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6 of "Oprah's Favorite Things" That Are Worth Splurging on This Year, Shopping Experts Say

It's been a long 12 months and you've earned it.

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Every November, Oprah releases a list of her favorite things from the previous year, sharing her top picks in fashion, wellness, beauty, food, and more. Past lists have featured cult-loved items like the Theragun Mini, Brightland Olive Oil, and Cozy Earth's waffle towels, and landing a spot on the list could skyrocket a brand—even a tiny one—to fame. So, each holiday season, when looking for gifts for friends, family, and even ourselves, we make it a point to scour the list of Oprah's favorites for items that could become our new go-to's. If you don't have time to read the entire list, fear not. Here, retail experts tell us the items they're most excited to splurge on.

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Brouk & Co The Capri Everyday Stripe Tote

Product shot of Brouk & Co's Capri Everyday Stripe tote bag
Brouk & Co

You can never have too many totes, which is why Julie Ramhold, a consumer analyst with the shopping comparison site, cites this one from Brouk & Co as a standout from Oprah's list.

"I'm a sucker for a tote bag, and I love the classic look of this one, especially the blue-striped color option, as well as the affordable price tag of $30," she says. "It would serve as a great base for a bigger gift if you want to tuck some handpicked items inside, like a cozy robe, slippers, and a scented candle, but it's also perfect for gifting on its own."

Of course, that's if you're able to part with it to give it as a gift. Ramhold says she's fairly likely to keep it for herself for grocery shopping, library hauls, and everyday running around.

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic 3 Pair Sock Set

Product shot of three pairs of Barefoot Drams CozyChic socks
Barefoot Dreams

There's perhaps nothing that feels cozier than, well, cozy socks. And Oprah describes these from Barefoot Dreams as "blissfully soft." She shares that she keeps these socks in a basket by her front door during the winter "so people don't have to wear shoes."

Retail expert Kate Kozuch is also a big fan of this $58 sock set for gifting. In a TikTok video, she says, "I've bought the three-pack multiple times, but what I do is I split them up into separate gifts for separate people. So, like, for stocking stuffers or white elephant, just like when you need an extra little something for your gifts."

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Super Smalls Mini Bead Kit

Product shot of Super Smalls' mini bead kit bundle
Super Smalls

If there's a little one on your gift list, consider the Super Smalls Mini Bead Kit.

"I love gifts for kids that are more than just stuff, and this kit is an activity that allows a child to be creative and design their own look—and the beads and accessories are notably nicer than other kids' jewelry kits, so the piece they make with it is actually really cute and they'll want to keep it and wear it," says Marie Clark, retail expert and editor of the shopping site CostContessa.

"And if we're being honest, the jewelry-making sets with a thousand tiny little beads can end up all over the house for parents to clean up, and the end product isn't a real piece of jewelry," she adds. The beads in this set are larger.

Clark says she'll be giving it to a nine-year-old girl on her list as well as to a toy drive.

Kyri's Kookies

Product shot of Kyri's Kookies
Kyri's Kookies

The holidays are a time for indulgence, and what's more indulgent than a dozen cookies that cost $95? However, Ramhold says Kyri's Kookies are well worth it.

"They're individually wrapped, and each cookie is six ounces, so you can make them last and have them as a special treat," she explains. "The dozen includes two each of six different flavors, so you could even split the pack with a friend if you want. Because they're individually wrapped, you also don't have to worry about gifting them right away, though you obviously could."

Hand them out as hostess gifts or slip one into your family members' stockings.

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Ooni Volt 12 Electric Pizza Oven

Product shot of Ooni Volt 12 Electric Pizza Oven on a kitchen counter

At close to $1,000, this pizza oven is certainly a splurge. However, Clark says it's still on her list, especially as a gift for her husband, who loves to make pizza.

"Nothing is better than fresh pizza, but it's so hard to make it because the temperature really needs to be over 500 to get the crust right," she says. "The Ooni heats up in less than 20 minutes and cooks a pizza in 90 seconds—and it's indoor safe, so wintertime friendly."

Clark justifies the cost by considering how much it saves over time. "Pizza takeout for a family is easily $40 and if you do that every week, the Ooni would pay for itself in about six months," she says. Sounds like a steal to us!

Paintable Pictures Pets Edition

Product shot of Paintable Pictures' pet paint-by-numbers kits
Paintable Pictures

This might just be the perfect gift for the pet parent in your life who also loves a fun little craft.

"This is one of the best gifts I've ever received," shares Kozuch. "My boyfriend's mom made my Labrador into a paint-by-number kit." She adds that the Paintable Pictures set was a fun activity, came out great, and for $40, is really affordable.

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