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35 Best Gifts for Dads for Father's Day This Year

Instead of just another necktie, make sure he gets what he really wants.

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There's no denying that the father figure in your life can be one of the hardest people to shop for—if only because it usually feels like they already have everything they need. Unfortunately, that's why so many people fall back on the cliche of picking up another necktie when they run short on shopping time. But the truth is that there are plenty of present options that they're sure to love, no matter what their interests may be. Read on for the best gifts for dads for Father's Day this year.

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This cozy robe

navy blue terry robe on white background

It's hard to think of a piece of clothing that screams "dad" more than a robe. This comfortable option from Lands End is made from soft terry cloth, making it perfect for reading the paper with coffee in the morning or staying warm before bed at night.

$110 at Amazon
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This compact multitool

A Gerber Dime multitool

A multitool is only useful if it's on hand when you need it. The Gerber Dime takes one of the most popular types of Father's Day gifts and shrinks 12 tools to keychain- or pocket-size, making it a great option for handy dads who hate to be caught unprepared to fix something in a pinch.

$29 at Amazon
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These comfy clogs

A black Croc clog

Dads know having a shoe you can slip into to run out for the mail or on a quick errand saves precious time otherwise spent lacing up. These Crocs are an elevated take on the suddenly popular rubber clog, perfect for the father figure who has a little fashion sense but appreciates comfort.

$55 at Amazon
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This skincare set

A Jack Black skincare set

Whether they're majorly into moisturizing or just figuring out their skincare regimen, there's a good chance this set will help the dad in your life. It includes a cleanser, revitalizing scrub, daily moisturizer with SPF, and lip balm that will supplement their existing routine or kickstart a brand-new one.

$37 at Amazon
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This heated back wrap

A Hyperice back wrap

Those grunting noises dads make whenever they get up from the couch usually aren't for nothing. This back wrap provides heat and vibration that can soothe back pain caused by all that time on the golf course or working in the yard. The best part? Unlike other popular massagers, it's entirely hands-free.

$249 at Amazon
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These tomato plants

A pair of potted tomato plants

Does your dad have a green thumb? Give them a project that will keep them busy year-round with this pair of cherry tomato plants. Whether they're grown on the patio, in a sunroom, or in the garden, it's the best way to ensure he'll never be without some fresh ingredients in the kitchen.

$22 at Amazon
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This authentic espresso machine

A Diletta espresso machine

Anyone who takes their coffee seriously appreciates a step up from your run-of-the-mill pot-brewed java. This Italian-made machine is everything someone needs to unleash their inner barista. Who knows? The next time you visit, a fresh macchiato or double espresso might be waiting for you.

$1,349 at Amazon
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This putting green

golf putting green

There's no such thing as spending too much time working on your short game. A home putting green like this is a nice excuse for dad to put away the screens, relax, and prepare for the next round of 18 holes.

$50 at Amazon
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This can colster

Yeti can colster

The problem with cracking open an ice-cold beverage is that it won't stay that way for very long. Fortunately, the father figure in your life who appreciates being able to savor their favorite 16-ounce canned drink will be able to take their time with this Yeti colster.

$30 at Amazon
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These performance swim trunks

A pair of Fair Harbor Anchor swim trunks

Whether they're spending time by the pool, at the beach, or on the lake, dads deserve to look good and feel comfortable when taking a dip. This fast-drying swimsuit from Fair Harbor features a soft built-in liner and stretchy fabric that are just as good for tossing the frisbee around as they are for lounging.

$68 at Amazon
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This sushi making kit

A sushi making kit

The simplicity and finesse of well-made sushi make it the perfect project for any home chef. If your dad is itching to make his own maki, this kit will help him get started, complete with an avocado slicer, rice molds, and dipping dishes.

$17 at Amazon
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This floating pool lounger

blue inflatable pool lounger on white background

A day in the pool isn't complete unless you can cool off comfortably in the water without treading. Consider this floating lounger for any dad who loves to read, sip, chat, or nap in their backyard oasis.

$38 at Amazon
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This informative wine guide

The cover of The Wine Bible book

Whether you're a relative novice or a long-time collector, there's always more to learn about wine. This book takes the normally overwhelming topic and makes it digestible for anyone who wants to know about the bottles they're popping, covering all of the major growing regions around the world and key topics like flavor descriptors and the winemaking process.

$40 at Amazon
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This sous vide cooker

sous vide pressure cooker

If your dad is someone who takes pride in turning out perfectly prepared cuts of meat and fish from the grill, they'll probably appreciate this upgrade. Sous vides cookers like this model from Anova allow for pinpoint precision, ensuring your proteins come out tender and just the way you like them. It also pairs with smartphones, meaning the chef can spend less time flipping over flames and more time mingling and relaxing.

$219 at Amazon
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This electronic measuring tape

An electronic measuring tape

The curse of shopping for a father figure who fancies themselves a handy person is that they've likely already bought all the tools they need to get the job done. But this electronic measuring tape is the kind of improvement on a workbench essential they likely never even realized they wanted so badly.

$40 at Amazon
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This popcorn maker

A Whirley Pop popcorn maker

The home popcorn experience has come a long way from partially burnt bags coming out of the microwave. If your dad loves having something to munch on while watching his favorite movies or is just a voracious snacker, this classic popcorn popper will help ensure his bucket or bowl never runs out.

$44 at Amazon
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This portable notebook

A Field Notes notebook in a leather case

Even if smartphones have become the norm, there's still something nice about being able to jot down notes with a pen and paper at a moment's notice. Thanks to this handsome leather notebook carrier, your dad will be able to scribble away everything from reminders and phone numbers to quick thoughts and travel notes.

