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Target Shoppers Are Getting "Trampled" Trying to Buy Viral Tumblers

The limited edition Stanley cups were released ahead of Valentine's Day.

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For many shoppers, the thought of fighting with the throngs of people that descend upon stores beginning on Black Friday can be enough to turn them off from heading to the store for much of the holiday season. Once the crowds disperse during the winter months, some major retailers use sales or discounts or release special products to help boost their numbers and keep customers returning. But in some cases, this can create the same kind of pandemonium that used to be associated with the day after Thanksgiving—including a recent incident at Target in which shoppers clamored over each other trying to buy a special Stanley tumbler that's gone viral.

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Everyday versions of the insulated drinking cups have become something of an internet phenomenon in recent months, thanks in part to fans posting their appreciation for the product on social media. But now, shoppers are sharing clips of crowds running through the store in order to pick up a limited-edition Stanley Valentine's Day tumbler sold exclusively by the retailer.

In a short video posted on Dec. 31, TikTok user @jazzedbyjaz showed a visit to a Target store with dozens of shoppers sprinting down an aisle toward the coveted red and pink drink containers. "Getting trampled for a Target Stanley Valentine's cup," they wrote in a caption over the eight-second clip.

In another video posted by TikTok user @victoria_robino_26, a horde of shoppers can be seen pushing through one another to secure a cup. Despite multiple "2 per guest" limit signs hanging above the shelves, they revealed that the entire inventory "sold out in less than four minutes."

And in a post to X (formerly known as Twitter), one user shared a video showing dozens of eager shoppers running towards a display stand stocked with the limited-release tumblers from all angles—including one who appears to fall to the ground during the mad dash.

Commenters on the posts called out the intensity of the shoppers' reactions while also pointing out that the cups may not be worth the clamor. "They're nice cups, but I don't get it," one wrote, while another simply said, "It's a cup with a straw!"

Others pointed out that they avoided the crowds altogether. "Meanwhile, I ordered mine this morning online," one commenter wrote alongside a laughing emoji.

Target lists the limited-edition 40-ounce tumbler as $45, even though it's currently showing as "out of stock" on the retailer's website. But those hoping to get their hands on one might have to pay a little more: A search shows that the item is already going for much more on second-hand seller websites with a price tag as high as $240 for a single cup, Delish reports.

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