20 Genius White Elephant Gifts Under $20 for 2019

You don't have to break the bank to get these awe-worthy White Elephant gifts.

Whether they're organized for your coworkers, large extended family, or a group of your friends, White Elephants are a holiday tradition that can be difficult to get right. After all, when the point of the entire gift swap is to get something that everyone both wants and doesn't want, how can you possibly make a decision? Luckily, we've come up with some perfect gifts under $20 that will have you covered, no matter who you're swapping with. And for more gift ideas on a budget, check out these 30 Gifts for 2019 So Amazing You Won't Believe They're Less Than $30.

Best Life's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we're hoping you'll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: we may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn't mean you'll pay more for them (we'd never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece's initial publication date, but it's the internet and we can't guarantee that these sweet, sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

This hot cocoa kit

six star shaped bottles of hot cocoa kit

What's better than a warm cup of hot cocoa on a cold day? This adorable hot cocoa kit comes with three varieties of drink mix—milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate—as well as peppermint sprinkles, mini marshmallows, and caramel bits to top off each cup. Yum! And for more genius presents, check out the 20 Best Holiday Gifts From Ikea at Any Price Point for 2019.

$10 at Target
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This gilded cosmetic brush or pencil holder

satin gold home details
Nordstrom Rack

If you're looking to give the gift of stylish organization to someone at this year's White Elephant, look no further. This mirror-bottomed holder is the perfect addition to any vanity, bathroom countertop, or dresser. It can even work on a desktop as a pen or pencil holder!

$13 at Nordstrom Rack
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This Zodiac trinket dish

zodiac trinket catch all
Urban Outfitters

Having loose change and jewelry strewn about a nightstand is never a good look. Help your White Elephant giftee tidy things up with this handy catch-all dish that sings the praises of all signs of the Zodiac. And sure, your Capricorn friends may appreciate it slightly more than your Pisces friends, but they'll all still find something to love. And for more astrology-inspired gifts, check out The Best Holiday Gifts for Every Zodiac Sign in 2019, According to Astrologists.

$18 at Urban Outfitters
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This stylish picture frame

jay import blue picture frame
Nordstrom Rack

In a day and age where we take more photos than ever, it's surprising to see just how few of those snapshots actually make their way to our desks, tables, and walls. This frame makes for a great accent piece and will bring anyone's most treasured pics front and center. And if you're looking for more great present possibilities on a budget, check out the 25 Best Gifts for 2019 $25 and Under.

$15 at Nordstrom Rack
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This air plant crystal

amethyst air plant crystals

There are certain gifts that few people would ever think to buy for themselves, which makes them perfect for a White Elephant swap. This decorative air plant and crystal are exactly that kind of item, made from amethyst, preserved moss, and a succulent that never needs watering, perfect for adding a boho-chic look to any desk or bookshelf.

$16 at Etsy
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This cactus LED light

cactus LED light

Succulents can be a great way to brighten up a room…But what about a cactus that literally does that? This porcelain LED light is a cute accent piece that's also functional, making for a perfect desktop or nightstand addition.

$14 at Dormify
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This scented candle

san+fog candle
Nordstrom Rack

No matter what they say, no one ever really has enough candles on hand. This one happens to feature a carved wooden lid and burns with a tropical citrus scent with three wicks, making it both visually appealing and great smelling. And if you're shopping for someone who really does seem to already have everything, check out the 25 Gifts to Give the Hardest-to-Shop-for People in Your Life in 2019.

$17 at Nordstrom Rack
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This dumpling light

dumpling light
Urban Outfitters

Both adorable and functional, this battery-powered light is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and act as a whimsical stand-in for your traditional dinner tea light. Anyone who's crazy about dumplings will positively glow when they get their hands on this!

$16 at Urban Outfitters
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This face mask set

face mask sheet set

Some of the best gifts of all are the ones that facilitate a little self-care. This set includes six different masks that address all manner of skincare needs, from fig and honey to soften skin to coconut and aloe to provide ample moisture, giving anyone a perfect excuse to finally unwind, binge-watch a new Netflix show, and take a little "me time." And if you're looking for more presents that are perfect for de-stressing, check out these 27 Relaxation Gifts You'll Want to Keep for Yourself.

$10 at Target
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This glass water bottle

printed glass water bottle
Urban Outfitters

Here's the thing: Literally everyone drinks water! So when it comes to picking something for a White Elephant that anyone can appreciate, a water bottle is an easy choice. Luckily, this model is a step above your average canteen, coming in three stunning prints that make staying hydrated look as good as it feels.

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This polka dot tray

polka dot tray

Having a place to toss your keys, wallet, jewelry, and change at night can make all the difference in the world when it comes to keeping your bedroom looking pristine. This polka dot valet is a nice accent piece that will help keep those often neglected spaces nice and tidy—and a welcome gift for any White Elephant swap.

$18 at Dormify
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This cookie-scented shower gel

christmas cookie shower gel
Nordstrom Rack

Some people love sweets so much they could practically bathe in them. If this matches the description of anyone you know, consider this cookie-scented bath gel that works as bubble bath, body wash, and shampoo. It's a rare crossover of relaxation, bathing, and sweet tooth indulgence all in one!

$12 at Nordstrom Rack
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This state pride mug

single state mug

Anyone who's proud of where they hail from usually likes to wear it on their sleeve. These hand-painted mugs are the perfect gift for people who love the state they call home. You can even select a heart to be painted over the town they love most!

$15$14 at Etsy
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This amaryllis growing kit

amaryllis growing kit

Have a gardener in the group? This amaryllis growing kit makes it easy for them to flex their green thumb and celebrate the holidays at the same time. Just add to a pot with soil and water and they can watch it grow through the season!

$13 at Target
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These flavored rice crispie treats

rice krispie treats

Sweets will forever be a fast and easy way to win the heart of pretty much anyone with tastebuds. That's why these treats are the kind of addition to a gift swap that people will practically be fighting over, especially with flavors like snickerdoodle, cookies and cream, cake batter, and chocolate peanut butter. Most of them are even gluten-free!

$15$12 at Etsy
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This Bluetooth flower pot speaker

pink speaker with faux succulent on top

Livening up your desk with a little greenery is always a good move. But what about a little greenery that also plays music and has light-up LED functions? This little planter is essentially the life of the party!

$12 at Amazon
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This confetti high-five

confetti high five
Urban Outfitters

There are some congratulatory moments that simply call for more than slapping palms. This confetti cannon can help make it a moment you'll always remember, taking your celebration to a whole other level with a burst of brightly-colored paper.

$10 at Urban Outfitters
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This customized wine glass

personalized stemless wine glass

Of course, the whole point of a White Elephant is not knowing who is going to get what. But this gift is perfect for any family-based gift swaps where a custom-printed last name—or even a nickname—would make this a wine glass worth coveting.

$17 at Etsy
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These cat socks

cat gift box
Happy Socks

Know there's a huge feline fan in your gift swap group? Any cat lovers would find these socks absolutely purr-fect. They even come in an adorable cardboard cat box!

$16 at Happy Socks
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These macaron bath bombs

macaron bathbombs

Some people like to relax by indulging their sweet tooth. Others like to unwind with a long soak in the tub. These bath bombs may only look good enough to eat, but they're just the kind of thing that can still instantly brighten up a pastry fanatic's evening relaxation routine.

$9 at Etsy
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