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100 Wow Gifts for The Person Who Has Everything

Because, trust us: no one has these things.

Let's face it: shopping for that impossible-to-shop-for person in your life is one of the biggest challenges you face every holiday season. But guess what? No longer! Herewith, we've compiled 100 thoughtful, unique, and editor-approved gifts for that special someone in your life who appears to have everything and want nothing. So click on, and feel your gift-giving spirits rise. And for great advice on living your best life, don't miss all of our great lifestyle content.

A flight in a fighter jet.

fighter jet, unusual gifts

From $2,999; buy now at Fly Fighter Jet

We'd wager that the special someone in your life hasn't broken the sound barrier before. Well, there's a first time for everything.

Old home movies—digitized!

vhs converter, unusual gifts

Price upon request; inquire now at Digital Media Memory

The folks at film conservancy company Digital Media Memory are able to convert all formats, from Super8 to to vinyl to DAT (yes, some people still have those laying around), into digitized versions. The preservation of memory will leave an indelible mark on any friend. And for more holiday gift ideas, check out the 40 Great Gift Ideas For People Over 40.

The Super Bowl On Location experience.

NFL fan, unusual gifts

From $6,300; buy now at NFL On Location

For a small fortune, you can get your friend onto the field for 2018 next Super Bowl. They'll meet the players, get an invite to the winning team's afterparty, and secure 300 (or more, depending on how much dough you drop) seats for the game itself.

An electric bike.

electric bike, unusual gifts

$3,899; buy now at Elby Bike

Everyone has an analogue bike. But an electric one? Now that's rare. Elby's are one-size-fits-all. However, if your friend would prefer to keep things off-the-grid, check out the 17 Insanely Cool Luxury Bicycles For 2017.

Seriously Sexy Shoes.

Monika Chiang heels.

$795; buy now at

No one mixes raw femininity with edginess quite like shoemaker Monika Chiang. These gorgeous red Imena Calf & Chain Sandals will make any woman in your life feel instantly sexy and more empowered.

An indoor skydiving session.

indoor skydiving, unusual gifts

From $90; buy now at iFly

Skydiving indoor replicates the thrill but mitigates the risk. iFly, a studio that has locations all around the country (and a few abroad) will go the extra mile and teach you how to skydive IRL—if you so desire, of course.

A Toto.

Japanese toilet, unusual gift

$650; buy now at Toto

Toto makes the best toilets in the world. Seriously. Their proprietary "3D Tornado Flush" ensures no clogging will ever happen. Plus, you can customize every model. You could even gift your friend a heated seat. (Though, let's be real: That's a gift for you—for when you visit.) For our money, the sleek MH Wall-Hung is their best model.

A pair of Yaktrax.

ice shoe, unusual gifts

$90; buy now at Yaktrax

A pragmatic gift for the outdoorsy pal who almost has it all—especially for when the sidewalks freeze over in these coming months—Yaktrax are a shoe augmentation device that lend additional grip to any pair of shoes.

A heli-skiing trip.

helicopter skiing, unusual gifts

From $4,500; buy now at Great Canadian Heli-Skiing

Fresh groomed tracks and sumptuous resorts are one thing. But every true skier craves a session (or six) of untamed powder. Heli-skiing is the only thing that can sate that craving. Great Canadian Heli-Skiing offers one of North America's most comprehensive packages: In addition to nearly 9,000 meters of skiing, they provide backcountry-safety equipment, dining, and lodging. Stays run anywhere from 2 to 11 nights. However, if you think they'd prefer some traditional skiing, check out the 5 Best Luxury Ski Trips to Take This Year.

A 3D printer.

From $3,500; buy now at FormLabs

A coffee mug. A picture frame. A to-scale replica of the Millennium Falcon. With a top-notch 3D printer—like FormLabs' Form 2 SLA—your friend can have whatever they want, whenever they want it.

