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16 Best Date Night Beauty Tips

Makeup artists, hairstylists, and more beauty pros share their best advice.

Getting ready for date night is a lot different than getting ready for any other day—and that's true whether it's the first date or the four-hundredth. You want to ensure your skin is glowing, your hair is touchable, and your lips are kissable. Oh, and you'll also want to smell delicious! To ensure you hit every mark, we asked beauty professionals for their favorite date night beauty tips that will help you exude confidence. And even if you're not going on a date, this is a great routine for some extra pampering.

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Date Night Bodycare Tips

1. Start in the shower.

smiling woman washing her hair in the shower
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Get in the zone for date night as soon as you step in the shower.

"I recommend using a gentle exfoliating scrub followed by a hydrating body wash," says Hannah Kopelman, MD, a dermatologist at Kopelman Aesthetic Surgery. "Exfoliating removes dead skin cells, leaving the skin smooth and radiant, while a hydrating body wash ensures your skin remains moisturized and supple." Choose ones with a scent you love.

2. Give yourself a mini massage.

Portrait of a young woman using a gua sha tool on her face
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Specifically, you'll want to include some lymphatic drainage techniques.

"It will help improve lymph flow and eliminate fluid stagnation, reduce puffiness and dullness, promote a more rested look, delivering you a youthfulness boost," says Valerie Aparovich, biochemist and certified cosmetologist-esthetician at OnSkin.

You can perform the technique with your fingertips or a gua sha on freshly oiled or moisturized skin. "With light sliding motions, move your fingertips along the massage lines on your face, going from the central line of your nose and lips toward your ears," says Aparovich.

3. Exfoliate your lips.

Close up of a woman's lips with exfoliate on them
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That way, you'll feel confident puckering up. "Lips require gentle exfoliation to renew and appear smooth, while flakiness and unremoved dead cells result in tightness and messiness," says Aparovich.

She suggests using a silicone lip brush. "It will also boost blood circulation in the lips, giving them a touch of volume and making them look brighter." It leaves an even base for any lip products you apply afterward, whether that's chapstick, lipstick, or gloss.

4. Apply a captivating fragrance.

Woman in bathrobe spritzing perfume
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"For date night, I adore fragrances that are subtle yet captivating," says Cassandra McClure, celebrity makeup artist and entrepreneur. "A favorite is a blend of vanilla and oak, which is both warm and inviting without being overpowering—it creates a sense of intimacy and comfort, which is perfect for a romantic evening."

In the fragrance world, these are often called skin scents. While people across the restaurant won't pick up on them, your date will certainly notice.

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Date Night Skincare Tips

5. Pamper your skin with a mask.

Woman is applying sheet mask on her face in the bathroom
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After you hop out of the shower and before you apply makeup, put on a hydrating sheet mask.

"It's a quick and effective way to boost skin hydration, leaving your complexion plump, smooth, and glowing," says Kopelman. "This creates the perfect canvas for makeup and ensures your skin looks its best all evening."

You'll need to leave it on for about 15 minutes—the perfect amount of time to freshen up your mani-pedi or listen to some pump-up music.

6. Go all in on your skincare routine.

Smiling woman uses micellar water on her face

Don't stop at the mask—you should use your typical serums and moisturizers afterward.

"Ample moisturizing before makeup is especially crucial for people with dry skin; otherwise, complexion products can accentuate skin dryness and patchiness, set into the creases and wrinkles, and spotlight the signs of aging," says Aparovich.

Before your moisturizer, use a hyaluronic acid serum if you have dry skin and a niacinamide serum if you have oily or combination skin. "Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, helps regulate sebaceous glands' activity, reducing oil production, minimizing pore appearance, decreasing unwanted shininess, and promoting a smoother, mattified look," says Aparovich.

If you're not planning on wearing makeup, a face oil could give you a nice glow. You can also apply Aquaphor to the lashes, cheeks, and brow bone for a healthy glimmer.

7. Plump your lips.

woman applying lip gloss

Now that they're exfoliated, you can amp them up even more.

