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Walmart Employee Shares How to Find Secret Weekly Sales: "Hidden Bargain Goldmines"

Consider adjusting when you shop in-store to maximize your options.

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Even though Walmart's prices are already low, there are actually ways to save even more. Shoppers regularly share their "hacks" for scoring deals at the big-box retailer—and now, a Walmart employee is spilling details about secret weekly sales. According to the anonymous employee, on certain days, the clearance aisles at Walmart become "hidden bargain goldmines."

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In a new interview with GoBankingRates, a reported "nine-year veteran" Walmart employee shared tips and tricks, making one crucial suggestion about the clearance aisle. While items are already marked down considerably by the time they get to clearance, if you're able to get to Walmart on Tuesday, you may save even more.

"Serious deals emerge every Tuesday when those aisles transform into hidden bargain goldmines," the employee told GoBankingRates. "Keep an eye out for yellow stickers ending in '5' or '0' marking deepest discounts. It's like a special savings event happens weekly if you just know when and where to look."

According to the source, timing your visit to coincide with these deals will give you prime access to the latest sale items, including clothing and housewares.

Can't get to Walmart during the week? There are other ways to save regardless of when you visit.

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The anonymous source also recommended double-checking Walmart's famous "Rollback" deals. Even though they may seem unbeatable, you might be able to score a better price at a competitor.

It's worth asking for a price match when possible, too, as Walmart stands by its lowest-price guarantee. (The Walmart employee told GoBankingRates that the policy even applies to Amazon!)

Show proof in-store of the lower price to have your order adjusted, and reach out to customer service to price-match an online order. Just be sure to review the list of instances where Walmart won't price match—i.e. if the item's ad price is misprinted or expired, or if it's lower because of a competitor's coupon code.

As previously reported by Best Life, you may also be able to find cheaper prices at Walmart if you look on the top shelf.

In an Oct. 2022 TikTok video, digital creator Sean Sweeney (@SuperUnsexy) explained, "I tell everyone to search the top shelf for deals," pointing to a higher shelf with an array of boxes. To check and see if items are part of a hidden clearance sale, use the scanner on the Walmart app on your phone to see the price. (If you have trouble reaching the barcode with the scanner, Sweeney recommends walking around to the next aisle, giving you easier access.)

You can also save money thanks to Walmart's "Flash Deals," which are posted weekly and last for seven days. You might not know this "secret," but it's hiding in plain sight in the Flash Deals section on Walmart's website.

The deals cover most of the big-box retailer's usual categories, and you can even use a search feature, making it that much easier to find the bargains you're looking for. The savings are significant, with a vlogging camera marked down from $209.99 to $71.99 and a three-piece luggage set slashed from $310 to $89.99 at the time of writing.

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