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Love Letters for Her So Sweet, She Might Just Cry

Use the examples below to let her know just how much she means to you.

Sure—writing love letters to her may seem a little extra in the age of texting—especially if you're in a long-term romance and see each other all the time. But if you can brush off the feelings of mawkishness and redundancy, you might find that putting your feelings into words has a positive impact on your relationship. Some experts even think that this "outmoded" form of communication helps us express ourselves more easily, more often, and more authentically.

In addition, there are certain circumstances in which love letters are a no-brainer. Long-distance relationships can certainly benefit from this kind of attention. Anniversaries? Yes. Birthdays? Even better. Of course, there is one hurdle to address, and it revolves around what to say. It's not easy for everyone to be able to put their thoughts onto paper in the way their partners deserve. So, we decided to do the work for you. Below, we've put together a few love notes you can send over the next time she's due for a little extra affection.

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How to Write Romantic Love Letters for Her

I love you message type on old typewriter
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Be honest.

If you're at the point in your relationship where you're writing love letters, it's safe to say the two of you know each other pretty well. And if that's the case, your partner will be able to pick up on any hint of insincerity. It's fine to get excited about new romantic gestures, just don't get so carried away that you start making stuff up.

Make it personal.

It's always a good idea to personalize these missives by including specific memories, inside jokes, or shared experiences that mean something to you both. It shows you've actually taken the time to think about the relationship and the bond you share.

Be specific.

The more descriptive you can be, the better. Highlighting specifics really helps to create a sense of intimacy. Don't shy away from words that engage the senses and evoke emotions. Put in the extra effort and try to accurately describe how she makes you feel.

Don't just talk about the now.

It's great to reflect on a happy past together, but it's also a good idea to look towards the future. Talk about things you guys have yet to explore together and what you look forward to most about the next chapter. Show her just how committed you really are.

Don't rush it.

We can't emphasize this one enough: Take your time. Rush jobs always reveal themselves, and this is one area where you really don't want to skimp on things. Even after you figure out what to say, you might want to take a beat. Let things marinate, and be sure to proof for any errors before sending it her way.

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Emotional Love Letters for Her

woman reading a sweet love letter in bed
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Completes me.

Dear [Name],

Do you know just how happy you've made me? How much sunshine you've brought into my life? How much laughter you pulled out of me and how grateful I am because of it? Every moment we spend together seems to outdo the last. Painful as it is to part, I know I'll walk away armed with new and amazing memories; souvenirs that will help sustain me until we see each other again. Being with you has become part of who I am, part of how others see me, and part of how I see myself. I always dreamed about meeting such an incredible woman, but I never anticipated just how transformative it would be. Today, I am happier, I am healthier, and I have never been more excited for tomorrow. In your arms, I find solace and in your eyes I find hope. You are the missing piece to my puzzle, the peanut butter to my jelly, my love, my soulmate, and my one and only, forever and always.

Yours eternally,

[Your Name]

Makes me laugh.

To my sweet [Name],

Today, I find myself even more in love with you than I could have ever imagined. You are such a wonderful woman, with such a pretty face, such a wonderful way of navigating the world around you, and such a profound influence over everyone around you. I've waited all my life to meet someone with your kind of wit: the kind of humor that doesn't erase grief or pain, but embraces it. You have a way of bringing some much-needed lightness into my life, no matter how heavy the moment, no matter how grim the circumstance. What an extraordinary human being you are. It's not just about what you say either, it's your entire essence. It's the way you act, the way you move, and the way you respond to things unfolding around you. Call it empathy, call it proof of a calm and understanding nature, or call it something else entirely. Whatever it is, I know this: Only an idiot would pass up on the opportunity to spend the rest of his life loving someone with that kind of power. So, my darling, the next time I need some cheering up, the next time I need a laugh, and sure, I'll say it, the next time I need someone to turn my frown upside down, I'll look to you. And the best part? I know I won't have to look very far.

From here till eternity,

[Your Name]

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Sweet Love Letters for Your Girlfriend

Love letter and antique quill on a black background
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In admiration.