"I recommend using a lip balm formulated with moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and volumizing agents like peppermint or other mint derivatives," says Aparovich. "While the first will help replenish the lips' moisture content, the second will promote circulation and dilate the blood vessels, making the lips look fuller."

8. Get a glow.

Close up of a woman applying lotion to her leg that's propped on a table.
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You can also pamper your skin a little bit. "I always feel better with a little healthy glow, and I love using a tinted body shimmer—it's a great way to highlight your collarbones and shins on a night out while giving your skin warmth," says Rachel Lozina, licensed esthetician and founder of Blue Water Spa.

If you're on the paler side, use a shimmer with no tint.

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Date Night Makeup Tips

9. Opt for a classic look.

woman with red hair applying mascara in mirror

Date nights can be an opportunity to try something fun and new, but if you want to keep it simple, go classic.

"Think luminous skin, a soft smoky eye, and a bold lip," says McClure. "The key is balance: if you're going for a dramatic eye, keep the lips more neutral, and vice versa."

10. Create your base.

Cropped shot of unrecognizable female hand matching foundation color on her palm of hand

Aparovich suggests going easy on complexion products. "Lightweight, watery foundations or CC creams will offer a more youthful and glowing skin appearance, while thick foundations can result in a cakey look and tend to set deep into the lines, accentuating wrinkles," she says.

The same is true for powder. "People with oily skin often repeatedly apply setting powder to combat shininess and blur the pores, but on the skin surface, it mixes with sebum and creates a rather viscous substance," says Aparovich. "This dense mantle will make your makeup obvious and messy, and your skin will appear unfresh." Instead, use oil-blotting papers.

11. Highlight your features.

Attractive mature woman applying decorative makeup, lying on bed and holding mirror, making daily beauty routine. Happy lady putting on powder with cosmetic brush at home

"Don't forget the power of a good highlighter," says McClure. "A touch of highlighter on the high points of the face—the cheekbones, brow bones, and the bridge of the nose—can enhance your features and give you that lit-from-within glow."

12. Boost your brows.

closeup of woman using an eyebrow brush
Volodymyr TVERDOKHLIB / Shutterstock

"Before a date, I recommend a quick clean-up or even considering an eyebrow tint or lamination to enhance their shape and color," says Christy Calafati, permanent makeup artist at The Canyon Salon in Westlake Village, CA. "Since the eyes are the focal point of the face, beautifully defined brows frame your eyes and enhance your overall facial expressions."

Even combing through them with a spoolie can do wonders.

13. Use a creamy lip product.

Beautiful young woman applying glossy lipstick on lips in front of a make up mirror at home
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Aparovich prefers these to mattes. "Matte lipsticks can absorb moisture from the skin, inducing the risk of dryness and making the lips appear tight, so instead of a sensual lip appearance, you'll likely get a creasy, wrinkled one," she says.

"On the contrary, products with creamy textures or coloring lip glosses with high concentrations of nourishing oils and plant-derived extracts will help the skin maintain its balanced moisture contents, thus making the lips look plumper and fuller," she explains.

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Date Night Hair Tips

14. Flip your part for volume.

young woman sitting on the floor in front of the couch brushing her hair while looking in a mirror on her coffee table
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You don't want to switch up your haircare routine too much.

"Adding more volume to your hair is a super quick and inexpensive way to give your look some oomph without a lot of time and money," says celebrity hairstylist Clyde Haygood. "A simple flip of your part can instantly add lift and volume."

15. Add loose waves.

young woman using curling iron while looking in the mirror
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These can be accomplished with a large barrel curling iron.

"Loose waves are my top pick for date night hairstyles since they're effortlessly romantic and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion," says McClure. "For a more polished look, I recommend adding some volume at the roots and finishing with a light-hold hairspray to keep everything in place without looking stiff."

Braids, twists, and other half-up styles can also look beautiful.

16. Put it up.

woman in a white tanktop pulling her long brown hair into ponytail with a blue ribbon
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Cascading strands aren't the only option. "One super easy trick to make your face look thinner and longer is to put hair in a high pony or top knot," says Haygood. "This instantly changes your style and gives you an elongated look."

Plus, you can do it in five minutes or less!

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