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5 Most Practical Presents Anyone Will Appreciate, According to a Gifting Expert

Because you'll be on their naughty list if you get them a random knick knack.

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For people who are picky when it comes to presents, you're best off asking them for an official gift list or giving them something you're certain they use or restock regularly, like a favorite brand of lip gloss, candle, or gourmet coffee. But if you don't know their preferences well or just want to switch things up this year, TikTok influencer Leah (@leahsgiftguide) has a few ideas for the person who prefers practicality. Read on to find out the five best practical gifts.

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Tank of gas

car filling up with gas at pump
Ropisme / Shutterstock

It seems like the price of gas goes up every week, so if you have someone on your gift list who's always on the go, treat them to a tank of it.

"Be careful about bringing this one into the house," Leah says in a TikTok video. "If you'd rather do a gift card to a gas station, that works too."

Add a few car-centric stocking stuffers, like an over-the-seat organizer or some of their favorite road trip snacks, and you've got a complete gift set.

Small GPS tracker

Close up of an open wallet with credit cards with Chase,Chase Disney,Citi Simplicity and Master card logos (for editorial use only)

With so many GPS trackers on the market these days, there's no need to lose anything ever again.

"If your recipient is constantly the one to leave their wallet someplace and then freak out when they can't find it, or if they're constantly forgetting where they parked their car, they need this," says Leah, directing shoppers to a Tile set that includes a thin GPS tracker for wallets and one with a key loop that can affix to things like keychains, luggage, and even pet collars.


Dash cam in the windscreen of a car on it's daily commute.

A dash cam is the type of product someone might not buy for themselves. But if their motto is practicality, then they'll definitely appreciate it. These items run from around $150 and up.

"It might give them peace of mind while they're driving in case something happens," says Leah. Nothing is more practical than avoiding pricy legal fees over something that can be rectified with a few minutes of video.

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Smart plugs

outlet switch on wall in home ,Equipment that connects electrical signals to various home appliances.

Smart plugs connect to WiFi, so you can control the flow of electricity to connected devices through a smartphone or virtual assistant—and they have tons of practical uses, from allowing you to control your home appliances from afar to enabling you to lower your home's electricity bill through scheduling features.

"My husband and my father-in-law love these, but I also love them because if I'm not sure if I turned off my hair straightener in the middle of the day, I can go in and check," says Leah.

They're the type of thing you might not know how much you need until you have one—or are gifted one.

Gift card

Woman's holding Sainsbury's Gift Card, wine illustration, red christmas tree

A gift card might seem boring, but there's nothing more practical than cold hard cash. Leah prefers gift cards to specific spots, say DoorDash for people who don't like to cook or iTunes for the music aficionado.

Add a few other items with the gift card to personalize it. For example, if you get them a gift card to their favorite coffee shop, you could put it in an insulated cup or give them a mug warmer to keep their pour hot.

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