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20 Stores with Incredible Post-Holiday Markdowns

Get ready for some insane end-of-season sales.

We get it: After shopping til near the point of dropping from Black Friday through Christmas, the last thing you want to do is bust out the credit card to make another purchase. But what if doing so meant you were saving a ton of money? As it turns out, the weeks after the holidays are among the best times for bargain shoppers to score big—and we've rounded up the very best post-holiday sales out there. From furniture to fashion, here's everything you can expect to save big on this winter. And if you're looking for more items that are great to buy this time of year, check out these 20 Items to Grab When You're Shopping After the Holidays.


amazon logo

While most people assume the biggest time for discounts on Amazon come during Prime Day, the online megaretailer actually hosts another annual sale that few people know about. "In previous years, Amazon has offered a Digital Days event right before the new year," says Kristin McGrath, editor and shopping expert at

"Historically, it has featured savings on Kindle downloads and other digital content. It's worth checking out if you got a new e-reader for the holidays and want to save on e-books and digital magazines." But it also goes beyond just that: according to consumer analyst Julie Ramhold with, "Amazon will host its own end-of-year sale and take up to 75 percent off a wide variety of items." Be sure to log on and check it out!

Home Depot

the home depot sign

Think the best time to shop for holiday decorations is in November? Think again! Retailers like Home Depot usually use the end of the holidays to push through inventory.

"These retailers sell lots of big-ticket holiday décor, including artificial trees, inflatable lawn décor, and lights," says McGrath. "These retailers will want to quickly sell anything that's left in the seasonal section after Christmas, so expect at least 50 percent off. That's a significant amount when you consider that artificial trees and lawn décor can cost several hundred dollars." And if you're looking for present options that are always a good deal, check out these 30 Gifts for 2019 So Amazing You Won't Believe They're Less Than $30.


entrance to jcpenney

Savvy consumers take note: Late December through January is one of the best times of the year to upgrade both your wardrobe and your linen closet.

"In general, expect department stores to run after-Christmas sales on clothing to make way for spring fashions, as well as on towels and sheets, in keeping with the retail industry's January White Sale tradition," says McGrath. After all, there's nothing quite like starting off the new year with outrageously comfy bedding! And if you're looking for more ways to spruce up your home, check out these 27 Amazing Gifts for Home Décor Lovers in 2019.


kohl's store entrance

Kohl's is a fantastic one-stop-shop for picking up…well, just about anything! But did you know they can help cure one of the biggest headaches of the post-holiday season?

"If you're planning to return a holiday gift to Amazon, consider doing so at Kohl's," says McGrath. "Kohl's stores will box and ship Amazon returns back for free and will give you a coupon (where the amount varies) for doing so. That way, you can drop off a gift you didn't want and get a discount on something you do." Beyond this incredible service, you can also expect deep discounts that make it worth swinging through the store anyway.

"Kohl's should take up to 70 percent off clearance items, and provide a code to take an extra discount off," says Ramhold. "Last year, it was an extra 25 percent." And if you're looking for options from Amazon you won't want to return, check out the 20 Best Holiday Gifts From Amazon at Any Price Point for 2019.


macy's store entrance

Similar to other department stores, expect Macy's to deeply discount bedding, towels, and winter clothes to help move through inventory. But there's more you can save on than just that!

"Keep an eye out for anything with holiday packaging, such as candles, makeup palettes, or gift baskets," says McGrath. "These will be heavily marked down in the days after Christmas and may be something you can use in your home or repackage for a non-holiday gift."


walmart store entrance

Walmart is usually an easy place to score a great deal, but it pays even more to stop by once the craziness of the holidays has died down. Knowing that shoppers will be making post-holiday returns, Walmart usually offers annual markdowns throughout their stores to use that foot traffic to their advantage.

As always, pay particular attention to holiday décor and seasonally themed gifts. But there's more: "Walmart also offered some end-of-year toy and game discounts as well last year," says McGrath. It's a great way to stock up on presents for birthdays or even next holiday season!


lowe's store entrance

Don't wait until next year to swap out the decorations you've been dying to upgrade. Instead, take advantage of home improvement stores like Lowe's, which deeply discount their inventory to help move it out the door.

"It's the best time of year to buy holiday décor," says Ramhold. "Stores will take up to 80 percent off in some cases, and as long as you have a place to store them until next year, there's no reason not to take advantage of these deals."


micheal's store entrance

You can count on a few things at the end of every holiday season: Mall Santas start brushing off their résumés, gift wrapping sales plummet, and décor stores deeply discount their inventory of seasonally-themed items.

"These retailers go big in December on holiday décor, crafting items, ornaments, and treats," says McGrath. "In the days right after Christmas, you'll find all these items marked down. Save them for next year, or use them for your New Year's Eve party!"


