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50 Gifts So Great You'll Want to Buy Them for Yourself

This season, feel free to be a little selfish.

Admit it: Despite your best intentions while shopping for friends or loved ones, you feel a natural pang of jealousy. Shouldn't that amazing décor accent—or uniquely flattering coat—be yours? After all, you're the one who's putting down the cash.

Of course, it's the holidays, and seasonal cheer will always win out. Still, it's nice to stumble across items that can induce such envy—it only affirms how great they are. So, whether you're eager to treat your friends, your siblings, or your partner, we've rounded up 50 such gifts. They're so amazing that, no matter what, you'll want to keep them for yourself—though that doesn't mean you should.

Valet Tiger Tray

best gifts
Image via Jonathan Adler

$68; buy now at Jonathan Adler

If you're always losing your keys or misplacing your jewelry, give them a dedicated place to hang out with this adorable tiger valet tray from Jonathan Adler. With a playful tiger rug design on the bottom and elegant gold edging, this chic dish can jazz up even the most boring nightstand.

Victrola Bluetooth Speaker Table

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$230; buy now at Urban Outfitters

Playing your favorite music just got a whole lot more chic. Not only is this attractive table a great way to play your favorite songs via Bluetooth, it actually adds surface space to your room rather than reducing it with yet another appliance.

Shearling Coat

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$2,498; buy now at Brooks Brothers

Who says that staying warm this winter has to mean piling on endless puffy layers? This Brooks Brothers shearling coat has a slim fit that won't overwhelm your outfit, and its casual-chic style pairs as well with a business suit as it does a sweater and jeans.

Everyday Objects Terra-Cotta Flowerpots

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Image via Tiffany

$95; buy now at Tiffany

Jewelry boxes aren't the only way to infuse your life with a little Tiffany blue. Whether you're filling them with daisies or planting succulents, these adorable flower pots can add a brilliant pop of color to any garden or windowsill.

Skull Table Lamp

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$120; buy now at MoMA Design Store

If you're looking for the perfect statement piece to give a friend or family member, look no further than this skull lamp from the MoMA Design Store. The ideal addition to any modernist home (or just a great piece to trot out at Halloween), once you see this bad boy in action, you might just consider buying one for yourself.

Etched Skyline Wine Glasses

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Image via Uncommon Goods

$24; buy now at Uncommon Goods

Make your favorite drink a whole lot more fun by pouring it into one of these skyline wine glasses from Uncommon Goods. Even if you've moved away from your hometown, you can enjoy spying its skyline's most impressive sights with every sip.

Large Copper Candlesticks

best gifts
Image via Of a Kind

$49; buy now at Of a Kind

Whether you're hosting a fancy dinner party or just having a romantic dinner at home, there's nothing like candlelight to set the mood. Fortunately, these attractive copper candlesticks are pretty enough to put out for virtually any occasion.

Golden Chain Flap Bag

best gifts
Image via & Other Stories

$125; buy now at & Other Stories

Want a sophisticated chain bag for a night out, but don't exactly have the budget for Chanel? At just $125, this chain flap bag from & Other Stories is a stylish, wallet-friendly complement to any look.

Clever Girl Travel Mug

best gifts
Image via Society6

$29; buy now at Society6

If you're eager to celebrate your love for Jurassic Park, but not ready to fill your home with dinosaur merchandise, this mug is the ideal addition to your collection—and better yet, can help reduce your reliance on paper cups.

Prisma Jewelry Tray

best gifts
Image via Fab

$21.95; buy now at Fab

The perfect spot to stash the jewelry you wear on a daily basis isn't in your jewelry box—it's on a jewelry tray, where those baubles can still shine. Fortunately, this Prisma Jewelry Tray is just as beautiful as your jewelry itself.

Antler Bowl

best gifts
Image via Pier One

$79.95; buy now at Pier One

You don't need to be a taxidermy enthusiast to infuse your home with a little hunting-lodge-inspired charm. Case in point: this antler bowl from Pier One is the ideal accent piece for your end table or kitchen.

Drink Rocks Set

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Image via Poketo

$38; buy now at Poketo

Want to cool off your favorite drink without watering it down? Try these Poketo drink rocks on for size. Not only will they not dilute your drink, they're more attractive than your average whiskey stones.

Brass/White Mother of Pearl Photo Frame

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Image via Ahalife

$195; buy now at AHA Life

Whether you're adding a photo from your wedding or a picture of your best friends to it, this elegant frame is the perfect place to house those memories you never want to forget.

Planetary Glass Ornament Set

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Image via ThnkGeek

$49.99; buy now at Think Geek

Who says that your love of space and your holiday spirit have to be mutually exclusive? With this Planetary Glass Ornament Set from ThinkGeek, this year's tree will be truly out of this world.

Peaceful Progression Wakeup Clock

best gifts
Image via Hammacher Schlemmer

$79.95; buy now at Hammacher Schlemmer

Turning those brutal early morning wake-ups into something far more pleasant is easy with this clock from Hammacher Schlemmer. Instead of blasting you with loud music and bright lights, this clock lets you wake up slowly and comfortably as the lights and sounds crescendo.