$25 at Amazon
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These high-performance socks

A pair of Smartwool hiking socks

It's normal to put a lot of emphasis on the design of our shoes, but they're only half of what we usually wear on our feet. These Smartwool socks are designed with light cushioning on the bottom to add extra comfort. They're also made with merino wool, which wicks moisture and makes them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

$24 at Amazon
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This home weather station

An Ambient home weather system

Let's be clear: Talking about the weather is not boring if you're equipped with the most up-to-the-minute information. This easy-to-use system includes all the information a budding amateur meteorologist needs to stay on top of the elements with hyper-local data on wind speed and direction, temperature, precipitation amounts, and more. And naturally, you can access it all from your smartphone.

$190 at Amazon
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This reliable pen

A Fisher Space Pen

Now that we rarely need to sign checks or fill out physical forms, it's become even harder to come by a pen. That's where this trusty writing implement comes in handy: Not only does it fit easily into a pocket or bag when the cap is on, but it also can write in any conditions, including upside-down or over grease.

$31 at Amazon
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These martini glasses

A pair of Viski martini glasses

Anyone who appreciates a well-made martini or Manhattan deserves to enjoy them in the right glassware. Your dad will love the lightweight feel yet durable make of these Viski glasses, no matter what they're shaking or stirring up.

$27 at Amazon
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This adjustable pillow

A Coop pillow

Anyone can wish someone a good night's sleep, but when's the last time you actually did anything about it? Ensure Dad is well rested by gifting him this Coop pillow, which can be changed to accommodate back, side, or stomach sleepers. It's also made with a specially designed filling that helps keep you cool while you rest your head.

$75 at Amazon
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This book of corny jokes

The cover of The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes

It just wouldn't be dad humor without a groan-inducing pun every now and then. Make sure his material is fresh with this collection that will keep him chuckling and everyone else rolling their eyes.

$14 at Amazon
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This gourmet spice set

A Spicewalla spice collection

It's one thing to stock up on the right hardware for the kitchen, but what about a pantry refresh? Any cook who's literally worth their salt deserves to have the best staple ingredients at hand—especially this well-rounded 10-piece set from Spicewalla. It's packed and shipped so fresh that Dad will never be able to go back to tired generic grocery store spices again.

$60 at Amazon
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This mini drone

A DJI Mini 3 drone with controller

Shopping for the dad who appears to have everything? Drones like this DJI Mini 3 are the perfect mix of "shiny new toy" and "highly capable gadget" that makes for hours of fun, no matter what their interests are. This model records crystal clear 4K video, comes with training exercises, and features automatic maneuvers and "return to home" functions that help smooth out the learning curve.

$609 at Amazon
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These stargazing binoculars

A pair of Celestron stargazing binoculars

One of the best parts about looking up at the night sky is that it usually requires no equipment. But if your dad is the type who marks off a lunar eclipse on the calendar or can casually point out constellations, this pair of stargazing binoculars could be the perfect gift as a more portable option than a telescope.

$48 at Amazon
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This 20-piece grill tool set

A 20-piece Cuisinart grill tool set

Whether you're throwing down steaks or firing up some skewers, no one likes to be caught shorthanded when they're manning the grill. This 20-piece set can help ensure that never happens, with everything from a silicone marinade brush to a digital thermometer fork that can help prevent overcooking your precious cuts.

$60 at Amazon
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These comfy house slippers

A Nootka wool house slipper

Just because your dad always reminded you to take your shoes off after walking in the front door doesn't mean he should have to walk around barefoot while indoors. These Nootka slippers are made from wool that both cools and warms your feet as needed, providing support and comfort all year round.

$89 at Amazon
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This shaded folding beach chair

A GCI shaded folding beach chair

Your dad already has a favorite chair staked out in the living room, so why not get him one he can take everywhere? Whether it's catching a game in the park, relaxing on the beach, or simply unwinding in the backyard, he'll appreciate the built-in shade that will keep the sun away—not to mention the easy backpack portability.

$80 at Amazon
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This insulated cooler backpack

A Hydro Flask backpack cooler

While heavy-duty coolers may be more popular than ever, they're not always the most practical option for every outdoor scenario. Dads who love to hike, camp, or hit the beach will appreciate how easy this Hydro Flask soft cooler is to carry around. It's also large enough to hold plenty of snacks, drinks, and sunscreen.

$200 at Amazon
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This cooling eye mask

A cooling eye mask

Everyone deserves a little downtime—especially dads. Gifting him a cooling eye mask like this will ensure he can take a moment to literally chill out when he needs to, reducing puffiness and bags under the eyes in the process.

$8 at Amazon
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This calculator watch

black calculator watch on white background

He might remember when it was a cutting-edge gadget, but a retro-style calculator watch can still be the perfect present in today's high tech world. The handy accessory can help keep him from checking his devices too often—and to solve math problems, of course.

$70 at Amazon
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This smart sprinkler timer

A Rainpoint smart sprinkler timer

There's no question that smart home devices are changing the way we do things around the house—including in the garden. Tools like this RainPoint sprinkler timer kit make one of the most confounding yard chores much easier, including control from your smartphone, a voice-activated on/off switch, and even holding off on watering after it rains.

$68 at Amazon
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This comfortable hammock

A hammock

No matter where you live, nothing says leisure time like lying back on a hammock. Package this gift with your dad's favorite beverage and you've got a winning combination.

$248 at Amazon
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This Roku streaming box

A Roku Express streaming box

It's official: It's time to get your parental figures onboard with streaming services. Luckily, Roku boxes offer one of the easiest ways to turn any TV set into an entertainment hub, with major apps like Netflix, Peacock, Disney+, and more.

$40 at Amazon
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