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Shoppers Find "So Many Cute" Father's Day Gifts at Dollar Tree for $1.25

You can get thoughtful presents for dad without overspending, seasoned shoppers say.

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With Father's Day just days away, many of us are scrambling for the perfect last-minute gifts. There are plenty of places you can head to for a dad-approved present, whether he's a big reader, griller, or golfer. But with the cost of living and inflation continuing to make budgeting stressful, you might be looking for a thoughtful option that won't break the bank. Thankfully, Dollar Tree is here to save the day with some great Father's Day gifts for just $1.25. Read on for 10 fun options you can pick up ahead of the weekend.

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dollar tree father's day sign
Copyright @victoriasofia.m / TikTok

Making your dad or husband feel special on Father's Day doesn't have to be expensive, and Dollar Tree has several heartfelt signs that will show him how much you care.

"They had a lot of tabletop decor, like if you want to put it on an office desk or something like that," TikToker Victoria Sofia (@victoriasofia.m) says in a June 3 video. "These little hammers were so cute with quotes on them. I actually really like them."

One reads, "When it comes to being a dad, you nailed it," while another says, "Dad helps to build the best memories."


dollar tree mini tool set
Copyright @beau.thi.ful / TikTok

If your dad is well-known as Mr. Fix It, Dollar Tree has you covered.

"There's so many cute Father's Day gifts at Dollar Tree," @beau.thi.ful points out in a May 24 video.

In addition to a sign that says "Dad = Fixer of Everything," @beau.thi.ful notes that the retailer is selling several different tools this year, including pliers, tape measurers, multi-use knives, screwdriver sets, and more.

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toolbox from dollar tree
Copyright @beau.thi.ful / TikTok

If you're going to pick up a few tools for your dad, @beau.thi.ful notes that you can also grab a toolbox he can store them in.


dollar tree father's day mug
Copyright @victoriasofia.m / TikTok

There are few better go-to gifts than a mug, especially when you find one that really speaks to that person. At Dollar Tree, you'll find several different selections for your dad.

"The mugs were so nice; I love this one," Victoria Sofia says in her video, picking up an option that says, "Adventure begins with dad" in green and white font.

"That's so nice. I might get that one for my husband," she adds.

Other options include mugs that say "Best. Dad. Ever," "Super Dad," and "Best Dad By Par."


dollar tree socks
Copyright @victoriasofia.m / TikTok

There's also a wide variety of socks for sale at Dollar Tree, offering "every type of sock for every type of dad, every aesthetic," Victoria Sofia says.

"OK, like, literally the baseball dad, the football dad, the fishing dad, the drinks dad, they had so many. So I think this is just cute to throw in a gift bag as like a little extra," she shares.

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dollar tree lowball glass
Copyright @beau.thi.ful / TikTok

Does your dad love a cocktail in the evening? You can also get him a cute lowball glass from Dollar Tree. As @beau.thi.ful shows in her video, there's a cheeky option that says "Daddy's Sippy Cup" on it.

Picture frames

Copyright @beau.thi.ful / TikTok

Another tried and true gift for someone special is a framed photograph. For the dads in your life, Dollar Tree has a few selections, Victoria Sofia and @beau.thi.ful say.

The discount store is selling two frames that spell out "Dad" on the right side with a spot for a picture on the left. They come in both black and white varieties.

"This dad frame was really, really cute if you want to put a picture of dad and the kids in there," Victoria Sofia suggests.

Beer can change holders

beer can change holder
Copyright @victoriasofia.m / TikTok

Another kitschy option that your dad may get a kick out of is a themed change holder.

Victoria Sofia and @beau.thi.ful highlight a few that are shaped like beer cans.

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dove soap from dollar tree
Copyright @budget.bargainista / TikTok

For the more practical dad who's always thinking of others, it's a great idea to pick up necessities he might otherwise forget to grab for himself.

In a May 28 TikTok, @budget.bargainista recommends grabbing gifts like Barbasol razors; Irish Spring, White Rain, or Dove Men+ Care soap; blue loofahs; and shaving cream.

Cards and gift bags

dollar tree dad gift bag
Copyright @victoriasofia.m / TikTok

Lastly, you don't want to forget something to wrap your gifts in—and Dollar Tree has you covered there, too. These items can cost you a pretty penny at other retailers, and they're usually only used once. Why not save a bit where you can?

"All these gift bags were $1,25, and they look so much more expensive," Victoria Sofia shares. "They had the grill master, the tool man, and then this little camo/hunting one. They also have these regular gift bags that honestly look like you got them from Target for way more than $1.25."

There are also gift boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as a selection of affordable Father's Day cards, the TikTokers say.

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