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How to Shop Walmart Online Like a Pro: 16 Tips From Retail Experts

Here's all the intel you need to make the best purchases from the mega-retailer's website.

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Thanks to its sheer number of widespread locations, you're likely never too far from a Walmart, no matter where you are. But whether you're trying to save time in your busy schedule or simply don't like dealing with the crowds, using the store's website can make the entire experience even more convenient. And just like shopping in person, there are a few tricks to keep in mind that can help ensure you're always getting the best deals. Read on for the tips that will teach you how to shop Walmart online like a pro, according to retail experts.

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Regularly check the "Savings Spotlight."

Walmart website homepage on laptop

Walmart is one retailer that makes deals as easy to find on their digital storefront as they do in their brick-and-mortar locations, thanks to its "Savings Spotlight" section.

"This feature sits right at the heart of Walmart's online platform and highlights the best discounts and promotional deals," says Ben Schreiber, retail expert and head of e-commerce at Latico Leathers. "Whether it's home appliances, toys, or fashion, there's a whole array of products that get regularly updated so you can always find something new."

If you're a regular shopper, he suggests bookmarking this page in your browser to make it even easier to check for the latest discounts, which can help save you time and money.

Always compare in-store and online prices.

Closeup of an almost empty shopping cart inside local Walmart
ZikG / Shutterstock

Just because you're shopping online doesn't mean you can't still use physical locations to your advantage. Simply walk the aisles and compare in-store prices to what you see on the website. Walmart will match any of its web prices to those in the store, and vice versa. This can also be a great way to take advantage of any clearance items that may not be showing up online.

Shop huge sales around Prime Day and Black Friday on Walmart's website.

black friday icon on laptop screen

It's no secret that major annual sales are one of the best times to hunt for deals anywhere. However, experts point out that Walmart can be particularly competitive when it comes to scoring great buys.

"Of course, Walmart will get in on the Black Friday action, but even if it doesn't officially have a competing sale for Prime Day, it usually offers seriously low prices on some of the more popular items that other retailers are discounting—including on their website," says Julie Ramhold, consumer analyst at

She adds that the retailer will often run multiple sales events for Black Friday, meaning you'll be able to spread your shopping out. "That can help to save as well as lessen the stress during an already hectic time of year," she says.

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Browser extensions can help you save even more.

Close up of woman sitting on the couch using credit card and laptop to shop online from home.

Online shopping has become something of a competitive sport for some deal hunters. Fortunately, new tools can make it easier to find coupons.

"There are lots of apps and sites for saving money while you shop, but is a standout because they have Walmart offers on their site as well as on their smartphone app," Trae Bodge, a smart shopping expert at, tells Best Life. "Once you install their Sidekick browser extension, popups will appear to alert you to available promo codes and cashback opportunities as you browse on It will even run coupons for you at checkout!"

Sign up for apps like Ibotta to receive cash back on your online Walmart purchases.

Ibotta app logo on smartphone
NYC Russ / Shutterstock

Besides saving money on your purchases, apps like Ibotta can help you get cash back for making purchases online or in-store.

"After you're done with your shopping trip, search the app for any of the items you've purchased, select them, and scan your receipt," says Bodge. "Then, once you've earned $20 on Ibotta, cash out your earnings in the form of gift cards or a PayPal deposit."

Walmart gives away free baby welcome boxes on its website.

Baby crawling on grass with mother in the background

When you take the big step into parenthood, Walmart can help with a free welcome box online. To apply, simply head to Walmart's baby box page, enter your information, and the complimentary box will be shipped to your home absolutely free. According to recipients, the box contains free samples of items such as pacifiers, bottles, wipes, diapers, and nursing pads.

Looking for more specific items? You can also use the store's website to easily create a baby registry.

Walmart usually offers essentially the same unit prices as Sam's Club.

A Sam's Club storefront exterior

Fans of buying in bulk may turn to Sam's Club for loading up on items. However, Ramhold says that Walmart's warehouse retail chain might not be worth the added subscription price if you're shopping online.

"It's not a complete guarantee, but regular Walmart shoppers can rest easy in that very often Sam's Club and Walmart stores share the exact same unit pricing on some products—or at least very similar," she explains. "If you can't afford a warehouse club membership, you can shop easy knowing that Walmart has pretty much the same bargains."