Bloomingdales Storefront {Return Policies}

If you're not sure which department stores to hit up for deeply discounted beddings, linens, and clothing during your post-holiday bargain shopping, consider Bloomingdale's.

They'll be hosting their December Half-Yearly Sale from December 26th through January 2nd, when you can save up to 50 percent on select items throughout the store. Consider it a great way to treat yourself for all the stress you put yourself through over the holidays! And if you're looking for more great department store buys, check out the 20 Best Gifts from Nordstrom for 2019.


big ikea sign

Is your top New Year's resolution to finally upgrade that bedroom set you've had for years? Luckily, one of the world's most popular furniture retailers may be able to lend you a hand—at a discount. IKEA is hosting their annual Winter Sale from December 23rd through January 5th, with big savings on items throughout the store. Just don't forget to feed your Swedish meatball craving in between picking out bookshelves!


target store entrance

As you now know, the higher-ups at the big box stores are savvy enough to take advantage of the increased foot traffic brought on by holiday returns. But did you know there tends to be a huge dip in the price of some of gadgets and equipment?

According to, retailers like Target normally discount TVs, electronics and other home-theater essentials just before the Super Bowl. This year, you'll be able to see and hear the big game like never before—at a fraction of the cost!


dillard's store in a mall

When hitting up department stores in search post-holiday markdowns, it pays to know which ones offer the best annual deals. And unless you're a savvy sale finder, you may not be aware that one of your favorite shops already has a great reputation, year after year.

"Dillard's, especially, is known for its New Year's Day clearance sale, which offers huge savings on clothing," says McGrath. It's the only excuse you need to go ahead and upgrade your closet, guilt-free!


aeropostale store in times square

Looking to pick up new clothes for the kids and teens in your life without breaking the bank? Luckily, there's a well-known store that can help you easily stay within your budget thanks to their deep post-holiday markdowns.

"Aeropostale should once again cut up to 80 percent off its clearance items, providing a good opportunity to stock up on basics like shirts, shorts, and jeans," says Ramhold.

World Market

cost plus world market

Don't wait until spring to spruce up your home post-holiday. Besides the deep discounts on holiday decorations and other seasonal pieces at décor stores, the post-holiday period is a time when many retailers slash prices on items to make way for new spring inventory—just like clothing retailers do!

According to McGrath, besides picking up this season's batch of unsold Christmas decorations, you should treat yourself to the other year-round products that didn't move and will be on sale at World Market.

Watch Warehouse

watch warehouse
Watch Warehouse

Not that you're already jumping at the chance to buy even more presents right after the shopping spree you just put yourself through in December, but post-holiday sales can make it easy to score presents for birthdays, anniversaries, and more occasions down the line for much, much cheaper.

If you're looking to save a lot on a big-ticket item, check out Watch Warehouse, a great resource for luxury and designer watches, which has extended its Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers of up to 75 percent off products through the end of December.

Parker Edmond

parker edmond
Parker Edmond

Did that tennis bracelet or pendant necklace you wanted to give not fit into your holiday gift shopping budget? Feat not: Parker Edmond, a jewelry store with an assortment of unique fine necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and more is running a 20 percent off site-wide holiday sale through the entire month of December—and taking 30 percent off diamond jewelry, to boot. You can use whatever you buy as a nice New Year's Eve surprise, or get your Valentine's Day shopping done before 2020 even begins!

Richer Poorer

richer poorer
Richer Poorer

Admit it: You and your significant other were too afraid to gift each other things you actually need for your daily routine, like underwear, sweatpants, and socks. Feat not! Take advantage of Richer Poorer's post-holiday sale from December 26th through January 14th, where you can take 40 percent off past season products. After all, there's no reason to enter the New Year without a fresh set of comfy clothing!

Lucky Brand

lucky brand store

Looking to step out of your dad or mom jeans and into…Something a little more fashionable than dad or mom jeans? As it turns out, you're in luck!

"Lucky Brand will slash up to 75 percent off select sale styles, meaning it's a good time to grab solid denim at affordable prices," says Ramhold.



Did the gamer in your life not get exactly what they wanted over the holidays? Luckily, there's still a chance to do right by them.

"[The post-holiday season is] a good time to grab video games, as Steam will have its winter sale and take up to 80 percent off," says Ramhold. "In fact, last year, around 71 percent of the video game sales and deals we saw on the site earned our Staff Pick designation, which we reserve for the deals we see that are the best-of-the-best." It's basically everything you'll need to play your way through the rest of the year!


gorjana store location

Deals on jewelry are often one of the best excuses to indulge for yourself–or for someone you love. And when you're getting a discount on jewelry that's already well-priced to begin with, that's just icing on the cake.

That's why this incredible post-holiday sale from online jewelry retailer Gorjana is worth checking out. From December 25th through January 5th, you can take up to 70 percent off select styles from their popular—and highly affordable—collections. Go ahead and treat yourself!

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