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Bath & Body Works Shopper Says Plug-In Wallflower Caused Property Damage

Others shared that they've also experienced problems with this popular product.

Bath & Body Works knows how to pull customers in. Whether you're a self-proclaimed Bath & Body Works candle superfan, or you're looking for designer perfume dupes, this beloved retailer has a product and a scent for every shopper. But if you're planning to freshen up your space with one of Bath & Body Works' best-sellers, you may want to heed a new warning from a customer who claims a plug-in Wallflower caused property damage in her home.

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A 34-year-old TikToker named Karla posted a video to her account @karlamarieoliver on March 14 to share a "fail" she experienced with one of Bath & Body Works' Wallflower plug-ins.

As Karla shows in her TikTok, she had the air freshener plugged in to an outlet under a granite countertop in her kitchen.

"My Bath & Body Works Wallflower absorbed through 1+ inch of granite and stained the top," she writes in text overlaying the video. "Any serious suggestions to improve this situation?"

In the TikTok, you can see a large stain covering the bottom side of her counter right above where the air freshener had been plugged in, and a matching mark on top of the counter.


Honestly, it's fine. I will try putting it in rice. [Just to be clear — I only plugged it back in to make this video!] #bathandbodyworks #wallflower #adultfail #whoops #mybad #fyp #sendhelp

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The stain most likely came from the concentrated essential oils that are dispensed from the Wallflower to fill a space with fragrance. But many users in the comment section of Karla's TikTok—which has since garnered over 5.3 million views—debated how this could have happened.

"As a geologist, my jaw is on the floor because granite is very impermeable meaning liquid has a hard time passing through it," one user commented.

They theorized that Karla's counter might not actually be granite, as they explained "most stones that hardware stores call 'granite' [are] just another igneous or sometimes metamorphic rock."

Another user weighed in, responding that they don't believe the Bath & Body Works Wallflower plug-in actually penetrated the counter, however.

"The granite probably slowly heated up and discolored whatever finish was on the top," they wrote.

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Others shared similar experiences, claiming that Bath & Body Works' Wallflower plug-ins had damaged their tables, cabinets, baseboards, stairs, walls, and dressers.

"One of the reasons I stopped using them. They spill and ruin," one person wrote in the comment section.

Best Life reached out to Bath & Body Works about these customer complaints, and we will update this story with the company's response.

But many commenters said the damage Karla showed was simply "user error," pointing out in the comment section of her TikTok that you are supposed to keep a certain amount of clear space above the plug-ins.

Bath & Body Works confirms this on its website.

"Though thoroughly tested and completely safe to use, Wallflowers refills contain fragrance oils that may damage finished surfaces and some plastics, so always keep a 12-inch clearance above your plug to prevent damage to surrounding surfaces. If oil spills, be sure to wipe it up immediately," the retailer states in its Wallflower Usage Tips.

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