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Shopper Shares 12 Brand-New $1.25 Beauty Finds at Dollar Tree: "I Love These"

From face masks to makeup to shampoo, these items are hot at the dollar store.

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"Dollar Tree is losing their minds," exclaimed shopper @beau.thi.ful during a recent visit to her local store. To be clear, she meant this in the best way possible, as she couldn't believe all the new beauty products she found for just $1.25. She was also excited to scoop up some of her old favorites that Dollar Tree had restocked. "I love these," she cooed while grabbing a rose oil lip balm. Curious to see all the makeup and skincare products this Dollar Tree devotee bought? Read on for 12 of her top picks.

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Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Wipes

shopper holding facial wipes at Dollar Tree
Copyright @beau.thi.ful / TikTok

Getting one pack of facial wipes for $1.25 is already a good deal, but a pack of three is a downright steal.

In a recent TikTok video, @beau.thi.ful couldn't get over finding this trio of vitamin C wipes. She also found single packs of disposable washcloths and men's face and body wipes.

Purple Shampoo

shopper holding purple shampoo at Dollar Tree
Copyright @beau.thi.ful / TikTok

"Who are you, Dollar Tree?" joked @beau.thi.ful when she spotted this bottle of purple shampoo infused with coconut oil and shea butter.

Purple shampoo is great for keeping gray hair vibrant and from yellowing. It's also a top pick for colored hair, as it helps reduce brassiness. This version from Dollar Tree's Pro Silk Salon brand has no parabens, silicone, or sodium lauryl sulfate.

Blemish and Dark Spot Treatment

shopper holding skincare box at Dollar Tree
Copyright @beau.thi.ful / TikTok

After a fellow Dollar Tree shopper told her to "grab all the Spascription moisturizer," @beau.thi.ful was excited to find them fully stocked at her Dollar Tree.

"Even if it wasn't a dollar and a quarter, this is some good stuff… There's vitamin C and all these other goodies in there," she said of the blemish and dark spot treatment.

Cover Girl Clean Fresh Powder

shopper holding Cover Girl pressed powder at Dollar Tree
Copyright @beau.thi.ful / TikTok

These powdered foundations from Cover Girl retail for $12 on Amazon. But they're new to Dollar Tree and are just $1.25 there.

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Rose Oil Lip Balm

shopper holding lip gloss at Dollar Tree
Copyright @beau.thi.ful / TikTok

"I have so many of these," said @beau.thi.ful of the rose oil lip balm from Dollar Tree's popular b-pure brand.

"These work so good. They change color according to your PH," she shared.

Green Tea-Infused Lip Oil

shopper holding lip oil at Dollar Tree
Copyright @beau.thi.ful / TikTok

Another lip product @beau.thi.ful buys again and again is this green tea-infused lip oil.

"It's a dollar and a quarter, and I love it," she said. "It's totally viral and they just restocked, so definitely grab these."

Tea Tree Oil and Salicylic Acid Face Wash

shopper holding facial wash at Dollar Tree
Copyright @beau.thi.ful / TikTok

On a recent shopping trip, @beau.thi.ful shared that she'd never seen this tea tree oil and salicylic acid balancing face wash before.

On Dollar Tree's website, shoppers seem to love the product, which is also formulated with hyaluronic acid.

"This will have your skin glowing. It not only works well but has a relaxing scent," wrote one reviewer.

"Best face wash I've had to date. It's over $7 everywhere else, as high as $16, but it is truly life's little inexpensive luxury," wrote another.

Fruit-Shaped Beauty Blenders

shopper holding lemon-shaped beauty blender at Dollar Tree
Copyright @beau.thi.ful / TikTok

"How cute," @beau.thi.ful shared while holding up these fruit-shaped beauty blenders. She'd already bought a strawberry one but decided to grab the lemon and peach on this shopping trip.

She also showed in her video similar sets of smaller beauty blenders in different shapes and sizes that come packaged in equally adorable plastic fruit containers.

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Makeup Brush and Sponge Shampoo

shopper holding cleaning product at Dollar Tree
Copyright @beau.thi.ful / TikTok

Eventually, you're going to need something to clean those beauty blenders, which is where this product comes in.

"Um, jackpot. We have the makeup brush and sponge shampoo," said @beau.thi.ful as she tossed two of these $1.25 items in her cart.

Cherry-Scented Makeup

shopper holding blush at Dollar Tree
Copyright @beau.thi.ful / TikTok

Another new find from b-pure is their cherry-scented makeup collection. At her local Dollar Tree, @beau.thi.ful found the lip gloss, a highlighter-blush combo, and an eyeshadow palette.

Ice Cream Face Masks

shopper holding facial masks at Dollar Tree
Copyright @beau.thi.ful / TikTok

"Oh, some new face masks I spy," said an excited @beau.thi.ful. "Ice cream face masks! This is creamy milk and honey, and this is cupcake."

She pointed out that they're made in Korea: "The Korean face masks are superior."

Volcanic Ash Peel-Off Gel Mask for Men

shopper holding facial mask at Dollar Tree
Copyright @beau.thi.ful / TikTok

Most of @beau.thi.ful's beauty finds are geared toward women, but on a recent Dollar Tree shopping trip, she spotted this pore-cleansing, volcanic ash peel-off gel mask for men.

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