Private coaching with UpHill Athletes.

uphill climbing, unusual gifts

From $289 per month; buy now at UpHill Athletes

These folks regularly train Mount Everest climbers, so this is the perfect experience-as-gift for any serious mountaineering buddies.

A clone of their pet.

clone pets, unusual gifts

Price upon request; buy now at PerPETuate

Yes, you can clone your pet. Yes, it's kinda creepy. But if you're looking for a gift for someone who has literally everything, one thing you can guarantee: they don't have a two Fidos. (Hey—just a thought.)

Fresh fish shares.


From $155; buy now at Silverwave Seafood Co.

Fresh, locally-caught fish (local fisherman pool their wares for this nascent service) delivered to your recipient's home. It's a practical and convenient gift that also supports local businesses—a gift for everyone!

Supplying an animal shelter with beds in the name of your friend.

dog bed unusual gifts

There won't be a dry eye in the house after you show your friend how happy the shelter animals are with their new beds. For shelters near you, check out Petfinder.

A chalet rental.

chalet, unusual gifts

Price upon request; buy now at Eleven Experience

The resort is one thing. A chalet is a whole new level. Eleven Experience offers nine one-of-a-kind chalets around the world—from Crested Butte to Le Miroir—that each come with their own unique experiences. Think: cat-skiing in the Colorado Rockies, or overnight fishing trips in Islamorada. (And yes, many of these come with a heated pool.)

A pair of bespoke ski boots.

ski boots, unusual gifts

Price upon request; inquire at your local ski dealer

Ski industry titan Fisher has a proprietary service that makes use of 3D-scanning and vacuum technology to create a fully customized ski boot. The shell is entirely flush with the skier's foot, so the risk of losing a toenail—yes, non-skiers, that happens—is essentially zero. Your friend will have never been so comfortable after a day on the slopes.

Stargazing Four Seasons Jackson Hole

stargazing, unusual gifts

From $329 per night; buy now at Four Seasons Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole's Four Seasons has one of the world's coolest on-site resort activities: stargazing. The resort supplies you with your own personal astronomer.

An adventure on North America's longest via ferrata.

via ferrata, mountain, unusual gifts

From $3,500; buy now at Canadian Mountain Holidays

You know those terrifying iron rungs that jut out of mountainsides? The ones that seem like they could give way at any minute? That's a via ferrata, and your death-defying friend would love a climb on our continent's lengthiest route. Canadian Mountain Holidays offers the package deal: food, lodging, and the aforementioned exhilarating experience. Trips runs from 2 to 10 days.

Ski-making courses.

ski class, unusual gifts

$1500; buy now at Parlor Skis

Every skier worth their salt has the latest and greatest twin-tips. (Or racers, or downhills, or… You get the point.) But what skier has their own hand-crafted pair of skis?

A star-seeing boat tour.

boat tour, unusual gifts

Price upon request; buy now at Boat Tour Italy

From Clooney to Madonna, Lake Como is a Who's Who of the rich and famous. Gift your friend an hour-long boat tour of the place. Who knows what (or rather, who) they'll see. And for some celebrity sightseeing of your own, check out the 17 A-List Celebs Who (Almost) Always Fly Coach.

An Airstream trailer.

airstream trailer, unusual gifts

From $140,000; buy now at Airstream

Airstream has made some new gorgeous throwback designs that are sumptuous and spacious to boot. These are perfect unusual gifts for road trip-minded friends—far sleeker and snazzier than your standard Winnebago.

A personalized movie trailer of your friend's life.

fall, couple laughing, movie theater, smart word, stress relief wash hands sick at work happier

Starting at $295; buy now at UrLife Media

Yes, this is a thing, and we bet you already have the perfect selfie-obsessed friend in mind. (The company lifts photo and video from a smartphone's camera roll to make the reel.)

A pair of heated gloves.

heated gloves, unusual gifts

$325; buy now at Outdoor Research

Hand warmers are one thing, sure, but a pair of gloves that eliminates the need for them altogether is a sensible gift for your winter-minded friend. Farewell, frostbite.

