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The 20 Best Gifts to Give From Walmart in 2019

Make your friends and family happy with these amazing gifts from Walmart.

With parties to plan, travel to coordinate, and seemingly endless cooking to do, who actually has time during the holiday season to spend hours at the mall trying to pick up the perfect presents for everyone on your list? Whether you're short on time or just can't muster the resolve to drag yourself from store to store, there's one place that has everything you could want in one place: Walmart. Whether you're shopping for your spouse, your kids, your boss, or looking to score a genius Secret Santa gift, we've found presents for everyone on your list that are so good, they'll still be talking about them next year. And for more perfect presents, check out these 25 Amazing Hanukkah Gifts for Everyone on Your List.

Best Life's editors have scoured the internet to bring you the best products out there, and we're hoping you'll love them as much as we do. Full disclosure: we may earn a commission for anything you purchase through links on this page, but that doesn't mean you'll pay more for them (we'd never do that to you!). Pricing and availability are accurate as of the piece's initial publication date, but it's the internet and we can't guarantee that these sweet, sweet deals will last forever, so scoop them up before someone else does!

This pour-over coffee maker

pour over coffee maker

Drip coffee is good. French press brew is great. But pour over coffee? Now, that's a next-level experience. If you want to give the home barista on your shopping list something they'll love, make it this pour-over coffee maker—a steal at just $15. And if you're looking for more java-centric gifts, check out The 25 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers.

$20$15 at Walmart
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This cast iron skillet

cast iron skillet

Kitchen tools make for some of the best gifts, and that's especially true when the gift in question is a classic cast iron skillet. Luckily, no matter what their culinary preferences, this skillet is sure to be a hit—it's as perfect for making bacon and eggs as it is for whipping up a pan of mac and cheese.

$40$20 at Walmart
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This cocktail bar set

cocktail bar set

Got someone on your list who loves to entertain? Then scoop up this seven-piece bar tool set this holiday season. With a cocktail shaker, mango-wood-accented jigger, tong, muddler, opener, strainer, and a silver-toned pot to keep everything in, they're sure to light up when they open this thoughtful gift. And if they happen to be so grateful they make you a drink with it, all the better.

$60$42 at Walmart
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This essential oil diffuser

wood toned essential oil diffuser

If you have a friend or family member who's always going on about their collection of essential oils, look no further. This holiday season, give them an opportunity to use those signature scents throughout their home with this gorgeous essential oil diffuser.

$45$30 at Walmart
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This remote controlled stunt car

white hand adjusting dial on remote control car

Drones are great, but there's still something thrilling about ground-based remote-controlled toys with four wheels. Surprise the kids on your holiday gift list with this amphibious toy car for hours of outdoor fun.

$185$37 at Walmart
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This classic stand mixer

kitchen aid classic plus silver stand mixer

Ask any chef and they'll tell you: No kitchen is fully complete without a stand mixer. Whether they're an avid bread maker or are eager to perfect their holiday treats, this classic KitchenAid model makes the perfect gift for any home chef or budding star baker on your list. And if you're looking for more great gifts for the home, check out these 27 Practical Housewarming Gifts for the New Homeowner.

$279$199 at Walmart
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This kinetic sand

kinetic sand kit

Slime, Gak, and Play-Doh may have been cool years ago, but these days, it's all about kinetic sand. This unique gift will be a delight for parents and their kids alike, helping the little ones tap into their creative side and helping their parents avoid a massive mess in the process.

$20$17 at Walmart
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This WiFi-connected robot vacuum

black circular robot vacuum

Robots may not be quite sophisticated enough to cook your dinner or walk the dog yet, but they sure can keep your floors looking spotless! This year, give someone special on your list the gift of cleanliness with this automated vacuum. Controlled by a smartphone-enabled app, it's the next best thing to hiring them their own maid. And if you're looking for more new ways to keep things super tidy around the house, check out these 30 Helpful Supplies You Don't Have in Your Home But Should.

