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25 Super Creative Christmas Gifts for 2019

These one of a kind Christmas gifts are holiday game changers.

There's no denying that the internet has made gift-giving easier than ever. If you can dream it, chances are it's out there and available at the touch of a button. But to truly impress the folks on your list this year, you're going to need to think outside of the box.

From Renaissance-era pet portraits to a backpack that makes commuting so much safer, these clever gifts are out to prove that Christmas is the perfect time to unleash your creativity. Santa, you might want to take notes: we've found the most unique presents possible. And for more great presents for everyone on your list, check out the 100 Best Gifts Under $100!

Best Life's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we're hoping you'll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: we may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn't mean you'll pay more for them (we'd never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece's initial publication date, but it's the internet and we can't guarantee that these sweet, sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

This custom retro reel viewer

retro reel viewer
Uncommon Goods

For a gift that will really tug on the heartstrings, lean into nostalgia with this made-to-order reel viewer. Each purchase comes with a redemption code that allows you to upload digital photos for your custom reel, which will be shipped within five days along with the viewer. They'll love the thoughtful gesture, not to mention revisiting their fondest memories through the lens of this classic childhood toy.

$30 at Uncommon Goods
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This cool DIY paper craft kit

Paper fox wall art
Resident Design

This animal-themed paper craft kit from Resident Design is a blast to put together, and the finished product will become a show-stopping DIY art piece in their home. It's the perfect gift for your more creatively-inclined or puzzle loving friends, with 27 cut and scored pieces of paper waiting for their magic touch to bring them to life, like with this beautiful fox head wall mount.

$55 at Resident Design
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This clever porcelain plate set

Porcelain plate with robot

At first glance, this may look like your average porcelain plate set, but look closely at any Calamityware dish and you're sure to find something surprising: UFOs, sea monsters, giant robots, creeping tentacles, flying monkeys, and a whole host of other curious creatures. Based on an artist's imagination run wild and produced in one of the oldest and most renowned porcelain factories in Poland, these clever plates deliver crazy concepts at heirloom quality. And if you're short on time this holiday season, be sure to check out these 30 Brilliant Last-Minute Gifts Under $30 for 2019!

$150 at Calamityware
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These colorful kids' bath boosters

kids' bath kit

Bath time can be a chore for children—but it doesn't have to be. This four pack of bath-boosting pouches from Tubbubble makes tub time a blast, and each one is made with all-natural, kid-safe ingredients. They'll love the cool colors and surprising sounds they get from the line's bath bubbles and crackling crystals, as well as the fun of playing with its erupting foam—and you'll love knowing it's gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

$23 at Tubbubble
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This sustainable coffee subscription

coffee samplers on a table
Drift Away Coffee

In search of a creative gift for the coffee lover in your life? A Drift Away coffee subscription certainly fits the bill! Drift Away starts by sending the recipient four coffee samplers, each from a different region of the world with a distinct flavor profile. They can then mark their favorites on the Drift Away website, and the company will send them new coffee beans monthly based on their flavor preferences! Each new single-origin batch comes personalized with their name on it, and includes a postcard detailing the story of how their freshly-roasted coffee came to be. And for more perfect presents for your favorite java fiend, check out The 25 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers.

$86 and up at Drift Away Coffee
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This tea light brie baker

brie baker white background
Uncommon Goods

The person who "has everything" probably still doesn't have their very own brie baker. This one from Uncommon Goods uses a simple tea light candle to melt the pot's contents into gooey, decadent appetizer perfection. It's easy to clean, petite enough for easy storage, and perfect for a dinner party or romantic night at home. All in all, it's the perfect creative gift for adding just the right dose of hygge to their holiday. And for more great gifts you can buy on a budget, check out these 20 Genius White Elephant Gifts Under $20 for 2019.

$20 at Uncommon Goods
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This regal pet portrait

dog portrait in renaissance costume
Crown & Paw

Crown & Paw has the perfect holiday gift for the person whose pet rules the roost: a regal custom portrait of their favorite furry friend. Available in either a canvas or poster option, they'll love this homage to their household royalty. Simply upload a clear photograph of their pet, choose from a range of incredible Renaissance-era costumes, and wait for their new favorite wall art to ship! Looking for more gifts that will upgrade their home? Check out these 27 Amazing Gifts for Home Decor Lovers in 2019.