A round on the Interconnect Tour.

Luxury exercise classes skiing

$395; buy now at Ski Utah

For the friend who loves to shred in the Beehive State, bequeath them an off-piste guided journey to all the best resorts in Utah: Deer Valley, Park City, Alta, Solitude, Brighton, and, of course, Snowbird. (Private tours are available, starting at $2,900.)

A test-drive in an F1 car.

$From $1,887; buy now at LRS Formula

The world's biggest racing fan has likely driven a sports car. Heck, they might even own one—or more. But chances are, they've never zipped around in an F1 before. LRS Formula allows a choice of track, from the Magny-Cours GP to the Hungaroring Circuit to the Catalunya. Zoom, zoom.

Hand-crafted surf wax.

$125; buy now at Indoek

For an instant upgrade on the cornerstone of every surfer's repertoire, spring for magnetic—literally, there's a magnet inside—surf wax from Indoek. And for more great surfing tips, read Laird Hamilton on the Wave That Nearly Killed Him.

Side tables made out of cork.

cork tables

$320; buy now at Jasper Morrison Shop

What if you kept every single cork from every single bottle of wine you've ever opened, and then magically turned them into side tables? That's more or less what these unique, unusual beauties are. It's a creative way to add some flavor to anyone's living room.

Goat's milk chocolate truffles.

goat milk truffles, unusual gifts

$7; buy now at Burke Mountain Confectionery

Everyone is used to—and loves—regular old milk chocolate truffles. But goat's milk elevates this delicacy into an atypical delight. (Normal milk chocolate is made from cow's milk.) And trust us: These are delicious.

A LifeStraw.

lifestraw, unusual gifts

$19, buy now at LifeStraw

This gadget could literally save your friend's life. LifeStraw purifies water instantly, so you can drink from natural sources while avoiding any of the traditional hazards. And if this gizmo ends up saving your friend's life? Man, that truly is a gift they couldn't buy themselves.

A pair of statement headphones—from abroad.

gold headphones unusual gifts

$293, buy now at Madem Paris

You can't pick up these loud (literally—they're equipped with 30mm magnetic drivers) and proud headphones anywhere stateside. But if your friend would prefer something a little less extravagant, check out the 20 Best Pairs of Headphones That You Can Buy In Bulk.

Jewelry from a little-known designer.

$360; buy now at Moratorium NYC

Cartier is nice, sure. But here's a name for you to learn by heart: Moratorium NYC. Check out these asymmetric oversized pyramids. This brand will be a household name in coming years. (Don't take it from us: Their wares have already shown up on red carpets.) Help your friend be in the know by light years.

A Leica limited-edition point-and-shoot.

Leica camera, unusual gifts

$459; buy now at Colette

Leica's legendary reputation for outstanding cameras precedes them. Lesser known? The fact that the company teamed up with Limoland by Jean Pigozzi to create an artsy, limited-edition line. And for more excellent point-and-shoots, check out the 10 Next-Level Cameras That Are Way Better Than Your Smartphone.

A Moravian sugar cake.

sugar cake unusual gifts

$6; buy now at Dewey's

This obscure, decadent sweet treat—straight out of North Carolina—is surely something few taste buds have experienced. Don't worry, Dewey's sends via Fedex.

Sweaters for a cause.

sweater charity unusual gifts

$20; buy now at Zaanha

For the friend who already has a million cashmere knits, warm their heart instead by ensuring an Afghan child will be warm this winter. Twenty bucks gets a kid a sweater. And more sizable donations—to Zaanha directly—can ensure these kids don't have to work outside during the frigid months.

A vintage, designer rug.

$11,000; buy now at 1stDibs

Yes, you could get a new car—or bike—with that kind of dough. Yes, this rug, a handwoven Navajo rug from the early 1900s, is worth it: There's only one left, and it currently resides in a maison in Bordeaux.

A vintage watch.