$250$200 at Walmart
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This bamboo bathtub caddy

wooden bathtub serving tray with phones and ipad on it

Know someone who could use some downtime? This bathtub caddy is basically an invitation to relax, complete with a space for books, gadgets, and a glass of wine. And if you're looking for more ways to unwind, check out these 27 Relaxation Gifts You'll Want to Keep for Yourself.

$29$25 at Walmart
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This health and ancestry DNA test

23andme dna kit in white box

Whether you've got an avid genealogist on your list or want to help a friend or family member better understand their own health, this DNA test is an amazing present. All it takes is a little saliva to discover not only family history, but their predisposition to conditions like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and celiac disease.

$199$99 at Walmart
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This portable classic computer game

oregon trail handheld video game

'90s kids can all remember learning about the Westward Movement through the Oregon Trail, so why not pass the experience down to the next generation with this handheld version as a gift? Just don't ford the river and lose all your oxen!

$25 at Walmart
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This rechargeable electric razor

electric beard trimmer in silver with black charging base and red bow

A well-maintained beard is only possible with the right hardware, meaning that ancient set of clippers just won't cut it. If you want to give the beardy fellow in your life a gift he wants (and needs) this holiday season, make it this cordless electric razor, which makes grooming such a breeze—even for sensitive skin.

$290$175 at Walmart
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This programmable pressure cooker

instant pot with black lid

If anyone on your gift list somehow still hasn't picked up an Instant Pot for themselves, they're probably just waiting for someone to pull the trigger for them. This super versatile device can do everything from pressure cooking to rice cooking to slow cooking and everything in between—all while saving them counter space when it replaces their single-use appliances.

$99$65 at Walmart
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This high-end hair dryer

silver dyson hair dryer with pink interior

Even if you don't know the first thing about keeping your own hair looking great, gifting this top-notch Dyson hairdryer will make you look like a true pro in the eyes of whoever receives it. And in addition to giving a salon-worthy blowout, it's even quieter than your average blow dryer, making it a perfect gift for anyone who engages in early morning primp sessions but doesn't want to wake the whole house.

$390 at Walmart
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This tie-dye craft kit

tie dye kit

Why give the kids on your list just another toy when you can help them create something amazing? This tie-dye kit is a great hands-on project that will have them using their imaginations instead of their devices.

$15 at Walmart
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This indoor basketball arcade game

indoor basketball arcade

Whether you're looking to keep the kids in your family entertained or helping an adult attempt to relive their athletic glory days, this pop-a-shot-style arcade game is a fun gift the whole family can enjoy.

$150$110 at Walmart
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This MMA and boxing heavy bag set

heavy bag kit with two black boxing gloves and white strap

Whether you're looking for a great gift for an MMA fan, amateur boxer, or fitness enthusiast who wants to switch up their exercise routine, this punching bag is the perfect gift. Ideal for getting back into shape after those holiday meals, it'll also provide its recipient a healthy way to work out that holiday stress, too.

$100$70 at Walmart
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This virtual reality gaming system

oculus vr headseat and two black controllers

Need something for the die-hard gamer on your list who's impossible to shop for? Even if they've got every game known to man, they'll still be blown away when you upgrade their current setup with this Oculus Quest virtual reality system, which puts them right at the center of the action.

$400 at Walmart
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This classic spooky board game

ouija board box

As the star of many a '90s sleepover party, Ouija is one rare gift that works just as well for younger recipients as it does nostalgic adults. Whether you're just using it to give yourselves a scare or attempting to summon those ghosts of Christmas past, this spooky game is sure to be a hit.

$20$18 at Walmart
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This inflatable hot tub spa

four people in an inflatable hot tub

Imagine opening a gift only to realize it's a real, working hot tub. This inflatable spa fits up to four people and provides water temperatures up to 104 degrees, making it perfect for warming up on those chilly winter nights.

$389$297 at Walmart
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