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Shoppers Share 15 New Summer Items at Michaels: "So Many Cute Finds"

From pool floats to outdoor rugs, the craft store has you covered for summer decor.

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Gone are the days when you'd only head to craft stores if you needed yarn to knit a blanket or paper for scrapbooking. Now, retailers including Michaels sell everything from seasonal home decor to party supplies, in addition to all the fun hobby items. And according to shopping influencer Brooke (@brookieeeeee5), the store is fully stocked for the warm months ahead. "Michaels put their summer collection out, and there are so many cute finds," she shared in a recent TikTok video. Here are the 15 items Brooke and other Michaels shoppers say to grab this summer.

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Melting popsicle decor

shopper holding up blue and yellow popsicle decor at Michaels
Copyright @brookieeeeee5 / TikTok

"Popsicle EVERYTHING," Brooke captioned her Michaels shopping video. The first item in the playful collection is this melting popsicle tabletop decor.

"You can't say this isn't adorable," she says of the item, which comes in pink/yellow and blue/yellow. At the time of writing, the popsicle was on sale for $8.49 (normally $16.99).

Lemon and lime cakestands

shopper holding up lime-shaped cake stand at Michaels
Copyright @brookieeeeee5 / TikTok

Serve your lemon bars or key lime pie on these sweet $17 cakestands that Brooke spotted at her Michaels location. They're available in complimentary stripe patterns, as well.

Or, simply use them as "table risers," as Michaels calls them. "Place it on your countertop or coffee table to display a candle or small plant," they say in the product description.

Outdoor rugs

outdoor rugs display at Michaels
Copyright @jayciekathleen3 / TikTok

If you head to the seasonal aisles in your local Michaels, you'll notice that almost everything is available in two colorways: pink/orange and blue/green.

The same is true for these outdoor rugs that shopper Jaycie Kathleen (@jayciekathleen3) shared in a TikTok video. They also come in a more neutral black/white pattern.

The rugs are four-feet-by-six-feet and are regularly $4o; however, savvy shoppers say you can almost always count on some type of sale at Michaels.

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Outdoor pillows

display of outdoor pillows at Michaels
Copyright @jayciekathleen3 / TikTok

No matter what backyard theme you choose this year, Michaels has you covered with outdoor pillows. Choose from striped or floral square pillows, popsicle-printed lumbar pillows, or round pillows that look like lemons and limes.

"Lady with fruit hat" planter

Woman with a fruit hat planter on a shelf
Copyright @juni.plants / TikTok

"This is a beautiful planter," posted plant influencer Juni (@juni.plants) of Michaels' "lady with fruit hat" planter. He said the $50 planter would look especially gorgeous with a snake plant.

Mini Adirondack chairs

miniature adirondack chairs on display at Michaels
Copyright @jayciekathleen3 / TikTok

All the shoppers we followed pointed out these miniature Adirondack chairs. Though they'd be perfectly cute sitting on a shelf as-is, Juni likes them as a little plant stand.

Pick them up in orange, pink, blue, or white for $17 each.

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Outdoor string lights

outdoor string lights display at Michaels
Copyright @jayciekathleen3 / TikTok

Kathleen also shared the selection of outdoor string lights at her store, which included disco balls, popsicles, flip flops, watermelon slices, and martini glasses.

Round tumblers

round blue cups on display at michaels
Copyright @brookieeeeee5 / TikTok

These shimmery round tumblers would be very fun for cocktails at a backyard party in place of basic Solo cups. "Can't tell if they're more golf ball-esque or disco ball-esque, but either way, they're cute," said Brooke.

For the record, Michaels calls them 20-ounce "Faceted Disco Ball Tumblers." They come in blue/green and pink/orange and are regularly $6.99 each.

Giant Solo cups

shopper holding up pink ice bucket at Michaels
Copyright @brookieeeeee5 / TikTok

Yes, we just recommended ditching those boring Solo cups, but these jumbo, colorful versions "are meant to be ice buckets," explained Brooke. "But I think they would work really nicely as planters, too."

They're regularly $10 but were 50 percent off at the time of writing.

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Neon popsicle sign

shopper holding up neon popsicle light at Michaels
Copyright @brookieeeeee5 / TikTok

"Popsicles are definitely the running theme here, and I'm okay with that," said Brooke while holding up this tabletop neon light.

When not on sale, the 11.5" LED light is $20; there's also a pink margarita glass version and a flamingo one.

Popsicle lawn stakes

popsicle-shaped lawn stakes at Michaels
Copyright @brookieeeeee5 / TikTok

Yes, Michaels has the more traditional lawn flamingos, but they also have these popsicle lawn stakes that continue with the theme.

The three-foot metal stakes are a little pricey at $50 each, but we saw them for half-off at the time of writing. Choose from the yellow/orange version or the rainbow popsicle with a bite taken out.

Cactus candles

shopper holding up a pink cactus-shaped candle at Michaels
Copyright @brookieeeeee5 / TikTok

Apart from their pool party-style summer items, Michaels also has a new Western-themed collection, and Brooke said she was "particularly drawn to these candles" shaped like cacti.

There are large pillar versions (regularly $15) or smaller potted ones (regularly $13).

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Firefly lights

Firefly garden lights at Michaels
Copyright @juni.plants / TikTok

"Look at these firefly lights," said Juni. "Make your whole garden [into] a fantasy."

The solar LED lights come in white or multicolor and are $15 each.

Inflatable drink coolers and floats

Inflatable drink cooler at Michaels
Copyright @jayciekathleen3 / TikTok

"I love this for your little drinks," said Kathleen. The $20 inflatable drink cooler shaped like a popsicle is perfect for a pool party. Again, it comes in the pink/orange and blue/green color schemes. There are also $5 citrus-shaped floats made for a single drink.

Solar floating lights

shopper pointing to a pineapple-shaped solar floating light at Michaels
Copyright @juni.plants / TikTok

Enjoy your in-the-pool drinks even at night with these solar floating lights that Juni gushed over. He found a pineapple light, a flamingo, and a rubber ducky. They're all regularly priced at $25 but were half off at the time of writing.

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