Obsolete, watches

From $800; buy now at Chrono 24

That brand new Rolex shines, to be sure. But nothing beats a midcentury LeCoultre. On Chrono24, you could pick up a 1960s LeCoultre for as low as $800. (Yes, really. Go, go, go!)

A hand-made card.

birthday cards gifts

You know what they say: "It's the thought that counts." And truly, when was the last time your friend who has it all has been given a homemade card?

A trek to Antarctica.


From $13,760; buy now at National Geographic Expeditions

A two-week trip to their seventh continent is truly a once-in-a-life-time experience. (Or at the very least, first-in-a-lifetime.)

A stay at Zion Lodge.

Zion cabin unusual gifts

$200 per night; buy now at Zion Lodge

Of the 58 national parks in the United States, Zion, in Utah, might be the most breathtaking. (Those cliffside views! That sandstone!) Zion Lodge offers the only in-park accommodations for visiting this stunning national treasure.

A hand-carved wood paddle.

paddle gifts

$2,900; buy now at Spirits of the West Coast

Hand-carved from a master carver of the Kwakuitl, the Bear Paddle is a sight to behold. Chances are, even your art aficionado friends don't have a piece this exotic.

A dapper dog collar.

dog collar

$85; buy now at Alpen Schatz

Hey, man's best friend can be just as debonair as man can.

A first edition of your friend's favorite book.

books office

Auction; buy now at Peter Harrington

Rare books are treasures as is. They're even more valuable when the pages have a personal meaning. If you can think of a title, Peter Harrington, in London, probably has it on auction.

A falcon walk.

falconer gifts

$59; buy now at Tremblant Activities

Is there anything cooler than having a falcon land on your arm? Short answer: No. Long answer: Nope. The folks at Tremblant Activities offer four sessions each day—and they'll guide you on how to stay safe amidst the talons and beaks.

A rescue pony.


From $125; buy now at the Bureau of Land Management

For your equine-loving friend, this is a sweet gift that helps wild horses find forever homes.


discounts champagne
G-stock studio/Shutterstock

It's never a bad idea.

A professional pet portrait.

cat portrait unusual gifts

$860 for a 12" x 10"; buy now at Dog Portrait Artist

Everyone has that friend who loves their pet as much as than their own human children. Gift them a photographic reminder. (Dog Portrait Artist also does pencil sketches, if that's more your friend's style.)

Adopt an acre of land.


From $25; buy now at The Nature Conservancy

For philanthropic outdoorsy types, adopting—and protecting—an acre of natural habitation is an inimitable present. You can "gift" land from a bevy of all-American locales, from Central Appalachia to the Louisiana Bayou.

A surprise party.

surprise party

Surprise! These tough-to-pull-off events are always worth the effort.

A weekend trip to Iceland.

From $1289; buy now at Nordic Visitor

Rekjavik is a quick flight from New York—and is home to some of the world's best spas. In recent years, Iceland has experienced a mini tourism boon; the country's tourism board has been trying to attract visitors, and the place is seriously popping right now. Nordic Visitor will set you up with travel, lodging, and events—and if you book six months in advance, they'll throw in a 15 percent discount.

A paragliding experience.

parasailing skydiving adrenaline feel younger

From $200; buy now at Super Fly Paragliding

A tandem paragliding ride is not for the faint of heart, but it will be remembered forever. Introductory lessons with Super Fly Paragliding, a Utah-based company, start at $200.

Hanah One

super food unusual gifts

$55; buy now at Hanah Life

Even your most health-trend conscious friend probably hasn't caught on to this nascent craze in superfoods: Ayuverdic superfoods. It's a supplement comprised of harvested botanicals, ghee, and honey. And for more superfoods, check out the 7 Magic Foods That Will Supercharge Your Libido.

A batch of homemade cookies.

baked cookies unusual gifts

Yes, we're serious. Someone who can get any food they want from a restaurant can not get your best homemade cookies. Dig up your favorite recipe and get to work.

