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Dollar Tree Shoppers Rave About New Korean Beauty Products "For Only $1.25"

These foreign finds can leave your skin looking flawless at an affordable price.

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When it comes to beauty, Korean products are often considered to be the best of the best. These cosmetics are created with high-quality ingredients and innovative techniques to help people achieve flawless skin. But you don't have to travel halfway around the world just to get your hands on some Korean beauty products: You could just drive down the road to your nearest Dollar Tree instead.

"If you're looking for affordable Korean skincare, make sure you check out Dollar Tree," popular TikToker @onecutecouponer tells viewers in a recent video. "I was able to find tons of Korean skincare mess for only $1.25, so make sure you hit up your local Dollar Tree to see what you can find."

And it seems that other TikTok users have already done just that. Read on to see their top picks for Korean beauty at Dollar Tree.

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Snail Face Mask

Dollar Tree Korean beauty products snail face mask

In a May 5 video, TikTok user @MainStMuse takes viewers through her shopping trip at a Dollar Tree in Oregon, highlighting some of the interesting items she hadn't seen in the store before.

"They're getting in a lot of Korean beauty stuff, which I love because if you know anything about Korean beauty, it is the best," she says.

One of the first items she points out is the Eunyul Natural Snail Moisture Mask Pack, which is a Korean-based snail sheet mask.

"Let me tell you, snail mucin is so good. I use it on my skin, I love it so much," @MainStMuse explains.

According to the Mayo Clinic, snail mucin (which is the mucus that snails secrete) "contains antioxidants that may help reduce signs of aging like wrinkles, uneven skin tone and sagging."

Pearl Face Mask

Dollar Tree Korean beauty products pearl face mask

That isn't the only new item @MainStMuse spots in the face mask section at Dollar Tree. In her video, she also highlights the Eunyul Natural Pearl Moisture Mask Pack, which utilizes pearl extracts in its formula instead of snail mucin.

As the well-known skincare company Nivea explains on its website, the use of pearl extracts as an ingredient in beauty products can help "treat acne prone skin; slow the aging process; and provide skin with a natural, supple and youthful glow."

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Cherry Blossom Toner

Dollar Tree Korean Beauty freeman cherry blossom toner

In a May 14 video posted to her TikTok account @annikakrouse, Annika Krouse tells viewers that they "need to grab" the Freeman Beauty Korean Cherry Blossom Toner if they see it at their local Dollar Tree.

"This is true Korean skincare," she says. "It is made in Korea. It is not tested on animals—no parabens, sulfates, or phthalates."

This toner—which is meant to minimize your pores—is "very hydrating" and "does not have a scent," according to Krouse.

"It is awesome, awesome, awesome. So grab one or two [bottles] when you see them," she urges.

Krouse has even more praise for the Korean beauty toner in the comment section of her TikTok video, calling it her "absolute new fav," and saying that she "hopes it's a forever product."

Neck Lift Patch

Dollar Tree Korean beauty products neck lift mask

If you're looking for beauty products that benefit more than just your face, Dollar Tree is selling a K-Beauty Neck Lift Firming Hydrogel Neck Patch from the brand Nu-Pore, as @MainStMuse shares in her TikTok.

The product's label indicates that this patch is supposed to help smooth your skin and leave your skin glowing in the neck area.

"I'm a firming hydrogel patch that strengthens the neck area by revitalizing dry and dull skin," the packaging reads. "The powerful combo of seaweed and herb extracts restore skin hydration while giving you that added smoothness."

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Chin-Up Mask

Dollar Tree Korean beauty products chip up mask

Dollar Tree is also selling Nu-Pore's K-Beauty Chin Up Hydrogel Mask, which is "supposed to sculpt your jawline," @MainStMuse says.

In the comment section of her TikTok, she told viewers that she ended up buying three of the chin masks, and another user responded to say that they "are great."

Softening Heel Patches

Dollar Tree Korean beauty products heel smoothing mask

There is even a Korean beauty product at Dollar Tree for your feet. According to @MainStMuse's video, her local store is also carrying Nu-Pore's K-Beauty Sole Rescue Softening Heel Patches.

"It's supposed to smooth your heels," she says, with one commenter calling the foot mask "magical."

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