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Gifting Expert Recommends the 6 Best Presents for People Who "Don't Want Anything"

Shopping for them doesn't have to be difficult with these six suggestions.

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Almost every gifting season, you'll encounter someone who "doesn't want anything." Often, these are the types of folks who buy themselves what they want when they want it. They might also have an aversion to clutter and prefer to minimize the number of unsolicited items that come into their home. But if the person who doesn't want anything is also a close friend or family member, you'll probably want to get them something regardless. For those cases, TikTok gift-giving expert Leah, The Gift Girl (@leahsgiftguide), has you covered. In a recent post, she outlined a few "unhinged" gifts for the person, often a father, who has it all. Best case, your recipient will love these presents. Worst case, they'll never make an ambiguous wish list again.

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Parmesan wheel

Gruyere cheese stored in racks for refining at the traditional cheese factory

If the person you're shopping for doesn't request anything specifically, buy them something they'd never purchase for themselves.

"The first thing that came to mind for me was a wheel of parmesan," says Leah in her TikTok video. "It's practical."

This gift has a steep price; a 72-pound wheel that was aged for 24 months runs $950 at Costco and an 80-pound wheel from Italy costs $3,000 at Williams Sonoma.

For a more affordable option, run to your local gourmet shop and grab a triangle of the stuff. It's the ideal stocking stuffer and they'll probably use it for the holiday dinner!

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Tank of gas

car at gas station

Pretty much everyone uses gas, so why not gift it to the person who has everything?

"Liquid gold," Leah calls it. "Just be careful about bringing this one into the house."

For a safer option, get the person a gift card to your local gas station for around $50, which is enough to fill a 15-gallon tank at the current national average of $3.30 per gallon. They'll think of you every time they hit the road.

Parking violation cards


This gift is for pranksters only.

"If they have a good sense of humor, I recommend parking violation cards," says Leah. "I gave this one to my dad two or three years ago, and he loves them."

He can sneak one onto friends' and family's windshields and give them a brief moment of panic as they think they've gotten a fine. Even better: Place a card on your recipient's windshield to prank them first!

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Close up of people couple using electric scooter in city park - Millenial students riding new modern ecological mean of transport - Green eco energy concept with zero emission - Warm sunshine filter

We could all stand to have more scooting in our lives. That's why Leah suggests gifting one to the person who doesn't want anything.

But there's one caveat: "You should absolutely trick it out," she says. "You have to add a basket and fill it with all their favorite little snacks and things."

That way, they have an easy way to refuel as they wheel around town. Surprisingly, you can find adult kick scooters for less than $50 at places like Walmart.

Traffic cone

traffic cone out in the street, crazy random facts

This is another gift for the pranksters.

"What would they do with a traffic cone?" Leah asks. "I have no idea, but I also think they would kind of love it."

Maybe it's just a way to get the neighbor to stop stealing their favorite parking spot.

Hot air balloon ride

Hot air balloon over the field with blue sky
Business stock/Shutterstock

Finally, Leah says you can gift your loved one the experience of flight.

"If all else fails, buy a trip in a hot air balloon," she says. "They will either absolutely love it or they will never tell you that they don't want anything ever again."

These trips start at several hundred dollars, so you'll need to commit to the bit. Or, get your recipient a card and write them a note. Otherwise, you might find yourself alone in a basket 2,000 feet off the ground.

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