New ink.

Tattoos, scandalous, women with tattoos

Hey, they'll never forget it.

Art based off their DNA.

dna art, unusual gifts

From $199; buy now at DNA11

The folks at DNA11 sequence genomes, fingerprints, or lip scans to create 100-percent unique artwork, bringing new meaning to the seminal phrase, "Art imitates life."

A jukebox.

jukebox unusual gifts

From $1,800; buy now at Crosley

Sure, your friend has all the accoutrements of a modern music library—in other words, a streaming service and some bring-down-the-house speakers. But few things capture the vintage-rock je ne sais quoi of a freaking jukebox. (Yes, they still exist.)

Boot dryers.

boot dryer, unusual gifts

$30; buy now at Dry Guy

Everyone hates soggy winter boots. Make sure your friend doesn't have to go through the trouble. For what it's worth, know that Dry Guy's models are compatible with ski boots, as well.

Framed family memorabilia.

family photos, unusual gifts

$50 for 16" by 20"; buy now at Frameology

Somewhere in storage, your friend has family photos, diplomas, and other memorabilia lying around. Instead of letting them collect dust, give these memories the framing treatment so your friend can celebrate them forever. But if you're interested in preserving your friend's heirlooms, check out Frameology—you scan them a document and they'll custom-frame it and ship it your way.

A tortilla maker.

tortilla_press, unusual gifts

$23; buy now at Imusa

News flash: Everyone loves tortillas. Imusa's cast-iron tortilla press means it can be taco night every night. Just pour in the masa and press!

Rare cooking spices.

asafoetida rare spices unusual gifts

$4 per ounce; buy now at My Spice Sage

For cooks, rare spices are like drugs. Get your favorite cook a potentially unfamiliar spice—like asafoetida, an ingredient in many curries. Who knows: Maybe they'll whip you up something delicious with it.

Sock shoes.

$60; buy now at Zara

Okay, so they're technically stretch-fabric high-tops, not "sock shoes." But you should know that this cushy trend is growing in popularity. (Everyone from Balenciaga to Free People has an iteration in their latest collection.) Help your friend wade into this trend slowly but surely by gifting them a neutral pair, like Zara's olive-and-white kicks.

A pair of indestructible boots.

work boots, unusual gifts

$279; buy now at Red Wing Shoes

The friend who has it all can pick up a new pair of boots each season. Gift them a pair so sturdy—like these Red Wing Classic Mocs—that they won't have to do that anymore. .

A swim with the sharks.

shark tank, unusual gifts

$115; buy now at Hawaii Shark Encounters

Shark tours are a dime a dozen, but the folks at Hawaii Shark Encounters may put on the best one. During your time submerged, your friend could see up to 40 different types of species. Don't worry: they'll be safely behind impenetrable plexiglass the entire time.

A Matcha tea gift set.

matcha tea set, unusual gifts

$89; buy now at Mighty Leaf

Matcha is the new coffee, and a full set—like Mighty Leaf's, which comes with all the bells and whistles, from the scoop to the whisk to a snazzy ceremonial bowl—is a way to help your friend stay ahead of this nascent trend.

The Jeep Cherokee from Logan.

Auction; buy now at Invaluable

Yes, you can pick up a vehicle from the silver screen. As of this writing, the auction is currently at $5,000—which is, to be honest, a steal for any Jeep Cherokee, let alone one that was driven by freaking Wolverine. For more straight-from-Tinseltown memorabilia, take a gander at the 14 Must-Have Looks from Fall's Best Guy Films.

A robot vacuum cleaner.

robot vacuum, unusual gifts

$999; buy now at Dyson

Even if your friend has a maid service, Dyson's automated vacuum—which boasts twice the sucking power of any other vacuum on the market—is a delight due to the fact that it doubles as a party trick. Look how cute it is! (And no, this robot won't be taking over the world any time soon.)