Vintage Fir Global Wall Mirror

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Image via Viva Terra

$695; buy now at Viva Terra

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? While you may look good, this mirror is every bit as swoon-worthy as you are.

Happy Alone Print

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Image via Stay Home Club

$15; buy now at Stay Home Club

If you're a solo flier, a lone wolf, or just your run-of-the mill recluse, this adorable print from Stay Home Club will definitely speak to you.

Books Ring

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Image via Snash Jewelry

$58; buy now at Snash Jewelry

Represent a love of both ostentatious '80s style and great literature with this chunky ring from Snash Jewelry. Of course, if books aren't your thing, the brand also makes rings that say everything from "cat lady" to "hot sauce."

Jet Set Shaving Kit

best gifts
Image via Jet Set

$65; buy now at Boarding Pass

Add a little flair to your packing list by adding this Jet Set Shaving Kit to your travel bag. Already a handsome piece on the outside, the bag's interior has a stylish jet pattern that's sure to make you yearn for your next trip.

Shearling Gloves

best gifts
Image via Brooks Brothers

$248; buy now at Brooks Brothers

Keeping your hands warm this winter doesn't have to mean relying on those battered old mittens you've had since grade school. Instead, upgrade your winter weather survival kit with a much more grown-up option: these chic shearling gloves from Brooks Brothers.

Kartal Rug

best gifts
Image via Huckberry

$539.50; buy now at Huckberry

Give your floors a stylish makeover with this gorgeous Kartal Rug from Huckberry. Hand-woven in Turkey, this one-of-a-kind piece is the perfect addition to any room.

Faux Succulent Terrarium

best gifts
Image via Crate & Barrel

$49.95; buy now at Crate & Barrel

Don't have much of a green thumb? Not a problem anymore, thanks to this faux succulent terrarium from Crate & Barrel. This no-maintenance plant is adorable, but won't add even an ounce of stress to your life.

I Am Very Busy Notebook

best gifts
Image via

$12; buy now at

Feeling a little overwhelmed by your schedule? Add this "I Am Very Busy" notebook from to your must-buy list.

Acorn Cushion

best gifts
Image via Donna Wilson

$86.26; buy now at Donna Wilson

Your love of nature and your admiration for quirky home goods intersect in one item: this Donna Wilson acorn cushion. Equal parts adorable and functional, this accent pillow is the perfect way to ring in fall.

Palm Reader Jewelry Stand

best gifts
Image via Kikkerland

$20; buy now at Kikkerland

Practice your palmistry and keep your jewelry accounted for with this kitschy palm reader jewelry stand. Next stop: your own fortune telling stand.

Gucci Tiger Head Earrings

best gifts
Image via Farfetch

$820; buy now at Farfetch

Spice up your wardrobe by adding these Gucci earrings to your regular jewelry roster. Whether you're pairing them with jeans and a t-shirt or a formal gown, these baubles will elevate any outfit in an instant.

Mexchic Hand Woven Fluffy Blanket With Pom Poms

best gifts
Image via Garmentory

$425; buy now at Garmentory

Comfort and style go hand-in-hand with this cozy and adorable Mexchic blanket. Perfect for tossing over the arm of your couch or at the foot of your bed, you won't be able to wait to curl up under it.

Can't Fake the Funk Travel Set

best gifts
Image via Lingua Franca

$425; buy now at Lingua Franca

Hand-embroidered on ultra-soft cashmere, Lingua Franca's travel line is the ultimate way to make those cramped seats and stale airline pretzels feel a little more worthwhile.

Solid Brass Fire Kit

best gifts
Image via Cool Material

$95; buy now at Cool Material

If you're a non-smoker, odds are you don't carry a lighter with you. Luckily, for those who still want to be able to start a bonfire at a moment's notice (and look good doing it), this chic bronze match kit has everything you need to do so.

Antiqued Zinc Latika Tabletop Lantern

best gifts
Image via World Market

From $9.99; buy now at World Market

Light up your outdoor meals this summer with these chic lanterns from World Market. Stylish, unobtrusive, and a beautiful source of illumination for your porch or backyard, nobody will ever guess you spent under $10 on them.

Petrified Wood Bookends

best gifts
Image via West Elm

$79; buy now at West Elm

Keep your books neatly organized and the top of your bookcase looking pristine with these bookends made from petrified wood. In fact, they're so chic, you'll be petrified to let go of them.

Baobab Fruit Basket

best gifts
Image via Animi Causa

$48.99; buy now at Animi Causa

Turn any apples in your crisper drawer into a bona fide centerpiece with this Baobab Fruit Basket from Animi Causa. Even when it's empty, it still looks more stylish than that stack of mail usually occupying its spot.

Bishop Pajama Set

best gifts
Image via Sleepy Jones

$178; buy now at Sleepy Jones

Sleeping soundly just got a whole lot more stylish, thanks to these pajamas from Sleepy James. And luckily, even if the night is cloudy, you'll still have tons of constellations to look at with this celestial pattern.