This is where the online storefront can come in handy. "If you don't want to shop in bulk or only want certain things in bulk, it's worth price-checking on the Walmart website to make sure it's a great deal and then stocking up that way instead of shelling out for a warehouse club membership you may or may not use," she suggests.

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Downloading the Walmart app can be especially helpful.

Walmart application icon on Apple iPhone X screen close-up.

Shopping Walmart online isn't just limited to the website: The retailer's app is also a very handy tool for helping to locate deals, get notified about sales, and scan for price comparisons in seconds whenever you're in-store. It'll also give you early access to exclusive items and special offers during the holiday season.

In-store pick-ups yield deeper discounts.

Walmart Supercenter Pickup Area in modern style and orange color

One of the few drawbacks of shopping online is racking up shipping fees. Fortunately, Walmart offers its customers the option to choose in-store pickup when making purchases on the website.

"Walmart offers an incentive for selecting store pickup rather than home delivery," says Schreiber. "When you're browsing items online, look for those flagged with a 'Pickup Discount' tag. When you select in-store pickup for these items, you receive a discount as Walmart saves on shipping costs. This way, you grab your favorite items, skip shipping fees, and enjoy exclusive savings!"

Take advantage of Walmart's curbside grocery pickup and delivery options.

walmart pickup parking spaces
Dominique James / Shutterstock

The COVID-19 pandemic brought many changes to the way we shop—including some that have been permanently adopted. For Walmart, that includes its grocery pickup option for online shoppers. Simply choose to have your items brought to your car curbside while checking out to save time on walking the aisles and shopping in person.

Looking for something even easier? Walmart+ customers can opt to have their goods delivered right to their front door, which is free of charge.

Anyone can get free two-day shipping.

walmart box on doorstep
The Toidi/Shutterstock

If you're still too busy to make time for the in-store pickup or curbside pickup options, you can still take advantage of Walmart's free online shipping option. The best part? Any Walmart shopper can get free two-day shipping—no membership or hidden fees required. Just make sure your items qualify for the perk before you checkout.

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You can trade in your unwanted gadgets online.

A box of electronics
vejaa / iStock

Old electronics have a habit of sticking around long after you've replaced them or stopped using them. But thanks to Walmart's website, you might actually turn a profit on your unwanted items.

"If you're ready to move on from a device, like a video game console, tablet, or laptop, you can trade it in for gift cards through Walmart's virtual Gadget to Gift Cards program," says Bodge. "Visit the site, enter some info, and ship your item off with their pre-paid shipping label. You'll get a gift card once your product has been received and evaluated."

Check Apple products for deeper discounts.

A woman sitting in a cafe using an iPhone and iPad while drinking coffee

Whether it's a new laptop or an iPhone upgrade, getting a good deal on Apple products is always a win. But instead of going on a scavenger hunt for discounts, you could try to time your purchase to secure the savings.

"If there's a sale going on (such as Prime Day) and other stores are discounting them, there's a good chance that Walmart will offer the same ones at slightly cheaper prices online," says Ramhold.

She does warn that the savings could be very slight in some cases—think $1 cheaper than competitors—but Walmart will often also have more items or iterations on sale compared to other stores. "If you're in the market for new Apple items, Walmart is definitely a good way to save," she suggests.

Scour the refurbished section online before purchasing electronics.

Woman working remote while typing on her laptop and holding her smartphone sitting on a sofa in a bright living room

Getting a great deal on electronics isn't limited to sales, either. If you're willing to forego getting a brand-new piece of equipment, try testing your luck instead with the refurbished portion of Walmart's website. There, you can find items with minor issues that have been fixed by manufacturers and are being resold at only a fraction of the original price.

The search bar can reveal hidden clearance deals on the website.

Walmart internet page under magnifying glass.
dennizn / Shutterstock

While some find that Walmart's website isn't necessarily the most user-friendly, there is a trick to viewing every clearance item available in the store. All you need to do is type "clearance" into the search bar at the top of the page. Every on-sale item listed at that moment will appear on your screen for you to easily scan and add to your cart at will.

You can find clothing basics for under $5 online.

aisles of clothing on display at walmart
Sundry Photography / Shutterstock

Everyone knows you can find incredible deals on clothing basics at Walmart, especially on items such as tank tops, tees, and onesies. But what few shoppers may realize is that many of the store's $5 sale items are available both in-store at your local Walmart and on the website.

Looking for other great fashion finds? Time your search for the change of seasons and scour the clearance clothing section of the website for highly discounted pieces.

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