A yacht cruise tour of the Galapagos.

galapagos islands unusual gifts

From $7,000; buy now at INCA

The yacht tours organized by International Nature and Cultural Adventures may be the best around: 8 nights aboard a 16-person yacht allows your friend to get an intimate look at the lush nature of the Galapagos. And yes, INCA stops at the fabled Darwin Research Station.

A floating hot tub.

floating hot tub

$24,950; buy now at Hot Tug

Take it from us: A floating hot tub beats the heck out of a stationary one. Hot Tug's wood-fired options can stay heated for up to 8 hours. Just be careful who steers the thing! For ideas on what to wear in the tub, check out the 25 Best Swim Trunks For Men.

Hand-knitted gold club warmers.

fuzzy golf club warmers

$18; buy now at Etsy

These warmers are downright adorable and will supposedly help your friend's swing. (Not that they need it, of course.)

Adopt or sponsor a wild, exotic animal.

weird laws

$55; buy now at World Wildlife

Bring tears to the room when you announce that your friend has protected an endangered fossa. Or binturong. Or coatimundi. Yeah, with this gift, your friend will also learn about an animal they've never heard of before—and they'll get an accompanying plushie.

An all-terrain lighter.

lighter, unusual gifts

$49; buy now at ExoTac

A waterproof lighter? Believe it. ExoTac's TitanLight is a nigh indestructible lighter that can withstand water up to 3 feet; it's an essential part of any camper's inventory.

A helicopter tour of Hawaii.

Hawaii helicopter tour

$216 per person; buy now at Blue Hawaiian

Sure, they've seen the pristine beaches from eye level. But what about sky level? When it comes to touring Hawaii from above, Blue Hawaiian is the way to go: They've been commended for exemplary service by everyone from National Geographic to the Department of Defense.

Bespoke fragrance.

too much perfume

From $100; buy now at Unique Fragrance

Move aside, No. 5. Custom fragrance is the newest thing is perfuming. You can get your friend Unique Fragrance's basic starter kit for $100.

A coffee roaster.

From $10,000; buy now at Diedrich Roasters

Your friend definitely has a killer coffee pot, perhaps a grinder, and maybe even their own espresso machine. A roaster is truly next level. Diedrich Roasters offers fully customized coffee roasters: You can adjust aspects as minute as the gas output or the BTU. Then, consider pairing this gizmo with any of the 15 Best Coffee Makers on the Planet.

Adult horse camp.

horseback riding, unusual gifts

$399; buy now at Cowgirl Up Ranch

Get the cowgirl in your life a trip to horse camp for her next vacation—we promise it will be her favorite. The folks at Cowgirl Up put on a whole three-night shebang: campfires, meals, and, of course, a ton of horseback riding.

A designer eye-mask.

eye mask, unusual gifts

$98; buy now at ShopBop

An eye mask is possibly the last thing someone would think to buy designer. We're enamored with Morgan Lane's silk mask, which features artwork evocative of childlike innocence—and the hours and hours of sleep that go hand-and-hand with that age.

A luxurious wine tote.

wine tote, unusual gifts

$195; buy now at J.W. Hulme Co.

J. W Hulme's sumptuous hand-made leather wine totes give a stylish upgrade to any picnic. (Hey, it beats the heck out of the basic ones the wine store gives you.)

And some rare wine to put in it.

wine bottles

From $21 a bottle; buy now at Dirty Laundry

Sourcing a bottle from an up-and-coming region, like Okanagan, British Columbia, will show that you really know your grapes. Best Life suggestion: Spring for a bottle from Dirty Laundry, the top award-winner in the region.

Spirits with spirit.

spirits liquor booze gift ideas

From $28; buy now at Bitters and Bottles

No one will complain about a bottle of nice whiskey, of course. But if you really want to go above and beyond, sui generis spirits, like those produced by Ventura Spirits Company (they're the only manufacturer in the world to make vodka out of, as opposed to flavored by, strawberries, for example) will really leave an impression—so long as the recipient doesn't drink the whole bottle in one go.

