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20 Perfect Gifts for Grandparents

These thoughtful gifts are sure to make your grandparents' holiday.

It's bittersweet that it's only once we get older that we begin to truly appreciate our grandparents and the valuable wisdom they've gleaned from a lifetime of experience. From caretaking to doling out advice to spoiling grandkids, grandparents frequently do more for their families than we could ever hope to repay them for—but that doesn't mean we won't try. This year, thank the grandparents in your life for everything they've done for you with one of these thoughtful holiday gifts they're sure to love. And for more gift ideas, check out these 25 Amazing Amazon Holiday Gifts Under $50 for 2019.

Best Life's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we're hoping you'll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: we may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn't mean you'll pay more for them (we'd never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece's initial publication date, but it's the internet and we can't guarantee that these sweet, sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

This personalized framed print

personalized frame with burlap map on it

A grandparent's love truly knows no bounds, even if they live across the country. This framed print—which comes on your choice of either natural burlap or textured card stock—can be customized with any two U.S. cities, towns, and states, showing your grandparents that no matter how far the physical distance between you, they're never far from your heart. And for more awesome gifts like this one, check out these 25 Classic Christmas Gifts You'll Never Go Wrong With.

$38 and up at Etsy
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This heartfelt journal

my life story so far book
Uncommon Goods

Grandparents tell the best stories—so give them a place to record them in perpetuity. This sweet journal offers thought-provoking prompts for recording their life experiences, including memories of their childhood, first dates, friendships, and pieces of advice they'd like to share with the next generation.

$30 at Uncommon Goods
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This customizable mug

personalized grandparents mug

For the grandma who can't start her morning without coffee or the granddad who ends every evening with a steaming mug of chamomile tea (or a hot toddy), here's a personalized mug that's sure to bring a smile to their face. These mugs make for an especially cute way to tell your parents that they're about to become grandparents, too! And if you're looking for even more amazing gift ideas, check out The 20 Best Holiday Gifts From Best Buy at Any Price Point for 2019.

$19 and up at Etsy
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This handy snow blower

yardmax gas snow blower
The Home Depot

Winter can be a challenging time for grandparents. Make their lives easier—and save their backs from shoveling-related injuries—with this top-rated snow blower, which is able to chop both snow and ice and comes with a two-year residential warranty.

$402 at The Home Depot
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This 3D stadium wall art

wooden five layer stadium art
The Grommet

For the grandparent who is a major sports fan, here's a piece of art that they're sure to love: a three-dimensional depiction of their favorite professional or college team's stadium. The entire piece is edged in the official team color and adorned with their team logo, making it the perfect addition to any wall or mantle.

$60 at The Grommet
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This sweet children's book

our favorite day book

This charmingly illustrated children's book is ideal for any grandparent who spends their days taking care of little ones. Kirkus Review even calls this debut book "reminiscent of Mr. Rogers"—high praise, indeed! And for more kid-centric gifts, check out these 15 Genius Stocking Stuffers for Kids for 2019.

$17 at Amazon
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This adorable farmhouse-style pillow

personalized white pillow with cursive names on it

What grandparent doesn't love showing off their grandkids? This incredibly thoughtful gift–which can be adorned with up to ten names– allows them to do just that. There's also an option of adding the names of cats and dogs, along with a paw print or a bone!

$24$19 at Etsy
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This thoughtful memory book

letters to my grandchild book

This book comes with twelve prompted letters to fill with memories and words of wisdom, including "my brightest hope for the future" and "one thing I want you to know about your parents…" It's a gift both for the grandparents writing these letters and for their grandkids, who will treasure them forever. And for more gifts that'll wow your inner circle, check out the 15 Best Splurge-Worthy Gifts for the Whole Family.

$12 at Amazon
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This adorable fruit feeder

birdie fruit feeder with metal leaves and orange halves
Uncommon Goods

For the grandparent with a green thumb, this beautiful handmade copper feeder attracts birds of all kinds. Stick dried or fresh fruit on the spokes to entice orioles, robins, cardinals, and even hummingbirds.