$60$50 at Crown & Paw
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This gardener's harvest basket

woman carrying veggies in harvest basket
Uncommon Goods

When a foodie finally gets to reap the benefits of their hard work in the vegetable garden, it's exciting, rewarding, and… muddy. This gardener's basket makes it easy to hoist that haul without taking the mess along for the ride. Simply pile it high with green goodies, and hose the harvest down before bringing it inside.

$50 at Uncommon Goods
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This awesome automatic pan stirrer

pan with automatic stirrer
Uncommon Goods

For the cook who could always use an extra hand in the kitchen, this automatic pan stirrer is a revelation. They'll never again waste another minute of their time on a sauce that needs continual stirring, or forget to tend to a meal before it sticks or burns in the pan. It's the sous chef they never knew they needed!

$25 at Uncommon Goods
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This mouthwatering Korean sauce set

3-pack korean sauces
K-Pop Foods

Culinary rockstar Chris Oh, known for his award-winning restaurants and legendary Los Angeles food truck, knows a thing or two about LA's Koreatown. So when he partnered with K-Pop Foods to bring Korean flavors to tables everywhere, it was safe to expect greatness. The results are a delicious trio of gochujang sauces: a honey glaze, a triple-X hot sauce, and a kimchi mayo that they'll want to put on just about everything!

$40 at K-Pop Foods
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This work of art jewelry box

neon acrylic jewelry box with sprinkles
Robyn Blair

A jewelry box might not be the world's most original gift—unless, that is, it's a bonafide work of art in itself. Artist Robyn Blair partnered with high end jeweler Stephanie Gottlieb to create this candy-themed collaboration, and the results are a sweet acrylic bauble box loaded with style. The removable plush pillows are adorned with colorful sprinkles, adding a bit of whimsy and color to their collection of sparklers.

$145 at By Robynblair
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This smart cycling backpack

backpack with turning signals

This RoadwareZ smart cycling backpack features hands-free LED light signaling that could easily save your favorite cyclist's life. It's bluetooth-enabled, allowing them to share their route with friends, and they can save trips they take regularly for automatic signaling. And, in the event of a road accident, a built-in SOS system can notify an emergency contact and call for help on their behalf!

$250 at Amazon
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This heavy-duty bike storage rack

bike rack on wall
Gladiator Garageworks

One more creative gift for the cyclist in your life: The Gladiator GearTrack Pack is a perfectly unique gift that does so much more than store their bicycles. It holds up to 75 pounds per linear hook, meaning it's the perfect solution for organizing yard tools, power tools, and more so they can finally reclaim valuable floor space in their home or garage!

$50 at Gladiator
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This ingenious smart keyboard

white keyboard with ipad
Smart Piano

The ONE Keyboard Air is the most creative new way to learn to play the piano. With bluetooth capabilities, all it takes is a docked tablet to access sheet music, view built-in lesson videos, and follow the LED-lit keys as they show which notes to play. This ultra-thin keyboard takes a whole new approach to learning the instrument, making it perfect for kids and adults alike!

$199$189 at Smart Piano
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This cafe-quality nitro cold brew maker

person pouring nitro cold brew into cup
Uncommon Goods

Nitro cold brew isn't your average cup of coffee: it's charged with nitrogen, giving it a rich, smooth texture that draws out the flavors and adds a sumptuous layer of cold crema on top. This stainless steel dispenser makes creating a delicious cold brew easier than ever—and right from the comfort of their own home. The fact that they'll never have to shell out top dollar for one of these pricey drinks at their local coffee shop again? Just icing on the cake.

$200 at Uncommon Goods
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This fashionable lunch box

green lunch bag for women

Gone are the days of bringing your lunch to work in a brown paper bag: Today, a lunch box can be just as fashionable as any other part of that work ensemble. Qontevo lunch bags, like this Gigi Mini Backpack, are a creative gift for anyone that aspires to better on-the-go nutrition, not to mention the environmental sustainability that comes with thoughtful meal prepping. With sleek silhouettes and fun bold colors, the collection has something for everyone! And for more great gifts that perfectly suit their personality, check out The Best Holiday Gifts for Every Zodiac Sign in 2019, According to Astrologists!