A beer-making kit.

beer making kit gift ideas

$40; buy now at Williams Sonoma

Put the "craft" in "craft beer." A beer-making kit is like an adult science project with the added bonus that you get buzzed at the end. The basic option from Williams Sonoma comes with all of the ingredients and a step-by-step guide to ensure a perfectly hoppy, buzzy product comes out the other end. (Note: The beer-making process takes 30 days to complete.)

A rare-edition library addition

ai weiwei gift ideas

$1,500; buy now at Taschen

Yes, that's a $1,500 book. But Ai Weiwei's limited edition (only 1,000 copies were printed) compendium is worth every penny: The tome features unseen images from Weiwei's collection and features paper-cut chapter openers designed by the man himself.

Product photo by Mark Seelen

A portable (yes, really) shower.

$100; buy now at Rinse Kit

Something useful and thoughtful might seem boring at first, but each time your friend uses a practical gift—like Rinse Kit's portable shower, an ideal gizmo for lengthy camping trips—they'll be glad they met you.

Better backgammon.

backgammon gift ideas

$395; buy now at Neiman Marcus

Everyone knows how to play chess. You know what's cooler? Backgammon, the game of kings—literally. (It's believed that the Persian royal court invented the modern iteration of this game in the 6th century.) A colorful board, like this one from Jonathan Adler, brings the game into the 21st century, and it's sure to be more of a stunner than whatever blasé black-and-cream edition your friend may have.

A vintage guitar.

From $2,995; buy now at Gary's Guitars

Everyone knows the 1959 Les Paul; as far as vintage guitars go, that's the one. But how about a truly ancient—we're talking practically geriatric—Gibson? Say, one from 30 years earlier? Gary's Guitars, a little-known shop in Dillonvale, Ohio, has one of the most comprehensive selections of vintage guitars, including a handful of sterling-condition Gibson acoustics from the 1920s. Now that's something few collectors can claim to have.

A session with a personal stylist.

$70 a month; buy now at Agents of Style

You know what they say: Nothing can buy taste. So gift your friend the next best thing: Someone else's taste. With Agents of Style, for $70 a month, you can match your friend with up to three personal stylists based on preferred fashion and location. The best part? At any given time, at least one will be available on-call 24/7 via WhatsApp. Or, if you just want to learn some great style tips, check out all of our style coverage here.

A session with an interior designer.

nice living room

$200 per room; buy now at Havenly

Havenly will match your friend with someone who will conceptualize and redo their home, room-by-room, floor-to-ceiling. It's like Uber, but for inimitable style.

Creative writing courses.

cold open email, hiring process, boost your productivity

$425 for a 10-week session; buy now at Gotham Writing Workshop

Creative writing is a therapeutic and emotional outlet, and a workshop setting—where you can bounce ideas and edits off fellow nascent writers—is a lovely, collaborative to learn the craft. Gotham Writing Workshop offers sessions in New York (in case you couldn't guess, by the name) and digitally, so your friend can learn wherever they may be in the world.

An indoor skiing session.

$28 an hour; buy now at Chill Factore

Oh, you thought you could only ski outside? Think again! In recent years, due to the invention of snow-simulating grass, indoor skiing centers have been popping up around the world. For our money, Chill Factore, in Manchester, U.K., is the best one: They actually have real snow. (It's manmade, yes, but it's still very much frozen water and air.) Plus, Chill Factore has a variety of terrain, from moguls to steeps to rails and jumps, so all skill levels will be satisfied.

An indoor surfing experience.

indoor surfing woman unusual gifts

Price upon request; buy now at FlowRider

Yes, for most indoor surfing experiences, you have to go to a facility. (WaveLoch, for example, has dozens around the world.) But you can contact the manufacturer, FlowRider, directly and have one installed in your friend's home—or in their backyard.

