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14 Must-Have Looks from Fall's Most Anticipated Movies

Suave men's style from the silver screen.

Blade Runner 2049Kingsman: The Golden CircleJumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Yes, it's shaping up to be a killer fall for fans of great action films. But these rock-em-sock-em movies aren't just inspiration for hitting the gym—they'll inspire you to update your wardrobe, as well.

Just look at Ryan Gosling's glorious topcoat he's wearing as he hunts replicants in the hugely anticipated Blade Runner follow-up. Or Taron Egerton's beautiful, burnt orange smoking jacket in the second Kingsman installment. Or Dwayne Johnson's (astonishingly) cool cargos he's rocking in the jungle of Jumanji. 

If you—like us—felt like Googling these items the minute you saw the movie trailers, read on, because we've got you covered. And for more great autumn fashion advice, check out the these Men's Must-Have Fall Wardrobe Classics.

Kingsman x TAG Heuer Connected Modular Smartwatch

TAG Heuer Kingsman Mr Porter upcoming films

From: Kingsman: The Golden Circle

$3,650; buy now at Mr. Porter

For the second time in a row, the producers behind the Kingsman films have teamed up with Mr. Porter to present a straight-from-the-film fashion line. The standout: This hi-tech watch (it's equipped with a GPS and an accelerometer) from TAG Heuer.

Tequila's Statesman Leather-Trimmed Shearling Bomber Jacket

kingsman shearling coat upcoming films

From: Kingsman: The Golden Circle

$2,495; buy now at Mr. Porter

This luxe-Americana shearling coat—as seen on Channing Tatum's character, Tequila, in Kingsman: The Golden Circle—is what you'd get if the Marlboro Man walked a runway in Milan.

Slim American Pima Cotton Shirt, by J Crew

j crew striped oxford shirt upcoming films

Inspired by: Call Me By Your Name

$65; buy now at J Crew

In the Oscar-buzzed Call Me By Your NameArmie Hammer—when he's not shirtless by the beach—sports casual striped Oxford collar button-downs. Wear them like Hammer, unbuttoned to the naval, or roll up your sleeves and slap on a classy, striped tie.

Ken Short-sleeved Linen Shirt, by Reiss

reiss linen shirt upcoming films

Inspired by: American Made 

$160; buy now at Reiss

Steal the style of Tom Cruise's money-laundering, drug-trafficking pilot from American Made by rocking a short sleeved linen shirt—a perfect uniform for galavanting through balmy Central America locales.

Wool Cashmere Topcoat, by Club Monaco

club monaco topcoat upcoming films

Inspired by: The Mountain Between Us

$595; buy now at Club Monaco

Plane crash movies are a dime a dozen, but The Mountain Between Us has one thing going for it: Idris Elba, who brings his preternatural poise and inimitable, inherent stylishness to the film. When the plane goes down, Elba's character, Ben Bass, can be seen wearing a hyper-suave single-breasted camel topcoat. We're not saying the jacket saved Bass's life—but we're not not saying that, either.

Bi-Swing Windbreaker, by Polo Ralph Lauren

ralph lauren windbreaker upcoming films

Inspired by: The Foreigner

$125; buy now at Ralph Lauren

Jackie Chan punches and stunts his way through The Foreigner wearing a nondescript dark tan windbreaker for the bulk of the film. No, a similar coat won't imbue you with martial arts abilities—but it will serve as a perfect transition piece going into colder weather.

Piquet Polo, by Thomas Meier

thomas meier polo upcoming films

Inspired by: Battle of the Sexes

$200; buy now at Thomas Meier

Put a twist on the tennis shirts Steve Carell wears in Battle of the Sexes by springing for a polo with '70s-inspired details. But keep things modern by picking a shirt with a bicep-hugging, slimmed down fit—and by leaving the chauvinism to the film.

Shearling Topcoat, by Balmain

balmain shearling top coat upcoming films

Inspired by: Blade Runner 2049

$6,765; buy now at Mr. Porter

Futuristic neo-noir car coats riddle the world of Blade Runner 2049. Pick up a black, fur-lined one, like the elegant number worn by Ryan Gosling's character, K. (For more on Blade Runner 2049, see why This Video of Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling Cracking Up Is the Best Thing You'll See All Day.)

Thomas Crew, by Jason Scott

jason scott t shirt upcoming films

Inspired by: Blade Runner 2049

$65; buy now at Jason Scott

In contrast to Gosling's extravagant get-up, Harrison Ford appears in Blade Runner 2049 with a far more reserved look: jeans and a simple grey t-shirt. Copy Ford himself. When he's not on-set, the actor wears tees from rising-star designer Jason Scott.


Soft Square Metal Optic Frame Glasses, by Tom Ford

tom ford eyeglasses upcoming films

Inspired by: Suburbicon

$450; buy now at Tom Ford

Bring Matt Damon's 1950s nuclear family style from Suburbicon into the 21st century with a pair of tortoiseshell half-rimmed eyeglasses. Just do your best to not get punched in the face, unlike Damon's character, Gardner.

Lightweight Italian Wool Blazer, by Bonobos

bonobos blazer upcoming films

Inspired by: Thor: Ragnarok

$450; buy now at Bonobos

Yes, Thor: Ragnarok, despite its goofy, comic book costumes, contains a nugget of style. When Mark Ruffalo takes a turn as Bruce Banner—as opposed to the mountainous Hulk—he sports a blue blazer over a white tee shirt.

Canopy Stripe, by The Tie Bar

tie bar tie upcoming films

Inspired by: LBJ

$19; buy now at The Tie Bar

Call it Mad Men style, call it Jame Bond's legacy, no matter how you cut it, '60s suiting—with slimmer everything, from lapels to ties to fit—is back. Follow the trend by slapping on a slim, striped ties, like the many Woody Harrelson wears as the titular character in LBJ.

Castron Cargo, by J Brand

j brand cargo pants upcoming films

Inspired by: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

$218; buy now at J Brand

No one asked for a Jumanji follow-up, just like no one asked for cargo pants to make a comeback. But when Dwayne Johnson applies his magic touch, everything seems to work out just fine. Johnson's character sports olive cargo pants throughout Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle—and looks fantastic the whole way through. Just make sure to spring for a slim, tailored fit, or else you risk looking like the reason cargo pants went out of style in the first place.

Jason Suede Chelsea Boots, by George Cleverly

suede chelsea boots kingsman upcoming films

From: Kingsman: The Golden Circle

$950; buy now at Mr. Porter

Yes, yes, we know: Another piece from Kingsman!? But here's the thing: The second Mr. Porter x Kingsman collection is solid gold. Between the high-tech timepiece, the ultra-luxe shearling, the Saville Row tailoring, the 18-karat gold fountain pen, and these suave and savvy Chelsea boots (just…look at them, and bask), one thing's for sure: Kingsman: The Golden Circle truly may be the most stylish film of all time—ever.

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