$80 at Qontevo
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This no-nonsense survival system

contents of survival bag
Uncharted Supply Co.

Oprah recently featured a survival bag on her list of Favorite Things for 2019, landing this genius concept on many a holiday wishlist. And if you've got someone on your list who takes prepping seriously, this survival system from Uncharted Supply Co. is the perfect kit of tools. While it's undeniably stylish, more importantly, it's packed to the gills with everything they could need in the event of an emergency, conveniently divided into categories: air, shelter, water, and food. It's a creative gift that could literally save their life.

$350 at Uncharted Supply Co.
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This effective tooth-whitening system

bright on tooth whitening kit
Smile Direct Club

OK, so you might want to reserve this gift for someone that won't be insulted by the subtext of a tooth whitener as a holiday present, but there's no arguing with the results. Bright On is the perfect gift for anyone looking to brighten their smile quickly and conveniently. The set comes with eight brush-on whitening pens and a convenient LED mouth guard that plugs directly into a phone for power. Their pearly whites will be three to four shades whiter after just one week! Now that's something to smile about.

$79 at Smile Direct Club
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This gorgeous personalized notebook

cheetah pattern custom notebook

This personalized notebook is not only the perfect way to reflect your giftee's unique style, it's also a sacred place for them to keep their biggest ideas (and smallest musings). These custom notebooks from Papier come with lined, dotted, or plain paper inside, and can be customized with titles, names, and initials—or anything else their heart desires!

$27 at Papier
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These clever kids' shoes

Kids' shoes with foxes
Kissin' Toes

As kids grow up, they want to do more and more for themselves—but as parents know, this means basic things like getting out the door with shoes on can become a serious struggle. That's what makes these Kissin' Toes slides such an ingenious gift: If the kids can tap their toes together and the embroidered animals can kiss, they know they've got their shoes on the right feet. Otherwise it's back to the drawing board. They'll love feeling independent, and you'll love the adorable design!

$39$35 at Kissin' Toes
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This glute-blasting workout machine

bootysprout workout machine in white and black

Give the fitness fanatic on your list the gift of a bountiful booty with Bootysprout! This workout machine uses heavyweight resistance bands to target the glutes for a powerful at-home workout that can tone and add coveted inches to their backside. The best part? There's no assembly required, and it even folds for convenient storage!

$164 at Bootysprout
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This gourmet steak assortment

gourmet steaks on cutting boards
Hickory Farms

Looking for a creative gift for your favorite home chef? Hickory Farms will send premium steaks directly to their address, each one perfectly tender, flavorful, and aged to perfection. While you can send either individual steaks or a curated collection of cuts, we recommend the Elite Assortment: four New York strip steaks and six Filet Mignon, each one just waiting to be turned into their next gourmet meal.

$205 at Hickory Farms
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This luxurious men's skincare line

cleanser and moisturizer with plants

When it comes to quality skincare, why should men be left out? Bruvy makes skin essentials for men, with a face cleanser and moisturizer duo he's sure to love. With gentle, fragrance-free ingredients, and a purifying plant-based formula, Bruvy will give him the excuse he didn't know he needed to make self-care and self-pampering a regular part of his routine.

$40 at Bruvy
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This fun LCD drawing tablet

colorful LCD drawing screen for kids

Looking for a unique gift that will help kids unleash their own creativity? This electronic doodle board is perfect for colorful, mess-free sketching, so they can draw anywhere and any time inspiration strikes. With a quick erase button, a lock function to prevent accidental erasing, and a built-in stylus dock, it's easy for even the youngest artists to use.

$30 at Amazon
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This surprisingly stylish bidet attachment

bidet controller on toilet

Brooklyn-based company Tushy promises to turn your home bathroom into a "spa oasis," with its classic bidet attachment. It's easy to install in under ten minutes, requires no electricity or plumbing, and gives a thorough clean with far less toilet paper. Will you be able to give this gift without giggling? Absolutely not. But they'll be glad to own it, and the environment will thank you!

$99$79 at Tushy
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