A virtual reality headset.

oculus rift woman playing oculus rift unusual gifts

$399; buy now at Oculus

It's a computer for your face. And yes, in case you missed the memo, this straight-from-science-fiction tech is very real now. The overwhelming opinion in the tech community is that the Oculus Rift is the best on the market: it's got the highest processing speed and the deepest library of applications and games. Plus, it's owned by Facebook, so it's all but certain to get support for years to come.

Fashion week invites.

runway models fashion

From $0; stay tuned, at Fashion Week Online

There are two ways to get into fashion week. One, befriend a fashion editor, blogger, designer, stylist, or Instagram model, and tag along. Or two, scour Fashion Week Online during any of the eight fashion weeks each year (biannually in Paris, London, Milan, and New York). Many events require you to simply provide your friend's name and email address. And voila: They're at the chicest gathering around.

A baby animal.

desktop backgrounds puppy kitten cute animals

If your friend doesn't have one by now, trust us: They need one. A little fella will brighten their life immeasurably. Check Petfinder to find them the perfect companion.

And a bed for it.

dog bed gift ideas

From $65; buy now at Toad and Co.

And after you introduce your friend to their new best friend, go the extra mile: Get them a pet bed. Bonus points if you spring for an eco-friendly option, like this poof from Toad and Co.

A SUP board.

red paddle sup board gift ideas

$1,299; buy now at Red Paddle Co.

Supping is one of the fastest0growing sports in the world right now. It can be done anywhere there's water: lakes, oceans, rivers, and yes, even pools. A SUP board is the perfect gift for your most aquatic friend. We suggest Red Paddle Co.'s inflatable boards, since it won't take up too much space. This year, to celebrate their 10-year anniversary, they released a special edition 10-foot paddle board (center-left) that's designed for all skill levels—so your friend, too, can share in the fun.

Colored contacts.

pretty woman blue eyes

$19 per pair; buy now at Coloured Contacts

Because everyone looks better with a pair of piercing baby blues.

A charitable donation.

It's just a nice thing to do. Some suggestions: Heifer InternationalBooks for Africa, and Food for the Hungry.

A Nintendo Switch.

nintendo switch

$299; buy now at Best Buy

It's the hottest gaming accessory of the year; in fact, gaming website Kotaku declared the the Switch has "made Nintendo cool again." Since its release in March of this year, the thing has gone out of stock and back in stock—twice. Pick one up for your friend before it flies off the shelves again. At the very least, their kid(s) will love it.

Tickets to Hamilton.

Up to $849; buy now at Ticketmaster

Yes, this show is still cool. You can pick up tickets via a same-day lottery for as low as $10, but most advance tickets clock in at a little under $200. The best seats in the house will run you $849—and take it from us: your friend will love you forever for it.

Personalized stationary.

personalized stationary unusual gifts

$60; buy now at The Stationary Studio

The Stationary Studio offers hundreds of option of bespoke stationary; all you have to do is pick a favorite and type in a name. We're partial to the understated Fleur de Lis–inspired elegance of the Navy Damask cards. And who knows: Maybe your friend will send you a thank-you note written on their new personalized stationary.

A table at the world's most exclusive restaurant.


$75 per person; more info at Rao's Restaurant Group

Rao's is widely considered the most exclusive restaurant in the world. Instead of a traditional reservation system, the restaurant has a designated seating chart. In other words, individuals "own" tables—and then those tables are passed down from generation to generation, like cherished family heirlooms. So, to get a seat at this esteemed joint, you essentially have to know someone who knows someone (who knows someone…who knows someone…who…). Good luck!

A one-way trip to Mars.

mars colony

From $15; stay tuned, at Mars One

Mars One, the corporate initiative to colonize the Red Planet, is expected to open their final round of colonist applications this year. The first round application fees were $15 for U.S. citizens, but ran higher for citizens of other countries. (Mexican citizens, for instance, were charged $38.) Worldwide, 100,000 people applied. And if your friend-who-has-it-all does get accepted, hey, look at the bright side: You'll never have to slog through this annual gift-giving endeavor again.

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