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8 Best Target Shopping Secrets, According to Retail Experts

Shopping pros share the ways to get the most out your next trip to Target.

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From their ever-changing selection of seasonal items to their trendy clothing to just about everything else you could possibly need, Target's aisles make it all too easy to spend much more than you intended. But if you want to shop smarter at the retailer, you won't be disappointed with the savvy tips we've compiled here. Read on to find out retail experts' best Target shopping secrets.

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The Target RedCard offers consistent savings.

A woman holds a Target Red Card.
Lisa Schulz / Shutterstock

It's not uncommon for major retailers to offer store-branded credit cards where frequent customers get added perks and deals, but Target's Red Card, which is available as a credit card, debit card, or reloadable account, does much more than just that.

"The Target RedCard's big selling point is that it gets you 5 percent off your in-store and online purchases, and that's a huge perk," says consumer analyst Katie Roberts with "One of its lesser-known benefits is that it gives you an extra 30 days for returns and exchanges beyond the standard return policy for each item. So, if you're someone who leaves items you want to return on the counter for weeks or even months on end, pay with a RedCard to get more breathing room."

This handy card will also get you free two-day shipping on hundreds of online purchases. And the credit card option allows you to earn 2 percent on gas and dining purchases, and 1 percent everywhere else outside of Target.

Target offers weekly gift cards for Circle members.

Target app on an iphone
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Before you make a trip to Target, be sure to check out their deals of the week. And before you do that, sign up to be part of Target Circle, the retailer's rewards program.

"Take a look at Target's weekly ad and Top Deals page before you shop, because you can expect to find multiple offers that give you a Target gift card for buying select items," says Roberts.

For example, at the time of writing, Target Circle members were eligible for a $10 gift card if they spent $40 or more on select beauty and healthcare items.

However, Roberts advises reading the gift card offers closely: "They're typically limited to certain brands, you'll have to hit a minimum spend or purchase amount, and you may have to buy the item via a specific method."

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There's a secret schedule for sales.

Target shopping cart at Target.
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Target allegedly follows a markdown schedule where they reduce the price of certain items on specific days, reports All Things Target.

On Mondays, electronics, accessories, kid's clothing, books, baby, and stationary items are moved to the sale section. On Tuesdays, women's clothing, pet products, and food items will be sent to the clearance racks. Target moves men's clothing, health and beauty items, diapers, furniture, and lawn and garden items on Wednesday; houseware items, lingerie, decor, shoes, toys, sporting goods, and luggage on Thursday; and jewelry, cosmetics, hardware, and auto-related products on Friday.

It's important to note, however, that this markdown schedule does vary from location to location, so your local Target may have a slightly different lineup.

Target's biggest sale coincides with Amazon Prime Day.

Target app on an iphone with target backround
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"If you're wanting to nab solid discounts on a variety of items, shop the retailer's Deal Days sales in June/July and October," says Roberts. "You can expect to get up to 50 percent—and sometimes up to 60 percent off—categories like TVs, tools, and toys. Note that the Deal Days events typically coincide with big Amazon sales, namely Prime Day."

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Target has a hidden clearance section.

People shopping at Target.
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If you're on the hunt for marked-down items, TikTok user @superunsexy says there's a secret clearance spot that you need to know about: the very top shelf!

The prices on the top shelf are often cheaper than what is listed. So, you might want to bring your item to the register to get it scanned to find out the actual price. If it's too much to carry to the front, @superunsexy suggests taking a photo of the barcode and just bringing that to scan.

It's better to shop on certain days.

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Of course, running all your errands on the weekend seems ideal, but Target will likely be more crowded on these days. Instead, Samantha Landau, consumer expert at TopCashback, recommends shopping earlier in the week, specifically from Monday to Wednesday.

"During these days, stores tend to be less crowded, allowing for a more relaxed shopping experience," says Landau. She adds that many stores restock their inventory after the weekend, so you might find a better selection and fresher groceries.

Target will price match or adjust prices.

Customers purchase discounted door busters at Target on Black Friday.

"Always check prices when shopping in-store," advises money-saving expert Andrea Woroch."If you see a cheaper price online, ask the sales clerk at checkout to match that price."

In addition, Landau points out that Target has a price-matching policy in place to honor the prices at eligible competing stores. "Be sure to check the details of their price match policy for specific guidelines," Landau encourages.

Woroch also says asking for a price adjustment is key: "Target offers a 14-day window from the date of an original purchase to request a price adjustment if you notice the price drop afterward."

You can stack coupons.

Stack of Coupons

"Target allows the stacking of manufacturer coupons, Target Circle offers, and Cartwheel discounts on a single item," explains Landau.

She also recommends using a cash-back website if shopping online to earn a percentage of your money back. "For example, TopCashback is offering 2 percent cash back depending on the category you shop (rate subject to change). If you stack cash back, coupons, and credit card rewards, you'll get the best bang for your buck on your Target purchase," she says.

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