Regina Andrew Design Fluted Crystal Ball Lamp

best gifts
Image via Neiman Marcus

$195; buy now at Neiman Marcus

Brighten up any room with this Crystal Ball Lamp from Regina Andrew Design. The perfect shape and size for any nightstand or table, the only question your friends will be asking this crystal ball is, "Where did you get that?"

Rinse & Repeat Diffuser

best gifts
Image via Snowe Home

$40; buy now at Snowe Home

Instead of filling the air in your home with the noxious scent of chemical air freshener, sweetly perfume it with this Rinse & Repeat Diffuser from Snowe Home. With notes of Calla lily and fresh leaves, this diffuser can turn any room into a relaxing retreat.

Striped Pommed Beanie

best gifts
Image via Anthropologie

$238; buy now at Anthropologie

Keep your head warm and your outfit stylish by topping off your favorite outfit with this beanie from Anthropologie. With thick stripes, an oversized pom pom, and a soft merino wool body, this adorable hat will keep you looking as cute as you are comfortable.

Le Creuset Pitcher

best gifts
Image via Sur La Table

$45; buy now at Sur La Table

Le Creuset's many talents extend well past the confines of your stove. Case in point: this beautiful enamelware pitcher, perfect for a batch of sangria or—if you want to give your kids front-and-center attention—some homemade lemonade.

Black Dot Pen Set

best gifts
Image via Kate Spade

$20; buy now at Kate Spade

Upgrade your desktop accessories with this Black Dot Pen Set from Kate Spade. Not only are they more stylish than the pens you've been stealing from your office's supply cabinet, you'll always be able to spot one that's been borrowed for too long by a coworker.

Mason Jar Drink Dispenser

best gifts
Image via Pottery Barn

$51.50; buy now at Pottery Barn

If you love the rustic style of a Mason jar, add this Mason jar dispenser to your summer repertoire. The perfect accoutrement for any backyard party, this adorable container is sure to be a hit.

Solid Dog-Lid Candle

best gifts
Image via One Kings Lane

$119; buy now at One Kings Lane

Show your love for your canine companion while adding the sweet scent of gardenias to your home with this candle. Fortunately, even when it's not in use, this candle, which will give you an impressive 540 hours of burn time, is still pretty adorable.

Taylor Black Gold Wireless Headphones

best gifts
Image via Frends

$229.99; buy now at Frends

Who says that your tech accessories can't be every bit as cute as the rest of your outfit? With these gold-accented headphones from Frends, you can wear your music (and your fashion sense) from head to toe.

Classic Bar Globe Cabinet Regolo

best gifts
Image via Zoffoli Globe

$459.95; buy now at Zoffoli Globe

The only thing cooler than having a private bar? Having a private bar stashed inside a globe. Fortunately, this Zoffoli Globe bar set can kill two birds with one stone.

V-Neck Cashmere Sweater

brooks brothers cashmere v neck sweaters

$298; buy now at Brooks Brothers

Staying warm this winter doesn't have to mean adding infinite layers to your look. With this V-neck cashmere sweater from Brooks Brothers, you can beat the wintery chill while looking like a million bucks.

Motor Robe With Leather Carrier

best gifts
Image via Pendleton

$99.50; buy now at Pendleton

Whether you're packing for a picnic or an overnight trip, this Motor Robe from Pendleton can't be beat. Better yet, the leather carrier it comes in means you can free up space in your suitcase for more important things, like clothes and books.

Cashmere Tech Gloves

best gifts
Image via Naked Cashmere

$95; buy now at Naked Cashmere

You no longer have to decide between keeping your hands warm and keeping in touch with your friends. Thanks to these cashmere tech gloves, you can text in style and comfort, no matter how low the temperature dips.

Kansai 2-in-1 Rucksack

best gifts
Image via All Saints

$298; buy now at All Saints

That childish backpack you've been wearing since high school just won't cut it as an adult. Luckily, this Kansai 2-in-1 Rucksack is not only stylish, but has a separate fanny pack you can wear on its own.

Monogrammed Dog Sweater

best gifts
Image via Etsy

$26.55; buy now at Etsy

Who says that your friends and family members are the only ones deserving of a great gift? This holiday season, treat your prized pooch to the gift of great style with this adorable monogrammed dog sweater.

Personalized Lexington Whiskey Decanter and Glasses Set

best gifts
Image via Wine Enthusiast

$99.95; buy now at Wine Enthusiast

A great whiskey deserves a great decanter and glasses. The good news? With this personalized set, you'll always be pouring in style.

Michael Kors Access Runway Gold-Tone Smartwatch

best gifts
Image via Michael Kors

$350; buy now at Michael Kors

Just because you're not an Apple fan doesn't mean you can't enjoy the convenience of a smartwatch. Better yet, this Michael Kors watch is even more elegant.

Abeille Black Slipper

best gifts
Image via Stubbs & Wootton

$500; buy now at Stubbs & Wootton

Comfort and style can go hand-in-hand—or, rather, hand-in-foot—as these Stubbs & Wootton slippers prove. Fortunately, they look every bit as fashionable when paired with your favorite leggings as they do with your traditional workplace attire.

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