want to opt for a length that you can wear with both flats and heels for maximum versatility.

Kosich also suggests investing in a pair of cropped kick flares. This on-trend, ankle-grazing style is perfect for flaunting all your cutest footwear—think metallic block heel sandals or chunky patent platform loafers.

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Opt for a heel.

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Whether you love sandals, mules, booties, or clogs, experts say you're better off choosing a shoe with a heel—even a subtle one—when you're sporting flared jeans.

"Pumps or wedges are perfect—they make the flares hang better, creating a visually pleasing line," explains Madan.

Prefer flats or sneakers? Manktelow-Pimm suggests choosing styles that have a slight platform to ensure the hems on your jeans aren't sweeping the floor.

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Consider your body type.

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Finding the right pair of flare jeans for your body comes down to achieving that perfect balance between the narrow and wide lines this silhouette creates, according to Yenia Hernández Fonseca, a stylist, luxury fashion expert, and contributor to Margo Paige.

"For example, if you have a petite figure, a narrow flare will lengthen and define your legs," she explains. "A more dramatic flare will balance the heavier top half of a triangle-shaped body by matching the width of your shoulders."

People with an apple-shaped frame tend to look best in a smaller flare, which won't overwhelm their narrower hips. If you have a more straight, column-shaped figure, you should take your height into account: A subtler flare is more flattering if you're shorter, but you can carry a wider flare if you're taller with long legs.

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