My darling [Name],

It's not easy for me to express myself here so I'll start out simple: I love you so much and I look forward to spending the rest of my life making you happy. Just the thought of you is enough to turn my entire day around. I love creating memories with you and I am so grateful that I get to spend my entire life with such an amazing woman by my side. When you're young, single, and somewhat hopeless, you think about what your life partner might look like. You think of someone attractive, though I could have never imagined such a beautiful woman for myself. You think of someone supportive, though I could have never imagined someone walking me through all those big and small moments in life.

Finally, you think of someone that will inspire you—someone who will help guide you toward certain triumphs and certain successes—though I could have never imagined someone who would help make every one of my dreams come true. And yet, I found her. Or better yet, I found you, a truly amazing person who is completely dedicated to helping me achieve all the happiness in the world. How is it that I've become the luckiest man alive? I'll never know. But I can tell you this: In return, I will dedicate my whole world to you. I will love you unconditionally, I will support you enthusiastically, and I will exhaust myself until I can rest easy knowing I have done everything in my power to make you the happiest person alive. You have my whole heart.

With love,

[Your Name]

Finding the One.

To the most beloved woman in my life,

There was a time when I thought singlehood looked good on me. I thought I appreciated the independence, and I thought I would thrive in my quiet, calm surroundings. But then you came along and shattered that notion into a million little pieces. And you know what? I am so utterly grateful you did. Today, I don't have much independence and I certainly don't have much quiet. But you know what I do have? A joyful and adventurous life. Every morning I wake up invigorated and full of excitement. Every night I fall asleep feeling happy and fulfilled. Every day is full of music and much-appreciated mayhem.

Your presence has turned my world upside down, in the best possible way. Each moment with you is a reminder that fate works in mysterious ways, bringing two strangers together under the most unexpected circumstances. You have taught me that love is real, powerful, and transformative. You have brought meaning and purpose into my life, and I'll never be able to thank you enough for it. You are my greatest blessing, my lucky charm, and my partner in crime. With you, I have discovered a love that exceeds my wildest imagination, and I will protect it for as long as I live.


[Your Name]

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Cute Love Letters For Her

man writing love letters for girlfriend in notebook
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You have my heart.

To [Name],

I want you to know that you aren't just my girlfriend, you're also my best friend. You embody everything I could have ever asked for in a partner, and your love has transformed my life, giving it both purpose and meaning. Not only that, but you are an incredible woman, with a heart full of kindness and compassion. You have the most remarkable ability to bring light to even my darkest days. In your embrace, I find comfort, solace, and a sense of belonging as I've never felt before. You have touched my life in ways I never thought possible, and I am forever grateful for everything you have given me. With you by my side, I feel invincible, ready to face any challenge tomorrow may bring. You are not just special to me; you are the very essence of my existence and I will cherish you always.

Forever yours,

[Your Name]

When she's gone.

My beloved [Name],

There really aren't words to express exactly how you make me feel, but I'll do my best here. Being apart from you is tough, but it just makes the time we have together even more special. I appreciate every second we get to spend together, and I can't wait until we can be reunited again. Of course, the distance isn't easy, but we've got a love that can conquer anything. Your support and kindness mean the world to me, and I feel so lucky to have you in my life. Even though we're apart, I carry you with me everywhere I go. I miss you like crazy, but I know that our love is strong enough to get us through anything. I can't wait to be back in your arms again.

Yours always,

[Your Name]

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Short Love Letters for Your Girlfriend

woman reading a text message on her phone
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Simple and sweet.

Hey love,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I appreciate you. You really do make every day so much better. Sure, your smile and your laugh are to die for, but it's just being around that really makes my heart sing. I am so lucky to have you in my life and I can't thank you enough for always being there for me. You are the kindest, smartest, and most beautiful person I know. You inspire me to be a better person each and every day. I just want you to know how grateful I am for you and everything you do. I'm excited about all the adventures we have ahead together and can't wait to see what the future holds for us.

Love you more than words can say,

[Your Name]

Less is more.

To the most amazing woman,

We both know I'm not great with words, but let me say this: I am absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of love you have brought into my life. You met a lonely guy and gave him the kind of company he had always craved. You met a selfish person and taught him what it meant to put someone before himself. You've brought me out of my shell and into a world where I never fully felt like I fully belonged. You are an absolutely amazing girlfriend and I am so lucky to have you. With you, I feel complete, understood, and loved in every way. Know that I adore you and that my actions will always speak louder than my words.