$60 at Uncommon Goods
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This cute welcome mat

grandkids welcome others tolerated brown doormat

It's important to clarify your priorities right at the door—so help your grandparents advertise theirs with this sweet and funny hand-painted doormat. Even better: 10 percent of the profits from each purchase go to a charity of your choice!

$35 at Etsy
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This delicious chili and stew seasoning kit

global chili and stew seasoning kit
Uncommon Goods

If your grandparents are foodies or world travelers, give them this seasoning kit that comes with spice blends from all over the globe. With this kit and the included recipes, they'll be able to prepare five incredible dishes, including African Peanut Stew, Irish Stout Beer Chili, and Indian Cashew Chili—and with any luck, they'll make enough to share.

$38 at Uncommon Goods
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This crocheted dog snood

black and white dog in unicorn crochet dog snood

If grandma's other favorite baby is her pet Pomeranian, here's the perfect gift: a rainbow crocheted unicorn dog snood to keep Fido warm all winter long. It comes in three sizes, so you're sure to find the perfect fit, no matter how big of a "lap dog" Mr. Fluffers is.

$19 and up at Nordstrom
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This global tea set

tea from around the world set
Uncommon Goods

Give your grandparent the gift of ten exotic teas from all around the world this holiday season. Then, make it extra sweet by going on that whirlwind tour with them; each tube of tea brews enough for 6-8 cups, meaning there will be plenty of opportunities to have tea for two.

$55 at Uncommon Goods
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This beautiful extended family portrait

best family ever illustrated portrait

This customized family portrait will bring tears to Grammie and Poppop's eyes. All of the kids, grandkids, and pets will be represented—and unlike a photograph, there will be no bad hair days or silly faces in this portrait!

$75 and up at Etsy
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This diamond plush throw

nordstrom at home off white diamond plush throw

Keep grandma and grandpa toasty warm with a plush throw they won't be able to put down. We need to warn you, though, that once everyone else feels how soft and cuddly it is, you might have a long list of family members asking you for the same one next year.

$39 at Nordstrom
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This Instant Pot

instant pot on white background
Sur La Table

A high-falutin' new gadget may seem like a risky gift for a grandparent, but trust us on this one: they're going to love the Instant Pot Duo. It does everything: cook, slow cook, pressure cook, warm, sauté, sterilize, and steam! Plus, the large digital screen is incredibly intuitive, no matter what your grandpa says about teaching old dogs new tricks.

$100 at Sur La Table
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This heartfelt family cookbook

my family coobook
Uncommon Goods

If your grandma or grandpa has a box of recipes written on well-loved (and rapidly fading) index cards, this is the gift for them! Capture generations of good meals and pass heirloom recipes onto the next generation with this customizable cookbook.

$30 at Uncommon Goods
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This just ripe fruit bowl

bowl of fruit with wooden lid and hanging bunch of bananas
Uncommon Goods

Anyone who has ever had an overripe avocado understands the dangers of a plopping all of your fruit in a bowl and hoping for the best. This brilliant fruit bowl organizes your produce so that everything ripens at its own pace—ideal for grandparents who like having healthy snacks on hand "just in case anybody gets peckish."

$65 at Uncommon Goods
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This hilarious owl eyeglasses holder

owl eyeglasses holder
Uncommon Goods

Your grandparents will never lose their readers again once you give them this adorable owl! This playful bird sits beside the bed with grandma's glasses perched on its intricately carved head, ensuring those specs are always within reach when it's time to turn in. Made by Fair Trade artisans in India out of one piece of sheesham wood, this piece is sure to please even the most discerning grandparents.

$24 at Uncommon Goods
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This microwavable rice cooker

microwave quinoa and rice cooker
Uncommon Goods

Even if your grandparents can't pronounce quinoa, now they can make it—along with couscous and rice— in this brilliant microwave cooker. It's made of platinum silicone and is microwave-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe, making it perfect gift for any grandparent who fancies themselves something of a gourmet.

$25 at Uncommon Goods
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