Yours always,

[Your Name]

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Funny Love Letters for Her

a woman laughing while reading funny love letters for her
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She who makes me laugh.

My [Name],

When will this comedy hour come to a close? I hope never. If you decide to tour here again, please let me know. I'll be the first in line and the last to leave, as your ever-adoring audience of one. From your perfectly timed one-liners to your desperate attempts to make light of my morning routine, your sense of humor really is the gift that keeps on giving. Of everyone else out there, I'm happy you chose me to be on the receiving end of it all. Of course, it's always great to sneak in a laugh. But it's even better to be reminded not to take things too seriously; that life is full of joy and that it shouldn't be overlooked. Oh, and having a personal playmate to banter back and forth with is pretty cool, too. If laughter really is the best medicine, then you can bet that I'll be hanging on for a lot longer than I would've bargained for. With that, I'll bring this little love letter to a close. But before I do, let me say that with you, life is an amazing adventure filled with laughs and endless punchlines.

Much love,

[Your Name]

What's your name again?

My love,

What's your name again? I'm kidding, of course. I would never waste such a meaningful gesture on such a silly joke. Or would I? You might know better than me. You are, after all, my better half. So, eh, dear (we'll have to stick to that for now), I want to thank you here and now for helping me grow into the best version of myself. I am happier, stronger, and more at peace than I have ever been in my life, and all thanks to you. If only you could work that magic on my memory, because, for the life of me, I really cannot remember your name. Don't worry—just because I don't know what to call you doesn't mean I don't remember your smile, your body, and your wonderful way of being. I am so looking forward to our future together. If not to see you become more beautiful with each passing year, then to test the limits of your kindness. After all, you will be growing old with a man who becomes more forgetful over time and who calls you by many endearments, but only occasionally by your name.

But—back to the present. Let's pretend that I didn't momentarily blank out on the whole name thing, OK? Because what really matters is that you always manage to make my heart skip a beat. As far as my mind, well, you'll probably find a way to make that flatline altogether. So, to my incredible, amazing, and absolutely unforgettable [insert name here], thank you for bringing so much light laughter into my life. I love you always.


[Your Name]

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Love Letters for Special Occasions

a woman opening up a birthday card
Pintau Studio / Shutterstock

Valentines Day

My beloved [Name],

Today we're meant to celebrate the special bond that exists between us. Just when I think it can't grow any stronger, tomorrow comes, and my love for you feels even more powerful than it did the day before. You light my world up in ways I didn't know possible. Today, I want to take the opportunity to shower you with affection and remind you of all the happiness you bring into my world. It's a wonderful gift, and fortunately for me, one that cannot be returned, exchanged, or put on hold. Today, let's revel in all that we have created and take the opportunity to create even more amazing memories together.

Forever yours,

[Your Name]


My dearest [Name],

Happy Birthday to the most incredible woman in my life. How lucky I am to be part of your journey. Today, we celebrate the extraordinary individual you have become and the profound impact you have on all you love. You bring so much joy, so much laughter, and so much love into every moment you share. Your kindness, consideration, and compassion inspire us all. May all your dreams come true, and may the years ahead be filled with love, adventure, and unforgettable memories. Thank you for being you.

With all my heart,

[Your Name]


My darling [Name],

Today marks another year of shared love, laughter, and cherished memories. It feels like just yesterday we kicked off this beautiful journey. Words will never be enough to express just how grateful I am for all these years we've had since. You are my rock, my confidante, and my soulmate. I am in awe of the woman you were, the woman I see before me, and the woman you are destined to become. Our love has weathered storms and soared to unimaginable heights. And your unwavering support, understanding, and unconditional love have made it more than worth the while. Today, I celebrate you and the beautiful love we share. I am excited for all the adventures that lie ahead, all the dreams we will pursue together, and all the moments we will have as we walk into the future hand in hand. Happy Anniversary, my love. Here's to many more years of love, happiness, and creating beautiful memories together.

With all my love,

[Your Name]

Wrapping Up

That's it for our list of love letters for her, but be sure to check back with us soon for even more wise words. You can also sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss out on what's next!

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